Say You Don’t Want It

Twelve: It’s A Good Thing I Love You Too

“What?” Cristiano breathed, his dark eyes fixed on his girlfriend. He had heard it, the small admission of her feelings, but he wanted to make sure that he had heard it right. They had only been dating for five weeks and he couldn’t quite fathom the notion that Alexis loved him. She could barely stand to look at him when they first met and he struggled with the idea that her feelings could have changed so drastically so quickly.

Alexis swallowed. “It doesn’t matter” she whispered, shaking her head as she moved to her feet “I shouldn’t have said it and I am sorry” she murmured as she tried to leave the room. Cristiano, however, was too quick and moved into the doorway, blocking her path.

“Alexis” he murmured.

The blonde shook her head. “It doesn’t matter” she mused firmly “It was a stupid thing to say” she murmured gently. She didn’t know what possessed her to say it, it was a stupid thing to say after just 5 weeks, but it had fallen out of her mouth and she doubted there was any way to take it back. It was out there and she was most definitely embarrassed.

Cristiano sighed gently. “Alex…”

“Don’t say it” Alexis interjected “Don’t tell me that it is OK, because I saw the look on your face. You looked like you just received the worst piece of news ever” she added, her blue eyes fixed on her feet. She knew that she had been stupid, admitting that she loved him had made something wonderful into something awkward, but it was the look on his face that had upset her the most. His dark eyes had grown wide, his jaw had fallen a little slack and he looked upset by the notion that she had feelings for him. She knew that she had caught off guard, there was no way he could have been expecting such a declaration after just 5 weeks, but he didn’t have to look so upset about it. It was like someone had given him the worst piece of news.

Cristiano ducked his head. He knew his expression had been bad and couldn’t argue it.

Alexis shook her head. “I am going to go home” she murmured as she pulled her jacket up from the back of the chair she had been sat in. Cristiano watched her softly and nodded his head. He didn’t want her to go, it was the last thing he wanted to happen, but he knew that there was no getting her to stay. His reaction to her first ‘I love you’ had not been good enough and he needed to let her calm down before they had a fight and ruined things further. He just needed time to get his head around it and she needed time to calm down.

“Adios Ronaldo” Alexis murmured gently before she leant up, pecking his cheek softly. Cristiano sighed at the contact before he watched her go, a gnawing sensation in his stomach. He knew he had the feelings, he adored everything about Alexis and disliked nothing, but he couldn’t vocalize it. Feelings, especially love, were not his forte and were certainly a weak spot when he had only been dating someone for 5 weeks.


Alexis, who was curled up on her side, turned over, her blue eyes glaring up at Aliyah who stood in the door way. It was early, still far too early for Alexis who wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and mope for a little while before work, but she could already tell that Aliyah wasn’t just going to go away. “What?” she murmured.

“Your moron is in the living room. He says he wants to talk to you” Aliyah mused.

“Well, I don’t want to talk to him, so if you could please…”

“Alex come on” Aliyah interjected “He’s a good guy” she added.

“A ‘good guy’ who looked like the world had ended when I dared to say I loved him Ali. He looked like he had just been told about the death of a relative” Alexis muttered in return.

“I am sure you’re exaggerating” Aliyah muttered as she padded towards Alexis’ bed, pulling the sheets back from the blonde who merely sighed.

“I am not exaggerating” Alexis huffed.

Aliyah rolled her eyes. “Come and speak to him” she mused, her hand outstretched to Alexis who eyed it dubiously “He looks like he has been up all night and I think he wants to explain himself” she added. Alexis sighed a little, but nodded her head, gently pushing herself out of bed. She didn’t want to speak to Cristiano, it had only been hours since she had last seen him, but she knew that Aliyah wouldn’t shut up if she didn’t go and see him.

“Alex” Aliyah mused as she watched her friend.

Alexis hummed.

“Don’t be stupid about this. He’s a good man and you’re not going to do much better than that” Aliyah mused.

Alexis offered her a small smile before she pulled a jumper over her figure.

Aliyah was right, she wasn’t going to do much better.

Nibbling nervously on the side of his thumb, Cristiano looked up, his ears alerted by the sound of footsteps on the carpet. He knew that Alexis needed space, his reaction to her declaration hadn’t been the best, but he just wanted to see her. He wanted to apologize to her.

“You wanted to see me” Alexis muttered as she stood in the doorway, her arms folded over her chest, shielding the Atletico Madrid crest which was stitched into the front of her hoodie. In any other circumstance, he would have chuckled at the sight of it, but he knew that there and then wasn’t the right time. He was trying to apologize to her, not make things even worse by criticizing her choice in football team.

“Yes, I did. Alex, the way I acted last night when you told me…”

“When I told you that I love you” Alexis interjected “Do you have any idea how a big a deal that is for me? I haven’t even looked at another man since Hugo and then you pulled that face when I said the three most meaningful words I have? Do you have any idea how much that stung?” she hissed, a few tears in her blue eyes.

Cristiano swallowed. “Alex, you caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting you to say it” he defended meekly.

Alexis shook her head. “That isn’t good enough. That excuses you not saying anything, but it doesn’t excuse the disappointed look on your face” she muttered, sniffling slightly.

Cristiano sighed. “Alex, I didn’t mean it” he whispered.

Alexis merely shook her head. “Leave me alone Cristiano” she murmured before she turned her back on him, moving to leave the room. Cristiano followed her and placed his hand on her arms, causing her to turn back to him, her mouth open to speak. Cristiano, however, stifled the words on her tongue, kissing her gently. Alexis fought against it briefly before she melted into it, her hands gently settling on his arms.

“Alex” he whispered gently “I didn’t mean to pull that face, it was just the shock of hearing you say it aloud after only 5 weeks. I am sorry, so sorry” he whispered, holding her gently against him. Alexis peeked up at him and sighed. “I don’t regret saying it” she murmured “I do love you” she added.

Cristiano smiled. “It’s a good thing I love you too then isn’t it?” he whispered, his finger gently brushing her blonde hair behind her ear.

“You do?” Alexis murmured.

Cristiano nodded. “I do” he assured her gently before he kissed her once more.

Alexis held him close and smiled, glad that they were ok.
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