The Art of Subconscious Illusion


Susan Luscinia has gone her whole life being dealt a bad hand, from her mother dying, to her father becoming an abusive drunk, her adoptive family ruining her life and being bullied in school. Graduating and getting out of her adoptive families house was the best thing that has ever happened to her. The once quiet and introverted lone wolf breaks out of her shell when she goes to college and begins to make a name for herself and let nothing stand in her way.

Two years later, she is a Sophomore in college with two amazing and fantastic friends. She is involved in major events going on in her school and has changed her look. She only talks to two of her siblings from the adoptive family and is disowned by everyone else. Will her paradise hold up when one night out with her friends brings her past crashing into her present? Or will her walls fall and a domino effect of chaos ensue and she will have to face her demons head on?

*I do not own Avenged Sevenfold or any other band mentioned within this story.*

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*This is written for the Fairy Tale Spin-Off Contest that ends 11th April 2015.

Total Word Count: 29,615
  1. Prologue.
    WC: 935
  2. Chapter One.
    WC: 1968
  3. Chapter Two.
    WC: 1820
  4. Chapter Three.
    WC: 3433
  5. Chapter Four.
    WC: 2110
  6. Chapter Five.
    WC: 3202
  7. Chapter Six.
    WC: 2671
  8. Chapter Seven.
    WC: 2164
  9. Chapter Eight.
    WC: 1362
  10. Chapter Nine.
    WC: 1645
  11. Chapter Ten.
    WC: 1853
  12. Chapter Eleven.
    WC: 1238
  13. Chapter Twelve.
    WC: 4302
  14. Chapter Thirteen.
    WC: 912