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T h r e e

As Christmas music played somewhere in the Toews family home, Erin grinned as Jonathan tied a scarf around her. It was a checkered pattered and soft as he lopped it around Erin’s neck. He finished and grinned, leaning in and kissing Erin on the nose sweetly, a gesture that he rarely did but always made her smile when he did it. Normally Jonathan was a fan of pressing firm kisses on her lips or her head, both her favorite thing. But on rare occasion, he would brush his lips against the tip of her nose and smile, a show of particularly sweet affection.

Erin was dressed in a black sweater with a thick, crimson coat over her shoulders. A black beanie was pulled over her head to keep her head and ears warm, gloves covering her hands. The cold in Canada was far worse than in Chicago but it was nice to see the landscape. Canada was the place that Jonathan had proposed to her, and now it was the place they were spending Christmas with his family.

“Hopefully Rosie picks up skating better than you do,” Jonathan teased, his hands on Erin’s waist. She felt the pressure of his fingertips even through the thick layers of her clothes. She could always feel his touch; she would feel it miles apart and she would feel it in death. “As I recall, it took you several attempts before you let go of me.”

“As I recall,” Erin quipped, walking out of the guest bedroom and into the living room where his mother was helping Rosie into a thick jacket, “I used to cling to you because I wanted to, not because I needed too.”

Rosie’s dark hair was pulled up into a neat bun with a small, white hairpiece in that looked like snow. The elephant on her sweater was only visible for a moment as Jonathan’s mother zipped up the white jacket, fixing the furry hood. The two year old was impossibly bundled in warm close and she looked like a marshmallow but Erin grinned, seeing her daughter waddling with her grandmother laughing behind her.

It was Rosie’s second Christmas and the two-year-old could hardly stop asking for reassurance that Santa would be able to find the Toews residence in Winnipeg. They all reassured the small brunette that Santa would be able to find her just fine, especially because there was so much snow and he loved snow. Her hazel eyes would widen with excitement and her full lips were fixed in a grin with the affirmation each time.

When Rosie looked up to see her mother and father walk into the room, she bolted over to them. Her grandmother gave her a look of dry amusement before standing and grinning at her son and his wife. “All ready to go ice skating, yeah?”

“I think so.” Jonathan glanced at Erin. “I would like to make sure Rosie get’s the hang of it but we still have someone who is fond of clinging to belt loops.”

“I’ll show you,” Erin scoffed, rolling her eyes, though there was a smile on her lips. She really could skate rather well, after all the years. But all it took was one teeter of balance and she was cleaning to Jonathan’s hips or hand as he towed her along. “I’ll outskate you today, mark my words.”


With Rosie’s hand in his, Jonathan led the family of three out of the door and to the car. Jonathan had switched from his Porshe to a Range Rover, a car more suitable to have Rosie in a car seat in the back. Erin drove the G-Class, always laughing and telling Jonathan that she had more style than he did when she drove around Chicago with her Ray-Bans, Rosie sporting matching ones in the back seat as she nodded her head and mumbled the words to the Disney Soundtracks that played on repeat in Erin’s car. Jonathan liked to teach Rosie ‘the classics’ as he called it, though she clearly had no concept of classic rock or who Zeppelin was.

Because they had driven to Jonathan’s family home in Winnipeg, Erin’s Disney playlist automatically connected to the Bluetooth and began playing a song from Frozen. Rosie asked if it was ‘Elsa’s Song’ and Erin turned around in the seat as Jonathan drove to a particular pond that was special to them.

“It is Elsa.”

Rosie smiled proudly. “I knew it was.”

Winnipeg was covered in white. The snow from the night before had been thick, looking like a fine layer of dust. Jonathan drove with both hands on the wheel, careful of his speed with two items of most precious cargo in his car. He followed his memory better than Erin could, turning on back roads and pausing fully at stop signs.

The pond that the two had in mind was only a few minutes away from his parent’s house. He used to walk there as a kid and skate in the winters whenever it was frozen enough to support his weight. He had taught himself to skate there and he and his brother both invited friends to skate on it and play their own hockey games.

It was also the place he had proposed. He brought her to the small pond that could only be twenty yards in diameter. There were large pines around it and it was a short walking distance from a small clearing off the side of a back street. It was the perfect place for a bunch of kids to play noisy hockey with trashcans as goals; close enough to walk from their houses, far enough not to make the neighbors want to walk out there and yell about the shouts and the sound of pucks hitting the cans.

