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Hail Mary of Love

Chapter 3 - 003

after I went to bed I couldn't go to sleep; I just laid there for god knows how many hours just sitting there rubbing the back of my hand down the bottom part of my stomach....I don't know why I did that I guess it was my less loud version of self loving

The only thing that was on my mind was how my dad was doing, I knew he had been shot but I didn't know the outcome and damage and also why somebody would do something like that, seriously bruh, you could shoot the president or bomb a train or something awful like that but why would somebody ambush a football team, young men, just being stabbed and shot for no reason dint seam right to me... not that shooting the president did make sense its just I makes more sense to shoot the President because it causes more mayhem

Fuck I didn't know what to do so I got my tired, sorry ass out of bed after what turned out to be a lazy an emotional 3 hours of "self loving" and crying and got on with my packing for San Francisco

2 socks
3 hot pants
1 skinny jeans
5 panties
5 bras
5 crop tops
1 jumper
1 pair of flats
My converse
And of course my packers jersey that Dad wore in the 2010 Super Bowl

The only packers jersey I own, when I picked it up I felt tears fall down my face when I saw Nelson and number 87 on the back of the rich dark green jersey and the Super Bowl XLV logo on the front part of the jersey. I guess I must have been crying louder than I thought because I heard moving around upstairs and then I saw Jayden appear at the door.

"Dad's jersey" he said

"yeah, I'm gonna wear it when we go and see him, I just thought it might cheer him up" could barely talk without letting out a sob.

Jayden came over to comfort me; I guess he saw I was pretty upset about my dad being shot by some douche-bag

"hey, that's a great idea, better than any of mine, dad will love it. You, his baby girl, wearing the same shirt he wore on one of the greatest days of his life. That's bound to get him in better mood"

"thanks....Anyways what are you getting him" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"I got dad a picture of us last summer, me in my Red Devils jersey and Dad in his Packers jersey, I thought for a change I'd sign the photo, it only seems fair since he's the one usually signing the photos" Said Jayden cheerfully

"Oh my god, Dad is gonna be so pleased when he sees us and our gifts" i giggled

"I know right little sis, now get some sleep because we got an early flight to catch tomorrow morning so...Night, love you" Jayden stated

"Okay....night you too" I said while he walked out of my room

I sat on the end of my bed for a while when my phone buzzed...that took me out of my trance. I had got a notification from Candy Crush Saga that I had got my lives back. So I then took my iPod and headphones off of my desk and played some music until I fell asleep, I got at least 6 good songs in that I can remember

Baby - Justin Bieber
Midnight City - M83
Straight Outta Compton - NWA
Mirrors - Justin Timberlake
99 problems but a bitch ain't one - Jay Z
Steal my Girl -One Direction

Then I fell asleep......only to be be woke up only 4 hours later..........

♠ ♠ ♠
SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry this is so have been piling on shit tones (new metric measurement) of homework and loads of Homework projects and uniform crack downs have took place so I've been getting new school clothes because mine aren't "acceptable"......... I know that's still not an excuse to be 2 weeks late so I'm sorry.......everything is back to normal now so expect weekly and sometimes daily updates

Stay classy San Francisco...... and everywhere else