Say You Don’t Want It

Twenty: I Want It All

“Are you sure that you don’t mind watching him?” Cristiano sighed as he peeked at Alexis, his brown eyes kind and a little thankful. It was last minute, Cristiano’s usual nanny had dropped out, but he knew he couldn’t take Junior on the tour with him. The little boy needed a lot of attention and that wasn’t something Cristiano had time for whilst he was away with Real Madrid. The team would need him focussed on training and the games they had to play and he couldn’t afford to let them down, especially with the rumours of his unhappiness and a possible move back to Manchester United hanging around him.

“You’re going to be gone for a week” Alexis quipped from her spot on the couch beside Junior “I think me and him could make it work for that long, especially since your mother is showing up in a couple of days” she mused. She could see that he was a little unsure, Alexis and Junior had only spent time together with him around, but she was sure that they would be alright. The little boy was lovely and she was sure they would manage until Dolores showed up to offer a hand.

“I don’t doubt that for a second, but I don’t want to take advantage. I am sure you have much better things to be doing” he mused gently.

Alexis snorted. “I don’t exactly have a job to run back to, nor am I getting anywhere on the job finding front. I can take a few days to watch him Cristiano, and I am more than happy to do it. I know, if the roles were reversed, then you would do it for me” she mused, gently ruffling the dark curls on the little boy’s head.

Cristiano sighed. “If you are sure” he mused.

Alexis nodded. “We will be fine” she smiled brightly “Now go, I am not being held responsible for you missing your flight” she added. Cristiano rolled his eyes before he pressed a kiss to his son’s forehead. “Be good for Alexis” he mused as he retrieved his bags from the ground.

Alexis smiled. “He’ll be fine” she mused.

Cristiano nodded. “I know” he mused “And I cannot thank you enough for doing this for me. You’re amazing and when I get back, I am going to make it up to you ok?” he smiled.

Alexis shook her head. “There is no need for that” she mused as she gently stood up, her arms gently wrapping around his neck.

“Yes there is” Cristiano mused.

“There isn’t” Alexis mused “And I am not expecting anything in return” she added.

Cristiano smiled and rested his head on hers. “You are amazing” he whispered.

Alexis nodded. “I kind of am” she teased.

“I love you” he cooed softly.

Alexis smiled. “I love you too” she noted “But you really ought to go” she mused.

Cristiano nodded his head gently and cupped her cheek, kissing her lightly.

Alexis held him close before a small ‘Ew’ caused them to pull apart, giggling at Junior who stared up at them, his little nose wrinkled in disgust.

“You don’t like kisses?” Alexis teased.

“They’re gross” the little boy replied.

Alexis giggled and kissed his forehead, offering Cristiano a wide grin.

“We’ll be fine” she assured him.

Cristiano smiled and nodded his head. He had no doubts that they would be fine if they were left alone, but he wasn’t sure he could miss out on it. They were wonderful together and he hated that he wasn’t going to be around to see it.

“I really hate flying” Sergio muttered as he followed the rest of the squad off of the plane, his hand rubbing at his painful neck. It had been a long flight, the team had flown from Madrid to Los Angeles, and Cristiano couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel. He had promised Alexis that he would skype as soon as he was settled and he couldn’t wait to see her face. It had only been hours, but he already missed her and Junior and couldn’t wait to see them again.

“I had noticed” Iker complained, his dark eyes narrowed on the defender who hadn’t stopped complaining for the entire duration of the flight.

Cristiano smirked. “I did ask if you wanted to switch seats Iker. You said you could handle it” he mused.

Iker shook his head “Only because I knew you would hit him if I put you two together. You’re both whiny” he muttered, following the others onto the waiting coach.

Cristiano snorted out a laugh before he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, something which caused a wide grin to appear on his face.

“Aww” Sergio teased “Someone’s girlfriend just texted” he added.

Iker laughed. “Ah, to be in the honeymoon phase again. You’ll yearn for those times when you are elbow deep in dirty nappies and covered in baby sick” he rambled.

Cristiano rolled his eyes and peeked down at his phone, his brown eyes gleaming at the picture of Alexis and Junior that she had sent to him.

Iker peeked at the picture over the taller man’s shoulder and smiled. “They look cute” he mused earnestly.

“They are cute” Cristiano replied, stuffing the phone into his pocket.

“How long have you and Alexis been together now?” Sergio mused, slipping into the seat beside the goalkeeper.

“Five and a half months” Cristiano smiled, something which made the other two snicker slightly. They had never seen him so love struck before.

“Have you thought about asking her to move in with you?” Sergio posed.

“Or about marriage?” Iker added.

“Or a baby?” Sergio grinned.

Cristiano shook his head. “It is far too early for all of that. It took me long enough to convince her to date me, I don’t want to screw it up by rushing her into decisions like that” he mused. He had thought about it, what his life with Alexis could be like, but he knew it was far too soon to bring it up. Five and a half months was no time at all and Cristiano didn’t want to make her feel pressured. He liked the way things were and didn’t want to screw it up by rushing.

“Do you think about it all with her?” Iker poked.

Cristiano nodded. “Sometimes, more than I used to with Irina” he noted.

Iker nodded his head. “Then take your time” he mused “Make sure that it is the right thing and don’t scare her off. She’s the best thing that has happened to you in a while and, as your captain, I suggest that you hold onto her. You’re not going to find many more girls that make you smile like you do when you think of Alexis” he quipped.

Cristiano nodded his head and offered the captain an appreciative grin before he sat back in his seat, placing his headphones in his ears.

He knew that Iker was right, he should take his time, but the idea of having a life with Alexis was tantalizing. He loved her and hoped that they could get to a point where they could discuss marriage or children.
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