The Art of Subconscious Illusion

Chapter Four.


Chapter Four.

I woke up the next day to the sound of my phone going off, seeing that it was ten in the morning and I groaned. The phone continued to go off and I didn’t recognize the number, I could only hope it wasn’t going to be a prank call from the guys, I would have to kill them. I finally picked it up and answered it, grumbling angrily as I propped myself up on an elbow.

“Good morning to you too Lucy.” Zacky’s voice came through the other side and I couldn’t help but groan even more. “I’m shocked you actually picked up.”

“I am as well, I was hoping by some off chance that you wouldn’t be calling me this early.” I explained, as I stood up and stretched my legs. I looked around and realized that I needed to clean my room before I left for the week, not to mention pack.

“I didn’t mean to wake you, want to call back later?”he asked and I rolled my eyes, forgetting the fact that he can’t see me doing so.

“You’re perfectly fine, what would you like to talk about Mr. Baker?” I asked, going out to the kitchen and starting the recipe for french toast.

“I was just curious to if you had asked your friends and if you were coming over this week?” his voice was almost hopeful as he asked his question so that I figured that I could play with him a little.

“Well I asked them, they were a little taken aback and all that...they said they would think on it.” I explained, fighting a smile. When I had asked, they jumped on the chance to see where I grew up almost immediately that I nearly had a heart attack.

“Aww, you didn’t beg them to say yes?” he asked, I could almost hear the pout in his voice and I giggled quietly. “Did you just giggle? Are you messing with me?”

“Just a little bit, they said yes. We will probably be there around noon thirty.” I state, putting my phone on speaker as I began making french toast. “Anything in particular you want me to bring?”

“Bathing suit, you, your friends, positive attitudes, pillows if you have them and blankets.” he states and I looked at my phone, raising an eyebrow. “The guys don’t require a lot when they are over so there are like four blankets total and four pillows. It can get pretty cold, but I do have some space heaters I could put down there to help that.”

“We will bring some of those as well, you act as though you’ve never had a girl over before or that you have never had guests.” I state, putting the first batch on a plate and putting it in the microwave so it stayed warm. Then I started my own batch, listening to him yell at someone named Ichabod, before he actually replied to me.

“Sorry I was just yelling at one of my two hellian children.” he stated and I heard a bark in the background, which answered the question that didn’t pass my lips. “Majesty, leave Ichabod alone!”

“Sounds like you have your hands full.” I smirk as I finish the second batch and go back into my room with my plate of french toast. I dug in as I sat down at my desk.

“Yeah, they can be...normally they behave while I’m on the phone, must know that it’s someone different.” he states, sighing as I hear him open a door and lets his dogs outside...I think. “Now that they are outside, I don’t have many girls over and the only girl that has been over was Gena. The guys live here more than half the time anyways, but no one sleeps in the basement...I kinda figured that you all would be more comfortable if you didn’t have to worry about guys walking in on you all the time.”

“Zacky, you’re going to make yourself go grey with all this worrying. We will be fine in the basement and we will be there tomorrow, I’m going to go for now. Gonna start Sunday Funday by taking a bath then lounging in a bathrobe watching movies and getting drunk off my ass.” I grin happily, glad that my friends didn’t have to work today.

“You have fun with that, don’t drink so much that you aren’t able to get away from the toilet tomorrow though.” he said chuckling and I noticed a tone of worry in his voice. That was odd to hear for sure, especially from him about me. Weird.

“I’ll be fine, no need to worry.” I state, “I will talk to you tomorrow, probably to tell you when we are about to leave out and also if we get lost.”

“Alright, goodbye for now Lucy.” he stated before hanging up his phone and I got prepared for my day. I was in shock that our conversation and all that had lasted for two hours, it felt like no time had past at all.


It had taken another three hours for Melanie and Rachel to get up and around to finish their baths, before we all sat down on the couch and started getting smashed as we watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had been drinking since I was in the tub, reading a fantastic book with a glass of Jack. Mel and Rachel would always go to the store after their shifts to stock up on the booze, which would be four bottles each. Rach would get Hipnotic, Skinny Girl Vodka, Seagram's, and Mosaic wine. Mel would get Malibu Rum and Pineapple juice”, Smirnoff, Margarita cocktails, and Kahlua. My choice of poison is Jack Daniels, Tequila Rose, Pinnacle Vodka and Fireball Whiskey.

I had already downed my bottle of Jack and was working on doing shots of the Tequila (half was already gone) when I realized that I really had to go to the bathroom. I excused myself, crawling over Mel who was balancing a plate on her head with it upside down. Rach was sitting upside down in her chair, holding her boobs and letting the blood rush to her head. I quickly finished my buisness, washed my hands and went into my room for something...I came in here for something, but I can’t remember what.

