Say You Don’t Want It

Fourteen: Causing A Scene

Stuffing the last of her files into her bag, Alexis let out small sigh in relief, glad that her day was over. It hadn’t been a busy one, she had barely had anything to do, but she was still glad that it was over. She was bored and was looking forwards to a night in front of the television watching the Atletico Madrid match. Lifting her bag onto her shoulder, she padded into the corridor and paused slightly, her blue eyes caught on her boyfriend’s frame which was leaning against the wall a little away from her. He was getting better at it, he barely lingered around her at work, but she kind of missed him when he wasn’t about. In the almost week that had passed since he had met her parents, they had been almost inseparable and she was pleased. As much as she had fought it in the beginning, she adored him and wouldn’t have traded him.

“What are you doing here Cristiano?” she murmured, her blue eyes scanning the hall way for anyone else.

Cristiano smiled at the sound of her voice. “I have a surprise for you” he mused, his dark eyes peeking down at her. He knew that it was a risky plan, but when his agent had called to confirm it, he couldn’t resist giving the gift to her. He knew that she would love it and couldn’t wait to see his face.

Alexis raised a dubious eyebrow. “It isn’t you coming over again is it? Because after three times in a week, it is not a surprise anymore” she teased.

Cristiano rolled his eyes. “No, but that scuppers my afterwards plan” he mused with a little laugh.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “What is your surprise Ronaldo? I have a date with my television and my favorite footballer” she mused causing Cristiano to squeak.

“I am not your favorite?” he quipped in mock offence.

“Not unless you are Fernando Torres in disguise” Alexis replied.

Cristiano rolled his eyes. “Trust you to like the pretty boy, Alex” he teased.

Alexis scoffed. “Have you looked in the mirror lately pretty boy?” she returned, making him laugh softly. He liked it, the way they could tease each other, and he wouldn’t have changed it for a second. None of his other girlfriends had made him laugh like Alex did and it was easily one of his favorite things about her.

“Cris, are you going to tell me about this surprise or can I just go home?” Alexis mused.

Cristiano smiled at her. “You’re not going home” he grinned.

“Did you sell my house?” she poked.

“No” Cristiano smiled.

“Then why am I not going home? I haven’t seen my beloved Atletico in almost a week and I am dying to” she admitted.

Cristiano smirked. “You’re not going home because I have these” he mused, pulling two slithers of card out of his pocket, showing them off to Alexis who gasped. “You got me and Aliyah tickets to Atletico’s match?” she squeaked.

“No” Cristiano replied “I got you and me tickets to Atletico’s match. It’s been a while since I took in a match” he mused.

Alexis frowned. “Won’t you get killed for stepping into the Calderon?” she posed.

“Possibly, but I want to do this for you, besides, I have a disguise” he mused, pulling a hat and glasses out of his bag.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “You know that disguise is lame right?” she poked.

Cristiano nodded. “I do, but it is a necessity if I am going to take you to the game and I would very much like to do that” he mused.

Alexis smiled up at him and pushed herself onto her toes, pecking his lips softly. “Gracias” she mused softly before she took the tickets out of his hand, offering him a cheeky smile that Cristiano knew well.

He was more than likely going to sleep with her that night.

Nibbling on the edge of her thumb, Alexis watched the game ahead of her, nerves twitching in her stomach. It hadn’t been a fantastic game, Atletico had struggled to carve out chances, and she was starting to get edgy. Their defence of their title hadn’t been fantastic and as a result, they sat 4th in the table, behind Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia. “Come on” she muttered.

“They won’t do it” Cristiano commented “Mandzukic and Torres had looked dead since they came on” he added smugly.

Alexis offered him a glare before she turned back to the game, wordlessly willing Fernando Torres towards the opposition goal. Cristiano watched her amusedly. He had never pictured her as the nervous type of football fan, the one that worried from the start of the game until the end, but watching her made him grin. He thought it was cute.

“Come on Nando” she muttered lowly.

“Nando?” Cristiano teased, causing his girlfriend to slap his arm.

Cristiano just laughed before Torres poked the ball out wide to Gabi. The Atletico captain dribbled slightly before he crossed the ball, high and looping, towards the back post where Torres nodded it in, earning a rapturous cheer from the watching fans.

Alexis jumped out of her seat as the ball struck the net and turned, her arms wrapping around Cristiano’s neck, inadvertently knocking the hat that had been perched carefully on his head to the floor. Cristiano went to say something, but was stopped as Alexis placed her lips over his, kissing him feverously.

Cristiano hesitantly kissed her back for a few moments before he pulled away, his brown eyes noting the sheer number of cameras that had been directed towards them. “Lexi” he whispered, his hands moving hide her face in his shoulder “Amor, we need to get out of here OK?” he added.

Alexis opened her mouth to protest, she wanted to see the conclusion of the match, but the look on Cristiano’s face stopped her. He looked stern and she knew better than to question it. Collecting his hat from the floor, Cristiano gripped at her hand and pulled her alongside him.

It wasn’t her fault, she was had just been excited to see the goal, but he knew that her actions had brought a lot of attention on them, attention that neither of them needed. It was bound to get back to the club, so many people had taken pictures that it was almost impossible for it not to, and Cristiano feared for the repercussions. Alexis’ job was on the line and he was sure he would have to face questions from management about why he had been spotted at the home ground of their fiercest rivals.

“Cristiano?” Alexis whispered “Amor, I am so sorry” she added.

Cristiano shook his head. “Let’s not worry now” he smiled weakly.

Alexis blinked before she squeezed his hand, wordlessly telling him that it was not his fault but hers. Cristiano squeezed her hand back.

He doubted the following few days were going to be pleasant and he wanted her to know that he was with her. She was probably going to need a shoulder to cry on.
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