Say You Don’t Want It

Ten: The Look In His Eyes

“You know that you don’t have to do this right?” Cristiano mused as he watched his girlfriend fix her hair in the mirror. It was still early, Cristiano knew for a fact that his mother wouldn’t be around again for another hour or so, and so he wanted to offer Alexis the chance to escape, not wanting her upset by the older woman. He knew his mother wouldn’t do it intentionally, she wasn’t a spiteful or mean woman, but she did have form for scaring his girlfriends away and he didn’t want Alexis to be one of them. He adored the blonde and didn’t want his mother ruining it for him.

“And how would you explain that to your mother?” Alexis quipped as she moved to apply a little make-up to her face.

“I could say you got called into work and that we have to reschedule. If you don’t want to do this Alex, then you don’t have to, I will make sure that she doesn’t think badly of you” he explained.

Alexis smiled gently. “You’re sweet to offer” she murmured as she padded towards him, her arms gently wrapping around his neck “But we are going to have to get this done eventually and there is no sense in running away from it. I will meet your mother, but in a couple of weeks, when my mother and father get back from their holiday in Venice, you will have to meet them OK?” she posed. It was early, they had only known each other for 6 weeks and only been dating for 4, but Alexis was sure that it was the right time. They were intense, they had been from the outset, and she saw no point in waiting around. They were likely to move quickly and she didn’t want people feeling left behind.

Cristiano tilted his head. “You want me to meet your parents?” he posed gently, his lips quirking a mildly amused smile.

Alexis nodded. “Of course I do. Why are you looking at me like that?” she murmured, shifting slightly.

Cristiano smiled at her. “Because that is a pretty big step. You have to meet my mother, she practically walked in on us, but I have never even seen your parents. You wanting me to meet them suggests that we have moved past the ‘sort of seeing’ each other phase” he explained, his arms wrapping around her contently. He liked it, the idea that Alexis wanted to introduce him to people, and he wanted her to know how much it meant. Part of him was still a little concerned that she was merely going out with him to shut him up.

Alexis sighed. “Are we not past that?” she poked.

Cristiano chuckled. “Amor, I never thought we were in that phase. As far as I am concerned, you have been my girlfriend since our first date” he explained, dropping a little kiss onto her forehead that caused a small blush to appear on her cheeks.

“Your girlfriend” she murmured “I sort of like that idea” she added.

Cristiano laughed. “Good” he mused “Because you’re going to be that for a long time to come yet” he added before he leant down, kissing her gently.

“So, you’re the latest one are you?” Dolores muttered as she looked at the blonde girl who sat ahead of her, her hand clutching at her son’s. She had to admit, the blonde girl didn’t look to be her son’s usual type, but that didn’t mean she trusted her any more than she had trusted the last one. Dolores wanted Cristiano happy, she wanted him to settle down and forge a family for himself and Junior, but it wasn’t looking likely. Cristiano had a tendency to be a little too impulsive and that had caused him to lose more than one half decent girlfriend.

Alexis looked at the older woman and smiled. “I’m your son’s girlfriend, if that is what you mean” she mused.

Dolores nodded. “What is your name?” she posed.

“Alexis Moreno, but I prefer Lexi or Alex” she mused, her hand squeezing Cristiano’s as he directed a little glare at his mother. He didn’t like her tone and didn’t want her upsetting Alexis. Things were good between them and he wanted to keep it that way.

Dolores offered her son a quick glance before she flicked her attention back to Alexis. “What do you do for a living?” she posed.

“I work for Real Madrid. I am an unpaid intern working in photography” Alexis explained. She could already tell that it wasn’t what the older woman wanted to hear, the slight wrinkling of her nose proved it, but she didn’t care. Dolores would like her or she wouldn’t, that wasn’t going to change her feelings about the man who sat beside her and she hoped that it wouldn’t change Cristiano’s mind about her.

“Unpaid? How do you support yourself?” Dolores muttered.

“My parents are very good to me. I am the youngest of 2 and with my brother out in America, my parents are set on looking out for me until I can find something more permanent to bring in wage” she explained.

“So you earn no money?” Dolores muttered, nibbling on a slice of toast that had been laid out on the table ahead of her. She didn’t like it for a second, the notion that Alexis was earning no money whatsoever, and she couldn’t help but worry that her son was being taken for a ride. At least the last few had been self-sufficient.

“I do not” Alexis admitted “But I also take nothing from your son which is what I know you are thinking. I may not have my own income right now, but taking from Cristiano is not something I ever intend to do. I don’t want anything from him” she mused.

Cristiano smiled a little and pressed a kiss against her temple, cooing about how well she was doing. Alexis smiled at the touch and snuggled into it, something which made Dolores tilt her head. She had seen Cristiano happy before, she had seen him smile, but there was just something a little different about the smile he offered Alexis, something which amazed her a little. “How long did you say you two had been seeing each other?” she posed, watching the couple who had begun to mutter between themselves.

Cristiano sat up slightly. “We’ve known each other for six weeks, we’ve been dating for 4” he explained.

Dolores nodded her head slowly, a slightly crooked smile on her lips.

“Mae?” Cristiano noted, his eyebrow arched “What is with the face?” he poked.

Dolores merely waved a hand, dismissing the question instead of giving him an answer. “It’s nothing” she mused as she pushed herself to her feet “I will be off now though” she added as she pulled her bag into her shoulder.

Cristiano offered her an odd look, but nodded. “Alright” he mused, offering her a light hug.

Dolores returned the hug before she peeked up at his face. “I will call your brother and sisters. I am sure that would like to meet Alexis too” she mused, patting his cheek affectionately.

Cristiano chuckled. “They will only laugh. They always do” he returned.

Dolores shook her head. “I think they might like this one” she mused with a little look towards Alexis before she padded out of the room.

Cristiano watched after her and shook his head.

Sometimes, his mother baffled him.
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