Absently, Jonathan’s hand reached across the car and settled on the inside of Erin’s thigh closest to him. It was automatic for him, Erin knew this. He always did it without thinking about it, like it had become a natural extension of him to have his hand placed securely on her. It warmed her from her heart through the rest of her body to know that this small interaction was something that felt natural enough for him to be as easy as breathing.

In her small, two –year-old giberrish, Rosie sang along to the song. She didn’t get all the words right, but the words that she did know, she yelled. Erin couldn’t help but laugh, folding her lips to stop from laughing over the sound of her daughter trying to get the words out.

“Sounds like you in the shower,” Jonathan muttered, glancing at her from the corner of his eye. She gave him a narrow-eyed look that made him grinning, turning off the road into a small clearing that was large enough to fit a few cars. “You know, I really hope I can get back out of here."

“Should have thought of that before you parked in snowy grass.”

He killed the engine. “Have a little faith.”

“Oh, I do. In the car getting stuck.”

Rolling his eyes, he hopped out of the car. Erin followed suit, opening Rosie’s door and beginning to undo the buckles. “Are you ready to go ice skating?”

“Ice cream?”

Erin chuckled. “Skating,” she corrected gently. “Like daddy does when he plays hockey!”


“I like the enthusiasm, kid.”

With a bag thrown over his shoulder containing their skates and bottles of water and anything else they would possibly need, Jonathan held out his hand. Erin moved to take his hand but Rosie stuck her hand in her father’s walking eagerly in the snow. Jonathan’s eyebrows shot up in surprise as he let her tug him along before laughing loudly, Erin joining in and following.

Stepping carefully in the snow, the family of three made their way to the small pond that Jonathan was looking for. Erin remembered it fondly, with tall trees planted firmly near by and a clear path leading right up to it. There were no foot prints, fresh snow still fallen on top, which meant no one had made their way down to it that morning.

It was empty and frozen solid, some snow covering the top of the pond in places. There was a row of cinder blocks situated near the edge of it. Some of them had spray paint on them, but most of them were clean. Erin assumed someone had dragged them their to use them as seats to sit down and drink swigs of water or to sit and tie skates. Either way, the latter is what they used them for.

Jonathan sat down and pulled Rosie into his lap. Erin opened the bag they brought with them and pulled out her tiny skates, pulling off her normal snow boots and pulling on skates, lacing them tightly and efficiently. Jonathan was grinning at her as she did it, making her glance up nervously.

“What, Johnny?”

He grinned. “Oh nothing. I just like how well you can tie skates.”

“After years of helping you?” Erin finished one with a neat flourish and a bow, moving on to the other. Rosie sat contentedly, not making a peep. For a girl of two, she had yet to hit her terrible twos and be a total monster. Erin got the feeling that Rosie would never have that stage. “Do you think I’m that bad?”

“No, I just like that you picked it up all for me.”

Finishing Rosie’s skate, Erin stood and sat down next to him, pulling Rosie to her lap. One of Erin’s favorite things about her daughter was how well she molded into her. Rosie fit perfectly against Erin, and she knew it wouldn’t last forever. “Maybe it wasn’t just for you.”

“Who else would you be tying up skates for? And don’t say Kitty Cat, she hates skating.”

“Aunt Kitty?” Rosie perked up, looking up at her mom.

Erin smiled and kissed Rosie’s nose as Jonathan pulled out Erin’s skates, moving to put hers on. “No, Aunt Kitty is back home. We’ll see her for New Years.” Rosie gave Erin a large grin before settling back in and watching her father beginning to pull of Erin’s shoes and replacing them with skates.

They owned nice skates. Erin wasn’t into the particulars of them, but Jonathan had no issues getting top of the line skates. She suspected he probably had the opportunity to get them for free, being who he was, but he was rather particular about not taking free things. He liked providing business for people.

Before he put his own skates on, Jonathan picked up Rosie and held her on his hip while helping Erin up and onto the frozen surface of the pond. Erin kept her balancing easily, skates sharp and perfect for the rough surface. She crouched down as Jonathan delicately placed Rosie in her grasp. Rosie wobbled a bit but Jonathan and Erin both had a solid handle on her until Erin had a firm grasp and Jonathan could let go to put his own skates on.

