The Art of Subconscious Illusion

Chapter One.


Chapter One.

I made my way into my apartment that I was sharing with my two best friends, Rachel and Melanie. Our apartment was a three bedroom, one bathroom (that had a shower and tub combo), the kitchen and dining room were connected and we shared a the closet. The commute from the school was only five minutes when driving, walking it felt more like thirty minutes and so we decided that being lazy and driving was alright to us. Normally, we all would take turns carpooling in the others car, but both Rachel and Melanie had work today (Rachel worked at the library and Melanie worked at the pet store) and so I had driven myself to school. Looks like I had been the first to get home as well, which wasn’t unusual for days like this.

There was a envelope on the counter with my name in sparkly blue ink, by the nickname of Lucy because I hated my first name. With my last name being Luscinia, they just compromised in the best way they could...not to mention, they loved to say, “Lucy, I’m home!”. I laughed at the thought of it, while I opened the envelope to reveal three backstage tickets and a letter. It read:

Dearest Lucy,
So we know you have that big end of the year project where you have to interview someone who has made a huge impact on the world. Not to mention, we needed to get you a birthday present worthy of a twenty two year old. Yes we know it’s four months early! So bathe and get ready because we got a show to get to with backstage access!

Lots of love,
Rach and Mel.

P.S.- Mel said she would be the DD!

I couldn’t help but to laugh at how silly my friends could get when it came to the simplest things as gifts or drinking in general. Glancing at the tickets, the name Avenged Sevenfold stood out to me and something about it was familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I shook off the feeling, making my way over to my room and grabbing a book off my dresser before I went to go run myself a bath.

Time seemed to fly by as I managed to finish my book and bath around the same time, getting out wrapping my blood red towel around my body. I went out in front of the mirror, blow drying my hair and brushing it out before I put it in a french braid. I did a green smokey eye look, making my cornflower blue eyes pop and some blood red lipstick to help make my lips look fuller. This was obviously a rock concert, so I had to find something form fitting and something to fit the genre. I chose some black pleather pants and a red tank top with sheer zebra print top over it. This was as good as it was going to get for me, plus it looked slightly professional enough for interviewing. I decided that I would make myself a grilled cheese with chocolate chips while I waited, I know the look you just gave at that, don’t knock it til you try it!

“Damn you look hot!” Rachel said as she came in, grinning as Melanie came in a few steps behind her.

“I second that, maybe we should clear out of the apartment in case she brings a catch home!” Mel chuckled, causing me to roll my eyes. I hadn’t had a boyfriend at all in my high school career and only a couple my first year, both of which ended up cheating on me because I wasn’t as easy as they were expecting.

“Yeah, yeah joke it up you two, go fight over who is going to shower next and lets get going before we arrive to late.” I state, going over and hugging them both. “Thank you, this really does mean a lot to me.”

“We know it does, figured you had been stressing so much that you needed a night to unwind and get out of that room of yours.” Rach said, before sneaking out of my hug and into the bathroom, the door locking behind her.

“Damnit to hell, Rachel!” Mel yelled, going over and banging on the door before running a hand through her pixie cut, electric blue hair. Her hyacinth* colored eyes, glancing over to me and I smiled at her. “You do look really beautiful Lucy, I hope tonight is a lot of fun for you...have you heard of them?”

“The name sounds familiar, but I have not listened to their music...where you hear about them from?” I questioned, as she came to sit next to me and props her feet in my lap as she stretched out on the couch. She played with her sapphire blue labret piercing as she turned on the tv.

“I haven’t, neither of us have, we just figured that we would try something new and outlandish to get you out of the apartment for the night. Here’s to hoping they are actually worth listening to right?” she laughed and I nodded, fidgeting with my own snake bite piercings. The next town over was pretty close to home and I always got nervous and jumpy when I roamed to close.

She turned on some cartoons, yawning as she was stretched out and I stretched out as well. We both had had long days and knew that with the way that we would stay up or stay out late that we would need the energy. All I could say was Thank God it was Friday. By the time that Rachel had gotten out of the shower, we had two hours left to get there and in line, so Melanie had to speed shower and not stay in there for an hour.