Sitting down on my bed I spotted my phone blinking, opening it up to find a message from Zacky. I went to answer it back, finding that it had started calling him instead...huh, oh well!

“Hey Lucy, thought you weren’t going to call until tomorrow.” came Zacky’s voice over the phone. I heard sizzling in the background and Jimmy yelling FUUUUCK.

“Hello Greeneyes, I’m callin cause I can.” I slurred, laying on my back with my feet up in the air for some unknown reason. “I have somethings I wanna tell you.”

“Oh my god, Lucy are you drunk? Sounds like Sunday Funday has been effective.” he replied, chuckling slightly. “What is it?”

“Just a bottle of Jack and half a bottles worth of shots of Tequila Rose...stop changin the subject Mister Facerfacington!” I exclaimed, sitting up and putting my finger into the air as though he could see me. “You… you made my life hells and that makes you mean! But you are trying to fix things and my brain gets confuzzled on if I should hate your mean guts.”

“Alright, that’s fair. Why don’t you just tell me everything while we’re at it. Take a load off and tell me what you really think.” he said, prompting me for disaster.

“Well first, you are a butthead. That’s right, I says it!” I stated, laying down on my stomach, counting things off on my fingers. “But you’re a sexy butthead and there enlies my confuzzledness. Because you hurt me in ways that a person shouldn’t have to go through… never as bad as my dad and his beatings though… you’ll never be that bad. Ever. But you, you paid attention even though it was a meany pants way…” I stopped for a moment, adjusting myself. “My boobs hurt from laying on them.” I pout sadly.

“I’m sorry, would you like me to kiss them all better when you get here tomorrow? Do go on, by the way. I want to know everything!” he replied snarkily.

“You Mister SnarkyBarky are a pervert!” I exclaimed in shock, “Coming on to a vunerables and partially naked lady...but yet that would be nice, very nice yes indeed.” I felt my cheeks heat up and I blamed it on the liquor. “Why you want to make things better? I’m just a lame-o from the school of high people that was a loserz.”

“I could arrange that if you gave me the chance.” he answered and he was kinda making my girly bits tingle from the thought of it. Man...I was so damn drunk! “And I want to make things better because I’m not that guy anymore and I want to make it up to you. Besides...I haven’t been completely honest with you. High school, I was a bully. But I targeted you for a reason that I never told anybody.” he told me sincerely and it got the gears in my head turning...and then smoking. What did he mean?

“What’cha mean Mister Pretty Facerface?” I ask in confusion as I curled up under the covers even though my body was overheated.

“You know what, you’re so fucking drunk you’ll never remember this. So fuck it! The only reason I targeted you in school was because...god this is embarrassing to tell you even drunk off your ass. I had a thing for you okay. But I was afraid of getting rejected so I took it out of you in return. It was wrong and didn’t help my chances whatsoever, but I was afraid of being honest even with myself. I had a lot of issues and I didn’t know how to handle them. Now that I have a chance to make things right between us...I had to try.” he replied and I heard someone snickering in the background.

“I liked you before you were mean, but even that didn’t help it that you were mean, but even then I thought you were attractive.” I explained, looking down at my hands and biting my lip. “I’m just afraid of being hurt...I don’t wants to be hurt Zacky, not ever agains

“So lets start over. I swear to you, I will not hurt you again Lucy. Ever. Just give me a chance to fix things.” he replied, pausing for my response.

“I will give you a chance…” I yawn sleepily, feeling my head sink onto my pillow. “I misses you butthead.”

“You miss me huh? Why is that?” he asked me, a more positive tone in his voice. I could tell he was smirking on the other end of this call.

“Because you’re cuddly looking and cute and easy to talk to.” I explained sleepily, playing around with my hair. “Is it so bad?”

“No it’s not...I think you’re beautiful and your boobs look comfortable as fuck, so it’s not bad at all.” he told me, being so honest with me. Or he was just messing with me.

“You just likes me for my bewbs.” I say, a pout in my voice and I bite my lip, “I’m more than my bewbs...I think.”

“Of course you are. You’re smart, you’re independent, you’re stronger than I ever was. Your smile is infectious and your eyes hold a world of secrets that I would love to someday be a part of. Don’t get me wrong, your boobs are fantastic, but your face and your personality is what really intrigues me.” he answered and I didn’t know how to respond to that at first. Never in my life had I had a guy tell me something like that.

“Thank you Zacky.” I whisper as I slowly drift off to sleep, my phone making it place next to my head. I was hoping that I could coax myself to remember all that he had told me. Oh well, off to dreamland with me.
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Sorry this has been so long since I have last posted, the original idea was to write a chapter everyday and then...the writers block nation attacked! Thank you all so much for sticking with me and reading this because it means a lot!

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