The two waited patiently. Erin was confident she could help Rosie skate herself, but she wanted to wait for Jonathan. He had been excited about this for a long time and she knew there was a certain pride in him teaching his daughter how to do something that was second nature to him.

Getting up, Jonathan precariously got to his feet and stepped on the ice. And proceeded to step too eagerly, completely loosing balance and falling backwards with his butt landing solidly in the snow. Rosie’s trilling laughter beat Erin’s as her hand flew to her mouth, trying to contain the cackle that worked it’s way up her throat at the site of him sitting in the snow, looking at her as though he were ready to drive back home and get back into bed.

“I don’t know why you’re laughing,” Jonathan muttered as he got to his feet, whipping off his now somewhat damp behind. “You’re butt is going to get the same treatment later.” He smirked at Erin as she stopped laughing, clearing her throat and trying not to get flustered at the suggestive comment. “No one laughs at daddy. Right Rosie?


Jonathan stuck out his hand to her and she took it. “Let’s skate, kid.”

“Yes, skate,” Erin added. “Not fall down on our behinds like dad thought mom was going to do. Are you sure you marked those words, Jon?”

The three of them moved smoothly on the ice, both of them holding Rosie’s hands as she tried to walk on the ice, making Jonathan laugh. He leaned over Rosie quickly and pressed a kiss against Erin’s ear. “You’re gonna get marked later, babe. By my mouth, all over.”

Just as quickly as he made Erin light-headed, he was crouching down in front of Rosie, telling her exactly how to move her feet. He was good at telling her how to do it in extremely simple terms, having had kids come to practices and skate days all the time. He was rather good at explaining and Rosie listened, nodding here and there.

As he stood back up, he smiled down at Rosie. Together they managed to get their daughter to at least glide slightly across the ice, though she often tried to walk into the skating. Erin had done that too when she was first learning, trying to walk instead of propel herself forward. It was hard to switch from just stomping across the ice to pushing her feet in a way that made her slide forward.

Laughter and words of encouragement filled the hour that they spent skating. Rosie laughed a lot and held both of their hands tight. At one point, Erin let Jonathan take Rosie while she pulled out her phone, taking pictures like the mother she was. She smiled the entire time she snapped picture, feeling pride swell at her daughter’s tenacity and feeling both love and absolute desire for Jonathan at how patient he was.

Everything about Jonathan as a dad made Erin want to pounce on him. She constantly found herself watching him with Rosie and wanting to push him up against the wall. Of course, when it came down to it, he always beat her to it. Whether he put Rosie to bed and grabbed Erin and tossed her into the shower with him, or whether Erin had just taken her to a daycare and he pulled her up on the kitchen counter, both of them rarely tired of one another. Erin was attracted to him in every aspect of the word, and she was sure it would never run dry.

When Jonathan looked up at her, helping Rosie back over, he gave her the look. Erin had years to figure out what exactly the look was. It was a tilt of his lips and a small narrowing of his eyes, like he was having a joke that she wasn’t let in on. But Erin knew what the joke was: Jonathan Toews was fully aware that Erin Toews was extremely turned on by him just because he was being a cute dad.

The best part was that while Jonathan was having a laugh about it, she was having a laugh internally because he had no idea that he was about to be a dad to another child, a secret she kept closer than anything to her heart until Christmas day when she gave him his final present.

Well, she kept it close to her heart but both his mother and her mother as well as Catalina knew. Catalina knew because Erin had a hard time keeping anything from the nosey Latina and also because she could see through most of Erin’s lies. And his mother new because she needed help with the gift as well as feeling the need to tell her. Erin’s mother was in the know about everything, and was not up for debate when she found out.

Thinking about Christmas morning made Erin nervous. She tried to keep her mind on anything but the big surprise. She knew how much Jonathan loved being a father and he wanted to be a father to more than just Rosie. He had already expressed that to her before, that at any time he was ready. Erin loved how up front and honest he was about it.

But of course she was nervous. Anyone would be. Announcing the oncoming arrival of a new child was extremely nerve wracking. Even the first time she told Jonathan gave her anxiety, though they were trying extremely hard for a child. When she told him about Rosie, she had done so by tying the tests around Puck's collar and sending him looking for Jonathan.

