Say You Don’t Want It

Thirteen: If She Cries Just Once, You’re Over

“How long until they get here?” Cristiano mused as he looked up at his girlfriend, a slightly amused look on his face. She had been running around all morning, tidying things that didn’t need tidying, and he couldn’t help but find it cute. He knew she was nervous, his meeting her parents was a big deal, but he didn’t see why she was so scared. She had somehow managed to convince his mother that they were good together and he was sure he could do the same to her parents. He was a charming man and had never had a problem with a girlfriend’s parents before.

“My mother just texted from the cab. They will be with us in 15 minutes” Alexis mused as she dusted the same shelf for the fourth time. She knew there was no great need to be nervous, anyone that looked at her and Cristiano could see that they were good together, but she doubted her parents, or more specifically, her father would be entirely convinced. Elijah had always been protective of Alexis, she was his only little girl after all, but after Hugo, it had only gotten worse. Elijah blamed himself, even despite Alexis’ insistence that it wasn’t his fault, and she knew that meant her father would be suspicious of Cristiano. He was suspicious of every man that dared to venture near his daughter.

Cristiano watched her amusedly before he stood from the chair he had been sat in, his hand capturing hers. “Alex, you have cleaned every spot in this room and all of the others. Why don’t you come and sit down for a minute?” he suggested with a little look towards the couch. Alexis offered him a dubious look, but relented, following him towards the couch. “Why are you so crazy about this?” he murmured as he slung his arm around her shoulder, holding her close to him.

Alexis nuzzled into his touch and let out a small breath. “Because I know my padre is going to be hard on you” she admitted gently. Cristiano quirked an eyebrow, wordlessly asking why. “Papa has always looked out for me, I am his only little girl and he wanted our relationship to be like mama’s with Evan. He’s protective, very much so, and ever since he found out about what Hugo did to me, he’s been worse than ever. He doesn’t like men being in a ten-foot radius of me, let alone sleeping in the same bed” she explained softly, her blue eyes looking up at him shyly. He wasn’t like Hugo, he didn’t deserve to be treated like he was, but there was no stopping Elijah. Alexis was his little girl and he was going to let Cristiano know it in no uncertain terms.

Cristiano nodded and dropped a kiss onto Alexis’ head. “I will deal with it” he murmured gently “He has every right to be cautious after what happened and I will do my best not to upset him” he added, pressing his lips to the same spot.

Alexis blushed. “Are you sure? You can leave if you want, my parents don’t know that you are going to be here, you could escape” she mused.

Cristiano shook his head. “I love you Alex and I want for your parents to love me, something they are not going to do if they never meet me” he explained, a faint grin on his face as the ‘I love you’ fell out of his mouth. It had only been days since he said it aloud of the first time, but already he was sure that he wouldn’t get tired of saying it to her. Alexis smiled back at him for a second before the doorbell sounded, causing her to swallow thickly. “It will be alright, Alex” Cristiano mused as he helped her to her feet.

Alexis offered him a dubious look before she padded towards the door, greeting her parents with a soft smile. “Mama, papa, it is nice to see you” she mused as she allowed them into her home. Elijah grinned at the sight of his daughter and tossed his arms around her, hugging her tightly. “I have missed you Lexi” he whispered as he held her close “How have you been?” he added, pulling back to get a good look at her. She looked beautiful, she was all dolled up, but it only served to make Elijah slightly suspicious. Alexis had never got dressed up for him and his wife.

Alexis blushed under her father’s stare and dropped her head. “I have been good papa. How was Venice?” she poked.

“It was beautiful, Lexi, if you ever get the chance, you should go” Elena mused as she smiled at her daughter. Alexis nodded. “I will consider it mama, but right now, there is someone here I would like you to meet” she explained gently. Elena cocked an eyebrow. “Someone?” she posed.

Alexis nodded her head, sparing her parents a shy look, before she turned on her heel, padding into the living room with the older couple in tow. “Mama, papa, this is Cristiano” she mused with a gesture towards the footballer who sprung to his feet, fixing his most charming smile on his face. “He’s my boyfriend and I would like for you all to meet” she added, her teeth nibbling on her lower lip as Cristiano placed his arm around her waist.

Elena smiled at her daughter, but it was Elijah’s expression that caught Alexis’ eye. He looked utterly furious at the mention of the word ‘boyfriend’. Cristiano noted the look too and flexed his arm around Alexis, holding her close. “Why do you leave me and your padre alone for a moment eh?” he murmured softly.

Alexis shook her head. “I like your face the way it is” she replied lowly enough for just him to hear. Cristiano shook his head and nudged her towards her mother. “I will be fine amor, go and catch up with your madre” he mused. Alexis offered him another dubious look, but nodded her head, leading Elena out of the room, leaving him with Elijah for company.

“Sir, I know what you are thinking” the Portuguese man stated.

Elijah snorted. “I bet you don’t” he muttered.

“You’re thinking of all the stories you have heard about me, about the reputation I seem to have, and you are thinking of the multitude of ways that I could end up hurting Alexis” Cristiano mused knowingly. He wasn’t an idiot, he had seen the look that had crossed Elijah’s face as soon as he had come into his eye line, and he knew what the older man was thinking, not that Elijah could be blamed. After what had happened to Alexis, he had every right to be a little hesitant.

Elijah shook his head. “You don’t know anything” he muttered.

Cristiano smiled a small crooked smile. “Sir, your daughter had told me about Hugo. I know all about what happened to her and I am giving you my word that I will not be the same, I won’t even come close to being that piece of shit. I love your daughter, sir, and I just want a fair shot. I am not him and you have to see that” he mused.

Elijah’s nose wrinkled slightly. He was impressed, Cristiano seemed sure of himself, but that didn’t remove any of Elijah’s hesitation. Before it had happened, Hugo had seemed like a perfectly nice man and Elijah still blamed himself for not spotting what he was sooner. He could have saved Alexis from a lot. “You love my daughter?” he murmured.

Cristiano nodded his head. “Very much so” he mused.

Elijah nodded stoically. “Then I will give you a shot” he murmured “But if I see Alexis cry once because of you, I will put a stop to it OK? I have been conned before and I will not let it happen again, not to my little girl” he muttered firmly.

Cristiano nodded his head. “I won’t make her cry” he vowed softly.

Elijah nodded and jutted his hand out, allowing Cristiano to shake it. He didn’t trust him, since Hugo, Elijah hadn’t trusted any man near Alexis, but he knew better than to try and cause problems for his daughter and her boyfriend. One look at Alexis’ face told him that she loved the footballer and Elijah knew he couldn’t stop it.

He merely had to be there if it all fell apart.
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