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Hail Mary of Love

Prologue - 000

So first of all i know this is a cheesy title but oh well i don't give one

It was a quiet afternoon on a dull boring Saturday in Green Bay. Me and my best friend Isobel or Izzy as she was more commonly known as were in our my room watching "love actually" when my Brothers annoying best friend Parker, Isobel's big brother, came in and jumped on us
"damn you Parker" i yelled very loudly, he looked at me with a dumb smirk on his face "Jayden wants a game on Wii Sports Tennis with you guys" Parker said enthusiastically, almost with sarcasm.

So once we had raced each other down stairs we had an incredibly intense game of Wii tennis

"Ha fuck you boys" i shouted as me and Izzy had beaten them 40 - 00

I loved beating Parker i guess i thought of it as revenge. I always looked for revenge on Parker as he deserved it. we've always had a love/hate relationship. It all started when it was my 7th birthday and he was eight, i was wearing a new dress m y mom get me when out of no where Parker threw my chocolate birthday cake all over me, that ruined my life and made me a laughing stock for 2 months.
i vowed to never to be nice to him again and i guess he agreed to our silent unofficial deal.
The worse part is that i cannot believe i used to have a crush on him.

So just as my celebrations came to an end my Older sister Lilly Walked through the door with her boyfriend and her 3 year old daughter Lexis-Anne."hey Lill hey miss Lexis" i said as they came in "hey Josy" lexis said cutely.

Me, Parker, Izzy and Jayden all live with my Older sister Lilly Because our parents are all high school friends and are always away due to my dad being Jordy Nelson and Izzy's dad being Aaron Rodgers however we use our mom's maiden names for press and privacy reasons

I guess Jayden follows my dads footsteps being a WR and Parker follows his dads footsteps being a QB.

When jaydengot bored of my brgging and celebrating he decided to put the TV on and we all watched hilarious british comedian Keith Lemon's Sketch show. it was so funny with sketches about the kardashians and Ed Sheeran just completely mocking them. after watching that for 2 hours me and izzy went up stairs. When we got to my room we both sat on my big couch. I was first to break the silence "so its Homecoming in a couple of weeks, are we still on for going together like we do every year". that may sound sad but it was ctually really fun because we didnt need to look stunning for some guy. "Yah i thought you werent going to ask me out, we're usually buying dresses by now"

"i know but with mock exams going on we've bothe been stressed out and busy" i siad defensively

"yah i suppose so, i mean who cares as long as we're going together right, Josy" said Izzy like she was giving a pep talk

"damn straight sister" i replied an with that she gave me a big hug and left to go to bed.
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