The Art of Subconscious Illusion

Chapter Thirteen.


Chapter Thirteen.

“Hey Lucy…” He voice sounded hoarse, like he hadn’t spoken since telling the doctors that he wanted to see me. Every part of me continued to blame myself, but there was another part of me that completely and I walked over and slapped him. We both were in complete shock at what I had just done that I felt tears falling from my eyes.

“Why? Why did you do it? And why did you do it twice?” I whispered, as he brought me into his arms and I started bawling. He began to rub my back and helped me crawl up on the bed with him, putting an arm around me as I laid my head on his chest.

“The first time after graduation was because...because I realized how much I had messed up and hurt the only girl that had ever given me a reason to keep on going. Getting so fucked up and I couldn’t stop myself from remembering the look on your face when I walked up and told you that I wouldn’t make it to your party. I should have. I needed to. To sit you down and tell you why I did the things I did and how much I really did care about you.” He whispered, looking up at the ceiling as he spilled his heart for me. “This time, well, it’s hard to tell someone how you really feel and have them just completely shoot them down. I just wanted to just completely give up on life, because if you don’t want me, then why would I want to stick around?”

“Because you have family and friends who still give a shit about you, thats why.” I point out, sitting up and looking down at him. “I’m just a girl who has haunted your thoughts since high school, but I’m just that, a girl.”

“You are anything but a girl to me, Lucy.” He whispered, making me look back at him. “I love you, I love you far more than you can even begin to understand and I want you to realize how much you mean to me.”

“Zacky, do you even begin to understand how much of a basket case, I really am?” I questioned him, fidgeting with my lip ring. “I am haunted by my past, I have fears that stem to my childhood, that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I’m terrified of men and trusting them, I’m afraid of water, thunderstorms, giant body is littered with scars all because of my father and his problem. It’s why I freaked out so much when you left me all alone in the water that fourth of July. My father tried drowning me in order to get rid of me, so he could gain any money that I would be inheriting. When I was young, he got home drunk as hell and started beating me, then passed out. I managed to call someone, bawling my eyes out and asking for help. Turns out that when you hit the hang up button three times, which is what I thought was the numbers at the time, it calls the police station for you. Police came, took him away in handcuffs and I was put into an orphanage that very night after they took me into the hospital to make sure I was too damaged.” I whispered, tears falling down my face and I looked down, feeling a weight being lifted from my shoulders as I explained all that was fucked with my life. “It’s why I’m trying not to get close to you, because I wouldn’t want you to deal with all my bullshit drama and believe me, that is even to much for me to handle.”

“The person you are, is the person I fell in love with.” He whispered, turning my head, putting his hand on the side of my face and brought his lips to mine. I didn’t resist kissing him back, tangling my fingers into his hair. “Every scar, every curve, every bruise, every freckle, everything you consider as an imperfection is what I love about you. You have gone through Hell all by yourself and I want to be there for you for the rest of it.”

I smiled into the kiss, feeling fresh tears beginning to fall and I hugged onto him as tight as I could. This is exactly where I wanted to be, in the arms of the man I loved, actually feeling the love that I never got in my lifetime. He was willing to accept me for all of the trouble and fucked up problems I contained.

“I love you so much, Zachary James Baker.” I whispered, kissing him once more as his friends and family began to flood into the room. They filled it with cheering, clapping and laughter and we pulled apart and a blush filled my cheeks.

“I love you too, Lucy.” He grinned down at me and I got lost in those beautiful green eyes of his. This is exactly where I was meant to be and I never wanted to leave his arms, but something may come in between that at any moment and that was my greatest fear. I can’t lose someone I care about within a few moments of just having him within my grasp.
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