Bending down and picking up Rosie from the ice, he skated towards Erin, stopping and leaning over to press a sweet but firm kiss to her lips. “Hi.”

“Hi,” she responded. She looked at Rosie. “Someone looks tired.”

“You’ll be tired tonight too.” He licked his lips. “Promise.”

“I don’t know,” Erin said thoughtfully. “First you’re so sure that I can’t outskate you and now, who knows?”

Both of them turned around to sit down and untie their skates. With Rosie still in his arms he used one hand to slide his hand down Erin’s spine, fingers dancing until he got to her butt, where he squeezed, making a sound escape her lips. “Are you accusing me of something, honey?”

“Never, darling.”

“It sounds as though you are.”

He carefully sat down with Rosie in his lip. Erin- though wobbling- sat down as well, with a little more teeter to her step than had been in Jonathans. “And if I was?” Erin asked, her heart skipping a beat. There were few things she loved more than playing this game with him. Jonathan was easy to rile, like hitting a switch. One combative phrase and he was on her in seconds, completely prepared to remind her that he liked being in charge. It made her hands shake with excitement.

“Let’s get you home and find out, eh?”


Erin sat in a chair at the foot of Rosie’s crib, smiling as Jonathan finished tucking her in and kissed her on the head. Rosie’s eyes were already falling closed, though she kept trying to fight sleep. She always did that, wanting Erin to read one more story, for Jonathan to check the closet one more time for monsters. Horton Hears A Who was sitting closed in Erin’s lap, having read through the story once. Rosie had an effinity for Dr. Seuss stories, one that Erin respected.

“Goodnight, Rosie Roo.”

Rosie muttered something, hugging her stuffed kangaroo- Winnie from Winnipeg- closer to her. (Kangaroos were her favorite animals, though Erin wasn’t sure where she first saw them.) “Goodnight, love,” Erin whispered, leaning and turning on the monitor. Rosie was sleeping in a twin bed, a bit large for her, so Erin had put in the baby monitor for safety reasons. “Sleep well, dream better.”

They quietly exited Rosie’s room. Jonathan’s parents were already asleep on the other side of the house. Erin turned and closed the door quietly, careful that it didn’t click and wake up Rosie across the hall. The last thing she wanted to do was wake up the two-year old and go through the entire process again. Rosie had a specific ritual for sleep, and if it was interrupted, they had to start all over again.

Erin began to turn to sigh and tell Jonathan how long of a day it was when he picked her up and spun her, throwing off her equilibrium as he tossed her onto the bed. He didn’t do it hard enough for her to bounce roughly, but she was taken by surprise, barely having time to lean up on an elbow before be was over her, pulling her by the back of her neck with one hand to draw her lips to his, kissing her deeply.

Jonathan growled in her mouth, the vibration tingling her lips as he pulled away and said, “I think someone made fun of me falling on my ass, today?” He rolled over, putting Erin on top of him and sitting up. She was straddling his waist, fingers digging into his shoulders to keep her balance. She was sure he forget sometimes that he moved a lot smoother than she did. “Do you recall?”

“I don’t think I do.”

“Hmm.” He seemed thoughtfully, though it was all an act. “I think… I think it was you? That laughed at me.”

“Are you sure?” Erin batted her eyelashes, green eyes widened and doe-like. She had the kind of eyes that could look quite innocent upon first look, but Jonathan had been looking in those eyes for years. He saw the fire lit behind them and knew just how hot that fire could burn- it could scald, if not handled properly.

Grabbing her by the waist, Jonathan lifted Erin easily off of his lap and twisted her so that she was suddenly sprawled across his knees. It was a marvel how easily he could pick her up and move her. Erin was tall and lithe but Jonathan handled her frame like she was a doll, a tantalizing mixture of rough and delicate, which she was pretty sure only he could manage.

“I don’t think it’s fair that my ass is the only one that took a beating.” With warm fingers, Jonathan pulled Erin’s leggings down. Her rounded cheeks were smooth, completely untouched by his hand. Her underwear made the curve of her butt look perfect, Jonathan absently running his fingers along her skin. Erin shivered visibly in his lap and he grinned. “I want you to count.” Erin nodded, biting her lip and waiting not-so-patiently. “In French.”

“How high?”

“How high can you count, babe?”

