“Hey, hey!” Danny yelled as Caelan, Carson, and Cameron ran into his condo, “Slow down!”

Even though the boys were all teens, they still acted like five year olds sometimes.

“Where’s Sam?” Carson asked.

“Working until five.”

All three boys groaned and Danny laughed, “What? You just come here to visit her?”

“Pretty much,” Caelan smiled, “When you going to marry her?”

Danny’s eyebrow arched, “Seriously? This again?”

“She picked up her life and moved out here with you,” his oldest son went on, “It’s time Dad.”

“You think?” Danny asked.

“Just ask her,” Cameron rolled his eyes, “You know she’ll say yes.”

“And if she doesn’t?”

All three sighed, “Dad, I think you know what she’ll say,” Cameron laughed.

“I don’t,” Danny replied.

“Whatever,” they walked into their rooms.

Danny went to his own and right to the closet. In a small box, hidden under a larger box filled with
junk, he pulled out an even smaller box with something very special inside of it.

“But what if she said no?” he whispered to himself as he twirled a silver engagement ring through his

“She won’t,” Caelan said from behind, “That’s what I wanted to talk to her about; I wanted to make

sure that if you did ask her to marry you that she would say yes.”

“So you think there’s a chance too?” Danny smiled.

“I think there’s a chance she’ll be worried about what we’ll think,” he motioned to the hall and his
brothers’ rooms, “I just wanted her to know that she shouldn’t worry about us, we want this just as
bad as you do, Dad.”

The thirty seven year old grinned, “You know, sometimes I forget how mature you are Caelan; leave it
to you to make sure Samantha is okay and that your old man is happy.”

His son laughed, “We’ve talked about this and we agree that Sam is important to you and that we all
like her, including Mom, so if either of you feel like you can’t get married because of us then that’s

“I didn’t think you guys would object,” Danny shook his head.

“No, you know how we feel about her and I think she does too, but I just wanted to make sure.”

“Make sure of what?” Samantha smiled as she walked into the bedroom.

Caelan turned and hugged his father’s girlfriend, “Sam!”

“Hey buddy,” she hugged him back, “How was the flight?”

“Good,” he smiled as the two other boys ran toward the bedroom to greet her.

“Thought you were working until five,” Danny smiled as he kissed her.

“Managed to get out of there early,” she told him.

“So, who’s hungry?” she smiled back at the kids.