Say You Don’t Want It

Two: That’s How One Night Stands Work

Wrinkling his nose, Cristiano cursed the sound of his alarm clock, his head pounding as its shrill call echoed in the air. He knew that he must have set it, he was used to getting out of bed early, but in his current state, he wanted nothing more than to hide his head beneath his pillow and sleep it off. It hadn’t been his best plan, getting drunk and most likely passing out was not the way to try and get over the game that he had played the previous, but at the time it had seemed like a good idea. He just wanted to forget and the cocktail of alcohol and the blonde girl who he had led into bed had helped. Grumbling slightly, he hit the button on his alarm clock and rolled over, his arm hitting the empty spot of mattress at his side with a little thump. “What?” he murmured as he moved to sit up a little.

It was unusual, normally he was the one who left before his ‘girlfriend’, but judging by the neatly made up quilt, Alexis had been gone for a while.

Frowning, Cristiano scooted himself into a sitting position, his eyes finding the small scrap of paper that had been carefully placed on the pillow at his side. Reaching out, he took it in his hand before he scoffed at Alexis’ words. “See you at work” he muttered with a small shake of his head. He had to admit he was a little impressed by Alexis, unlike most of the other girls he had encountered, she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or be, what he thought at least, herself, something which interested the Portuguese man. He had grown rather used to woman throwing themselves at him and he kind of liked that Alexis hadn’t, even if she had ended up in his bed regardless.

He liked that she hadn’t been the one to instigate it.

“Look who finally made it out of bed” Marcelo grinned as he spotted Cristiano padding towards the group. He hadn’t meant to be late, but after vomiting his breakfast, Cristiano had opted to given himself a little while. He was still remarkably hung over and knew that he would be chastised for it. Ancelotti had grown tenser as the team’s form had become more and more erratic and he knew that the coach would be less than impressed to find his star player still a little drunk from the night before.

Cristiano offered Marcelo a sarcastic smile before he situated himself at the back of the group, listening as Ancelotti complained about the team’s performance the night before.

“Cris?” The Brazilian left back murmured.

“Yes?” the Portuguese replied.

“You realize that you still smell like brewery right?” Marcelo teased.

Cristiano furrowed his brow. “What?” he murmured.

“You smell like booze and sick” Pepe contributed “We could smell it from a mile off” he added.

Cristiano rolled his eyes. He had showered, twice in fact, but seemingly the smell wasn’t going anywhere. All he could do was hope that Ancelotti didn’t notice. The last thing he needed after the game the previous night was Ancelotti on his case.

“Did you even shower?” Pepe teased

“Twice” Cristiano replied.

Pepe chuckled and shook his head. “What did you even do last night?” he poked

“I went out” Cristiano replied.

“I’d gathered that” Pepe chuckled as they moved off to complete the first drill of the session “But you look even worse than normal. Are you ok?” he murmured, his tone shifting to one of concern. Cristiano noted the change and nodded his head. “I am fine Pepe, I swear” he mused. Pepe offered him a slightly dubious look before he moved away to join the rest of the squad.

Cristiano sighed softly to himself before he moved to join in, only to pause slightly as he noticed Alexis on the touchline, a camera clutched in her hands. He wanted to talk to her, to ask why she had left him like she had, but his opportunity was taken when Benzema grabbed a hold of his arm, pulling him into the session with the rest of them.

Resting against the wall, Cristiano watched the door ahead of him, his dark eyes narrowed slightly. It had taken a little work, he had had to ask two separate officials before someone told him where it was Alexis worked, but at last he had found it. He wanted to talk to her, to ask what he had done to make her leave him in the middle of the night, and he merely hoped that he didn’t come across to strong. In an odd sort of way, he liked Alexis and was hoping that she would agree to see him again. He had liked spending time with her.

“Can I help you with something?” Alexis poked as she stepped out of the office, her blue eyes fixed on the tall man that stood ahead of her. She was a little surprised, she had assumed that he, much like her, would merely want to forget what had happened the night before, but from the look on his face, she could tell that that wasn’t likely. He looked offended, hurt, and it made Alexis want to sigh. She hadn’t thought that he would be fussed by her leaving.

Cristiano jumped slightly at the sound of her voice and lowered his stare, his brown eyes studying her meticulously. She was a pretty girl, not stunning but not ugly either, and Cristiano liked that about her. She wasn’t his usual type. “I was just wondering why you left” he murmured lowly.

Alexis shrugged. “I woke up. That tends to be how one night stands work” she mused.

Cristiano wrinkled his nose. He doubted he had met another girl that would talk to him like that.

“When did you wake up?” he posed.

“About an hour and a half after we finished. Why are you so curious Cristiano?” she quipped, her blue eyes sparkling in amusement.

“I…just am” he stammered.

Alexis giggled. “It sounds almost as if you didn’t want me to go” she teased brightly “Did you expect to find me in your bed when you woke up?” she posed.

Cristiano sighed. “A little bit, yes” he replied.

Alexis smiled. “Well I am sorry to disappoint, but you’re not exactly my type and I didn’t want to give you the wrong idea. Last night was nice, I enjoyed myself, but I didn’t want you thinking that we were going to ride off into the sunset together” she explained softly. It was harsh, Cristiano was a perfectly nice man, but she simply wasn’t interested in him in the way most other women were. He was nice, he had managed to make her laugh, but Alexis didn’t want to give him the wrong sort of idea. Cristiano was hardly her type and she didn’t want him thinking that they were going to fall in love and get married.

Cristiano stared at her, his jaw slightly slack. “Not your type?” he muttered “I am most people’s type” he added.

Alexis smiled and leant up on her toes, kissing the spot just below his ear. “You’ll soon figure out that I am not most people” she whispered before she turned back into her office, leaving him stood speechlessly in the hall way.
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