“I don’t know.”

The first one surprised her. Erin wasn’t looking at Jonathan. She had put her hands on his thigh, holding onto them tightly and feeling the muscle flex underneath his jeans. She felt complete electricity flowing through her veins when his fingers caressed her skin, only to suddenly vanished and come back with the full spread of his hand, a quick and sharp smack to her ass that wasn’t louder than a small pop.

It took the breath right out of her. It didn’t hurt in the slightest. In fact, the small sting elicited a moan from deep in her throat, head tossing back in surprised and eyes fluttering shut. Jonathan held her ass for a second, leaning over and growling lowly, “I thought I asked you to count, Erin.”


Bon,” he murmured, nodding his head when she got the word right. Erin’s head was swimming, imagining exactly how he was going to take her on the bed- sometimes the floor, or any other surface- and she was getting high off of the way he handled her. She was prepared for the second one, his hand coming across her butt, slightly harder but gabbing her ass this time, fingers pressed into her skin as he waited. “Erin, I won’t say it again.”


“That’s the wife I know.”

Thinking of numbers in French was extremely difficult. Erin didn’t speak it naturally. Jonathan had taught her all of the French she knew, and even then she couldn’t count very high. Erin was trying to come up with how to say the number three when he spanked her again. Instead of a number coming out of her mouth, a loud moan came out. She smacked a hand over her mouth, trying to mute the sound. He chuckled as he rubbed his hand over where he had smacked her a third time on a different cheek.

Trois.” Another smack that had Erin biting her lip so hard she thought she was going to draw blood. She was digging her fingers into his leg, not caring if her nails were leaving crescents through the jeans. “Qua… something.”

“It seems my wife has run out of French.” He smacked her one last time before leaning over and pressing a swift kiss to the red mark on her skin. “Quatre et cinq.”

“Quatre me on the bed, Jonathan.”

Lopping his arms around her narrow waist, Jonathan stood, picking her up and spinning to toss her lightly on the bed. Erin smiled tauntingly at him as he narrowed his eyes, putting his hands on his hips and looking at her. Erin ran her leg up his side. His eyes were dark, even darker in the dim light of the bedroom. The only source of light came from the bathroom attached to the room, where Erin had been before tucking Rosie in bed. She laid back into the bed, in just her shirt and underwear, shivering as she watched his expression.

For a few moments, the two just stared at one another. Erin thought her husband looked absolutely perfect. He was still in his jeans and thick sweater, hair just slightly mused from running his hands through it, hands on his hips. He was thinking hard about something, but Erin couldn’t decide what it was on his mind. A slow smirk before to form, his lips turning up at the corners.

“What?” Erin asked innocently.

“Just thinking about what I want to do to you.”

Erin’s heart fluttered and she squirmed, unable to hide her excitement at the rough rasp in his voice. Whenever Jonathan was filled with lust, his voice was always deeper and quieter, a rough sound to it. “Do you want to share?”

He licked his lips and dropped his hands from his waist. He leaned forward and crawled up Erin’s body, gently kissing her deeply, his hands on either side of her waist. “Not a chance,” he murmured between kisses. “Lay back.”

Chewing on her lip, Erin laid back, flat on the bed. Jonathan wrapped his fingers in the hem of her shirt and slowly began to pull the cloth up her stomach, kissing lightly along the way. Erin’s eyes fluttered shut while one hand went to his head, fingers running through his hair and the other twisted in the sheets.

The muscles in Erin’s stomach twitched and jumped as Jonathan’s lips pressed against her skin. His breath was warm, making her own breath shaky. He pulled the shirt of easily, tossing it to the side and connecting their lips again, a hand slipping behind Erin’s neck to pull her to him, deepening the kiss. She felt him open her mouth with his, stealing her breath right from her lips.

Jonathan’s fingers pressing into her skin, running down her neck and down her spin. She shivered underneath the firm touch, his hand working on the clasps of her bra. Erin arched her back, pressing her chest against his to give him better access, kissing his jaw and throat firmly as he managed to work the hooks. She dropped back down onto the bed and raised her arms as he pulled the fabric off, lacy material brushing against her arms.

With both knees on either side of her waist, Jonathan straightened. He loomed over her and Erin was struck by how much larger her husband was than she. He was broad where she was narrow, his hands were large where hers were smaller. And yet they fit together, puzzle pieces from two different sets of puzzles that just happened to fit.