It was the one terrible thing about living with two other females, coordinating a shower or bath time around other people. Take showering for instance, the longest I ever have to be in a shower is ten to fifteen minutes and that depended on how long it would take me to wash my hair and body, shave and relax. Rachel averaged about thirty to forty-five minutes on a good day and Melanie came in at a whopping fifty minutes to an hour and she had the shortest hair! When it came to baths, it was a designated Sunday event where each of us got to take a hour to two hour bath, then lounge around in our bathrobes and underwear while we order some Pizza Hut and binge watch movies all day.

Rachel had curled her waist length bubblegum pink hair and put it up into a elegant looking bun to keep it from getting in her russet colored eyes that she highlighted beautifully with a array of blues and purples.and a pretty pink lip gloss to accentuate her lips. When Mel finally got out she decided that she would spike her hair up in the back and curl her bangs to frame her face, while adding a mixture of blues and greens that reminded me of a peacock and made me smile and she picked a coral colored lipstick.

“Once we get dressed, we totally should take a group picture together!” Rachel exclaimed and I laughed, glad I had taken the time to charge Canon PowerShot A3000IS, which isn’t a super fancy camera but it’s my baby. Mel got dressed in some ripped purple skinnies and a black tank top, covering her arms with a simple purple hoodie that had sparrows flying on it. Rach went with some hot pink leggings, a black leather skirt and a pink belly shirt to show off her pink rhinestoned music sign belly button ring.

This was why these two were my friends, we each had our own styles and personalities that complimented each other nicely. We all set up our cameras to take quick pictures before grabbing the tickets and backstage passes and going down, getting into Mel’s electric blue 1974 Plymouth Road Runner that she had won in a bet against her brother. She ran like a dream, because she was so well taken care of and there was not a speck of rust to be found on her body.

The trip took no time at all, nor did our wait in line as we got bumped to the front of the line and then ushered towards the backstage area. We had to wait on this really comfy couch while we waited for the first band to warm up, before we were able to go and get ourselves a drink or two and freely move to the side stage to watch the concert and all it’s glory.

That was when I realized that I had to use the restroom, deciding to head there by myself and to also stay out of the musicians way. It would only take a millisecond of a bad move for me to cause some poor drummer to end up impaled with his own drumstick. I had some crazy bad luck...sometimes I chose to blame it on the fact that I was born on Friday the 13th.

It wasn’t difficult to find the bathroom at the end of the hall even with the white washed wall and the terrible lighting. I did my business and fixed any mistakes in my makeup, before I walked out of the bathroom, making my way back as I stared at my feet. Never a good thing in a crowded place, because before I knew it, I had bumped into someone and landed on my ass. I looked up to meet a pair of forest green eyes, something about them were fairly familiar as I finally noticed the person they were attached to with his shaggy black hair.

My heart nearly stopped as I realized who this was...this was the boy who had tormented and traumatized me throughout my middle and high school career. He held his hand out to me and I tried not to flinch away as I took it, letting him help me up.

“I’m so sorry about that, I wasn’t watching where I was going…” I started and he waved me off, smiling at me and I realized he couldn’t recognize me. Wouldn’t be to shocking considering my hair had gotten longer, I got my lips pierced and changed my style, while my confidence level which is something that can change a persons personality all together.

“Don’t worry about it, lets get you back to the backstage area so you don’t miss anything.” he said, bringing me back into the area where my friends are. “See you afterwards and do enjoy yourself.” he grins before he grabs his things to head off in the opposite direction. The great thing was that he didn’t recognize me, but I recognized him, I fought to keep myself from having a panic attack right here and now.

After this concert was over, I would get my interview and get the hell out of there...there was no way that I was going to get the hell out of here. By no means could I let him realize who I was or everything I worked hard for would go into ruins once more. He would not rule my life like he had, I wouldn’t let him. This is my life and this is who I want to be. I was going to enjoy this and no one was going to stop that. Now to get myself to actually believe this...
♠ ♠ ♠
I want to thank everyone who read the prologue and is so supportive of this story in the early stages. It really does mean a lot to me! I hope you enjoy this and I should be posting another chapter later on today.

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