“Why do you have this movie?” Cameron asked his father.

“What one?” Danny looked up.


“It’s Samantha’s,” he answered with a chuckle, “She owns every Disney movie ever made.”

Cameron laughed, “She like it?”

“Yeah,” Danny smiled when he thought of the couple times she had tried to make him watch it. He
would make it through the first forty minutes or so before began distracting her. Whenever she
pulled out that movie, Danny knew that he was getting lucky within an hour or so. Not only was it one of her current favorites, Frozen had become one of his.

“Dad?” Carson asked.


“You have a plan to ask her?”

Danny grinned, “I was just going to do it, maybe Christmas…you guys will be here, her family…”

“Oh no!” Carson shook his head and looked at his brother for help, “Dad, that’s so lame.”

“Then how do you suggest I do it, Ladies Man?”

He held up the movie, “Do it like a prince in a Disney movie.”

Danny started cracking up, “You know Samantha would laugh at me.”

“But it would be memorable…”

“As if asking her isn’t a memory in itself…?” Danny asked.

“It is,” Cameron nodded, “But you have to go big with this.”

“We’re back,” Samantha smiled as her and Caelan walked through the door

Caelan gave his father a subtle thumb’s up as he made his way to the guest room.


“I hate this game, it takes too long,” Cameron whined as everyone played Monopoly.

“Then watch the movie,” Samantha giggled and pointed to the TV screen where Frozen was

“Last time you pick the movie,” Carson rolled his eyes.

She ruffled his hair, “Listen to your father, whatever a girl wants, she gets.”

“Exactly,” Danny winked at her, “Whatever she wants.”

Samantha rolled the dice, “Oh, Free Parking. I never really understood what you got by landing on that.”

Danny cleared his throat as he set a black velvet box on the board.

Samantha’s face fell as she stared at the box, “Dan?”

“Well, you can get a husband this time,” he said awkwardly.

“Dad…” one of the boys laughed.

Samantha shot them a look and then stared at Danny, “Really?”

“Really,” he nodded, “Will you marry me?” he opened the box.

Samantha bit her lip and nodded, “Yes.”

“We told Dad to do it like some Disney prince,” Carson explained after the shock wore off.

Samantha looked at Danny, “Now, is he a Disney prince kind of guy?”

Carson laughed again, “No, he’s more like that Olaf character,” he pointed to the TV.

“Oh, come on!” Danny laughed with everyone else.

“I like how he did it,” Samantha kissed her new fiance’s cheek, “Got the family involved.”

Danny smiled at her as she smiled at the boys.

“So, are we going to get a baby brother or sister?” Caelan asked.

Danny threw a pillow from the couch at his oldest son, “Knock it off.”

“I think that right now, you three are all I can handle…but maybe soon,” she winked at Danny.