Say You Don’t Want It

Seventeen: I Can’t Help That He Loves Me

Blinking his dark eyes slightly, Cristiano peeked around the hotel room he found himself in, a small smile on his face. It had been a few weeks, Real had finished the season without a trophy to their name, but Cristiano wasn’t overly bothered. The finishing of the season had allowed him to spend more time with Alexis and he had enjoyed it. He had spent nearly two weeks on vacation with the blonde girl and wasn’t looking forwards to the second trip that they had planned to make. He knew that it had to be done, his mother had been insistent about him and Alexis coming to visit her and his siblings, but he knew that it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. None of his siblings had ever liked one of his girlfriends before and he doubted that it would be any different with Alexis, even if he did love her more than the others, Hugo, Elma and Katia were likely to find fault with her, something they would never let go.

“You’ve got your worried face on again” Alexis murmured as she turned over slightly, her arm gently falling over his chest. It had been a pleasant two weeks, even if they had only travelled to the Spanish coast, and Alexis was a little sorry to see it end. After the two weeks they had shared, the last thing she wanted was to meet another raft of relatives. She just wanted to spend all day curled up with Cristiano.

Cristiano shook his head. “I do not have a worried face” he muttered.

“Yes, you do” Alexis teased “You get a little crinkle above your nose just here” she mused, her finger tracing the little dip in his forehead “And you get a little frown just here” she grinned, tracing her finger over the corner of his mouth.

Cristiano rolled his eyes and caught her hand, pulling her body on top of his. “You just can’t stop touching me can you?” he teased.

Alexis giggled and peeked up at him through her eyelashes. “I can stop” she murmured, biting down on the corner of her lip slightly “I just don’t want to” she added impishly.

Cristiano chuckled and leant up to kiss her, only to stop as Junior padded out of his adjoining bedroom, an eager look on his face. “Papi, we can go to the beach” he grinned as he moved to pull himself onto the bed. Cristiano watched the little boy before he let Alexis roll off of him, making room for him.

“You want to go to the beach?” he posed, settling the little boy between himself and Alexis who cuddled him slightly. It had amazed Cristiano, the relationship his son and Alexis had hit up, but he adored seeing them together. Alexis made a wonderful mother for Junior and Cristiano hoped, even if it was still early, that she would one day make a wonderful mother to a baby of their own.

“I want to build sandcastles” Junior grinned.

“Sandcastles?” Alexis chimed “I love sandcastles” she added.

Junior’s mouth fell open slightly. “You will make sandcastles with me?” he squeaked.

Alexis grinned and pressed a small kiss to his cheek. “I will consider it an honor” she mused.

Cristiano watched the little interaction before he shook his head. “Come on Junior, if you want to make sandcastles, you have to get dressed and eat first” he mused, lifting the little boy back to his feet. Junior nodded his head excitedly and padded towards his room once more, leaving his father alone with Alexis once more.

“He’s a wonderful little boy” Alexis mused as she moved to sit up, allowing Cristiano a tempting view of her back.

“He’s got a wonderful papi” the footballer teased, earning a slap on the shoulder. “Seriously though, you’re brilliant with him” he added sincerely.

Alexis smiled. “I try” she mused with a teasing shrug.

Cristiano reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back to him for a second so that he could kiss her. “You’re amazing” he murmured.

Alexis smiled and pecked his lips softly once more. “You’re pretty good too” she mused.

“Papi, look what Alex bought me” Junior grinned as he toddled up towards the villa, a chocolate ice cream cone in his hand. He had had the best day, Cristiano could tell by the smile that was etched into his face, and he knew a lot of that was done to Alexis. Junior had never smiled so widely for anyone else before and Cristiano couldn’t help but find it cute. The little boy lit up more than he did when Alexis was around and that was saying something.

“She bought you an ice cream?” Cristiano marveled as he crouched down to his son’s height “Where is mine?” he added.

Junior grinned. “Alex said you weren’t allowed one. She said it would spoil your dinner” he laughed.

Cristiano scoffed and climbed back to his feet, his dark eyes playfully narrowed on his girlfriend. “You didn’t buy me an ice cream?” he poked, his head tilted slightly.

Alexis shrugged. “You didn’t look like you needed it” she teased as she poked his stomach lightly “You’ve gotten a little podgy since the season ended” she added.

Cristiano shook his head. “Junior, why don’t you finish your ice cream and then go and put your cartoons on? I need to talk to Alex” he mused.

Junior shook his head. “Don’t shout at Alex, papi, you can have my ice cream” he mused, holding out the dribbling ice cream cone towards his father.

Cristiano shook his head. “No, no buddy. I am not going to yell at Alex and I don’t want your ice cream” he mused with a small smile.

“You sure?” the little boy mused.

“Certain. Now go and put your cartoons on. Alex and I will be there in a moment” he smiled, kissing the little boy’s forehead. Junior nodded before he padded away, leaving Cristiano alone with Alexis.

“He adores you” he murmured “I have never seen him so made up before. How are you so good with him?” he posed gently. It amazed him, Junior had never struck up the sort of relationship he had with Alexis, and it never failed to the make the footballer grin. He knew that Junior loving her was a good thing for them in the future.

Alexis shrugged. “I have always had a knack with kids. My brother has twins and they seem to like me” she mused.

Cristiano smiled at her. “You know how good this is for us right?” he mused, his hand extending to her so that he could lead her into the villa.

Alexis nodded. “It’s a good thing for the future, but that isn’t something I am thinking about right now. I am still very much in the phase where I live in the moment” she explained gently.

Cristiano smiled at her gently and led her into the living room where Junior sat.

“Alex, you can sit next to me” he grinned.

“And what about me?” Cristiano poked “Why do I get to sit with you?”

Junior just shook his head. “Alex” he pouted.

Alexis smiled and took the seat beside the little boy, causing his father to pout as he slumped on the floor beside the couch. Leaning over, she pressed a kiss to the forward’s forehead. “I can’t help that he loves me” she teased.

Cristiano just shook his head. He was amazed, Junior adored Alexis, and he merely hoped that the rest of his family were the same. If he had his way, Alexis was going to be around for a long time.
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