Reaching with one hand to the back of his neck, Erin watching Jonathan pull his shirt over his head. For a moment his gaze was interrupted by the shirt going over his head, giving Erin a moment to gaze that the impressive stomach that belonged to her husband. Smiling, she raised her hand, tracing the hard v-lines that vanished into his jeans. He twitched under her touch, making her smile wider, knowing it tickled him.

“Stop being a bad girl,” Jonathan grumbled, throwing his sweater on the floor. Erin’s fingers playing with the button on his jeans, more focused on touching his warm skin than anything else. Jonathan swatted her hands away lightly, undoing his jeans and kicking them off himself. Jonathan pulled down her underwear, fingers brushing the sides of her legs. Erin let out a harsh breath. She reached for the elastic band of his briefs but he shook his head. “Nope, you got your punishment. Now you get a reward.”

Before Erin could ask what delicious reward he had in mind, Jonathan fell next to her easily on the bed. He picked her up by the waist and she straddled his waist. He ran his hands up Erin’s thighs, a smile twisting his lips as he grabbed her butt cheeks, pulling her up his chest. Erin’s breathing hitched, feeling his breath hit her between the legs, her entire body tense with excitement.

Erin had a knee on either side of Jonathan’s head, her hand finding the head board to keep her weight up. Jonathan kissed her inner thigh and she rolled her head back, hair falling over her shoulder blades. Her thighs clenched where he kissed her, knuckles bone-white where they clutched the top of the headboard.

Mouth leaving Erin’s leg, she gasped when he ran his tongue up her center, slow and steady like he had all the time in the world. Air was stuck in Erin’s throat, burning like a fire when he repeated the motion, going slowly as he possible could. Barely able to stand the slow motion, Erin’s hips twitched forward.

Jonathan removed his tongue, tsking. “Bad girl,” his breath hitting her. “I’m rewarding you the way I want to.”

“You’re killing me.”

She could almost feel his grin. “Good.”



Opening her eyes, Erin looked down at him. Jonathan was grinning at her and she watched him as he repeated the action, running his tongue, making Erin moan, their eyes locked. Her body was screaming as he picked up pace, his tongue running patterns of his own creation only to flick lightly over her clit, making Erin’s eyes flutter shut.

Nothing was hotter than looking at Jonathan like that. She tried to keep her eyes open to look down at him, knowing that he was watching her unravel on top of him. It was difficult, his lips and tongue working her slowly and then quickly, switching back and forth between stimulating her clit and bringing her to slowly to where he wanted her.

Still holding her weight with the headboard, Erin let her hips move. The made the decision on their own, her body knowing exactly what to do. Erin’s skin was flushed with heat, moaning lightly and quietly, already practiced in the art of staying silent while their child slept only a few rooms away.

Hand on her ass, Jonathan didn’t seem to mind bringing Erin closer to his mouth. He indulged in it, his tongue diving down deep, unafraid to move her against his tongue, humming lightly in delight. Erin was shaking on top of him, a knot in her stomach and her body completely consumed by his actions.

Knowing Erin was falling apart on top of him, Jonathan’s hand slipped around her thigh, adding a finger to the equation, hitting Erin right where she needed as her body moved in sync with his actions. She was drowning in bliss, one hand falling off the headboard and grabbing his hair, her fingers knotting in his brown locks tight, needing him to know how out of breath and unstable she was.

Between Jonathan’s hands and mouth, Erin felt herself tense, thighs clenching as she fell forward, gasping into the headboard. Her orgasm hit like a super nova. Everything was silent for a moment as she gasped in air before absolutely bursting, her entire filled with heat and her molecules vibrating with energy. Jonathan took it with grace, slowly his movements hands tracing her hips until Erin, trembling, fell to the side.

Swiftly, Jonathan rolled on top of her, kissing her collarbone, his teeth nipping at her flushed skin. She felt warm to him and he loved it, nipping up her neck to her ear, laughing deeply and saying, “I think you hit a new high note there.”

Erin couldn’t fine it in her to respond. So she kissed him instead, not caring that he tasted like her. They had been down this road plenty of times and Erin would never care about that. All she cared about was that Jonathan was a good man, a good father, a good husband, and great in bed.
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