Say You Don’t Want It

Nineteen: Be Good To Him

“Come on Alex” Cristiano grinned as he took his girlfriend’s hands, gently trying to pry her from the bed. She was comfortable, Cristiano could see it on her face, but he doubted his siblings would be prepared to wait much longer before they came looking for her. They had already waited an hour and were starting to get a little annoyed. “My sisters and brother are waiting for you. We put dinner off so that you could nap, but Katia is threatening to come up here herself” he mused, tugging her up slightly. Alexis blinked her eyes softly before she set them on her boyfriend, offering him a rather unimpressed look. “It has only been an hour. Can’t we reschedule to tomorrow?” she murmured, smoothing the kinks out of her blonde hair. She had finally gotten comfortable and wasn’t pleased about being woken up. It had been a long day of travelling and she wanted nothing more than to recuperate before she was forced to meet his siblings.

Cristiano smiled at her gently, but shook his head. “I am sorry Alex, but my brother and sisters are very excited to meet you and aren’t going to take no for an answer. Why don’t you come and have something to eat and then you can come back up here and sleep ok?” he posed, his fingers gently brushing some of her blonde hair off of her face. He could tell that she didn’t want to do it, the way she was protesting and pouting made it abundantly clear, but he knew he had to take her downstairs. Katia and Elma had already threated to wake her up themselves whilst Hugo had questioned whether she was actually real or not.

Alexis offered him a little look before she reluctantly pushed herself to her feet, padding past him. “You owe me big time for this Ronaldo” she muttered.

Cristiano quirked an eyebrow. “And what would you like in return Alex?” he smirked.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “Not that you moron” she muttered, making him smile.

He was in no doubt that his siblings would love her.

“Ah” Katia smiled as she watched her brother wander down the stairs beside his pretty girlfriend. It wasn’t a surprise, all of Cristiano’s girlfriends had been gorgeous, but there was something about Alexis that made Katia smile. She didn’t appear to be his usual type of girl and the older woman was glad. His usual type had bought him nothing but trouble. “You must be the famous Alexis that my mae cannot stop talking about. I am Katia” she grinned as she moved towards the other woman.

Alexis smiled a little at the introduction and braced herself, knowing full well that like her mother, Katia would be a hugger. “It’s very nice to meet you Katia” she mused as the older woman hugged her lightly. Katia smiled and took Alexis’ hand, leading her into the living room where Elma and Hugo waited impatiently.

“Elma, Hugo, this is Alexis. Cristiano’s girlfriend” she mused, ushering the blonde woman forwards slightly.

Alexis flinched slightly at Cristiano’s brother’s name. She knew that that Hugo had done nothing wrong, but the name still made her flinch, something which Cristiano didn’t fail to notice. “Alex?” he posed, but the blonde merely waved her hand. There was nothing he could do about his brother’s name.

“So you are a real girl then?” Hugo teased as he scanned the blonde girl “I was starting to think that my brother had made you up” he added with a laugh that was mimicked by his sisters.

“Of course she is real” Cristiano muttered.

“It was looking doubtful” Hugo teased, earning a laugh from Alexis.

Cristiano glared at her slightly, but that only made her laugh a little more.

She had a feeling she would get along with his siblings.

“He has you doing the dishes?” Elma poked as she padded into the kitchen. The dinner had been pleasant, Hugo, Elma and Katia had all rather liked Alexis, but still Elma wanted to have a word with her. Cristiano was her little brother after all and Elma wouldn’t be doing her job unless she checked that Alexis had good intentions towards her brother. Cristiano deserved to be happy and Elma wanted to ensure that Alexis was the girl to make it happen.

Alexis smiled. “I offered. Cristiano wanted to leave them to your mother, but I wouldn’t feel right about it. She made us such a wonderful meal” she mused, wiping over another plate.

Elma nodded. “He really does like you Alexis, I can tell” she mused.

Alexis blushed. “I would like to hope he does” she mused timidly.

“Do you love him?” Elma posed, stepping deeper into the room.

Alexis nodded her head. “I do” she smiled “As much as I didn’t want to begin with, I really do love your brother. He’s a wonderful man” she smiled softly.

Elma nodded gently. “He’s my little brother Alexis and I would hate to see him get hurt again. His last few girlfriends have left him a little broken when it comes to love and I don’t think I can watch him go through it again, especially not with someone who he cares for as much as he does you. I know it hasn’t been long, Cristiano keeps telling that to our mother who talks about more grandchildren all of the time, but I would like your word that you will try not to hurt him. He can be a pain, but underneath it all, he is lovely man that just wants someone to be with. Can you promise me that you will try?” she posed gently, her eyes studying Alexis intently. She didn’t want to scare the blonde, Cristiano was evidently smitten with her, but she didn’t want him led on. He was a good man and didn’t deserve to endure another broken heart.

Alexis offered Elma a little look before she smiled slightly. “I love him” she murmured earnestly “I really do, and I will try my hardest not to hurt him. He is a good man and I can only hope that I can do a good enough job as his girlfriend” she smiled.

Elma grinned at her in return before she pulled her into a hug, whispering a small ‘thank you’ into her ear.