Say You Don’t Want It

Twenty-Two: What She Doesn’t Know Can’t Hurt Her

“Do I have to go?” Cristiano murmured as he set his eyes on Alexis. It had been a couple of days since he had gotten back from Los Angeles and after two wonderful rest days spent with Alexis and Junior, he was reluctant to go back to training. He knew that he had to, the start of the season was only a week or so away and he wanted to be ready for it, but the idea of spending another day with Alexis and his son was tantalizing. Things were going from strength to strength between them and Cristiano was almost certain that by the time Christmas rolled around, he would be preparing to ask Alexis to move in with him.

Alexis, who was resting against her pillow, nodded. “You do. I am not going to be the reason you get benched” she murmured, her eyes drooping slightly.

Cristiano marvelled at the sight for a second before he padded over to her, dropping a kiss on her forehead. “I will see you later?” he murmured.

“Perhaps” Alexis teased “Your mother is taking Junior for the day so I am probably going to go and hang out with Aliyah” she mused with a small smile “It is up to her if you get to see me later” she added.

Cristiano rolled his eyes. “I would fight Aliyah for you” he murmured “And I would win” he added, pressing another kiss to her head. Alexis smiled gently and placed her hands on his face, guiding his lips softly onto hers. Cristiano kissed her happily for a moment before his phone beeped, signalling that it was time for him to leave. “Merda” he cursed softly in Portuguese “I have to go” he muttered.

Alexis smiled. “Adios” she murmured gently, leaning back into the bed slightly.

Cristiano offered her a slightly rueful look before he willed himself out of the room, knowing that if he waited a second longer, he wouldn’t leave at all.

“Look at him” Sergio grinned “Someone’s enjoyed his time off” he added, his hand eagerly slapping the Portuguese man’s back. It was still a little odd, Sergio had never seen Cristiano so loved up before, but he had to admit it was sweet. Cristiano hadn’t stopped grinning since he and Alexis had gotten together and Sergio hoped it panned out for the forward. Alexis was a nice girl and he wanted his friend to be happy.

Cristiano rolled his eyes. “Good morning to you too Sergio” he murmured.

Sergio smirked. “How was your time off with Alexis?” he posed.

Cristiano smiled. “It was nice, we had a couple of really nice days and it was hard to leave her this morning. She looked fantastic” he noted, earning a slight scoff from Sergio.

“You didn’t spend the whole time doing that did you?” the defender pressed.

“No” Cristiano mused “But if it weren’t for Junior, we would have almost certainly spent a lot more time doing it” he added with a smirk that made Sergio wrinkle his nose.

“Too much” the defender muttered before he padded away.

Cristiano shook his head and moved to join the group, only to pause as he heard his name being called. Turning, he spotted Hector Alvarez, Alexis’s former boss, padding towards him, something which made Cristiano cock his eyebrow. “Senor Alvarez” he murmured “Are you alright?” he poked.

Hector skidded to a stop ahead of the forward and nodded. “Fine, I am fine, I just wanted to catch you before you started training. You are still seeing Alexis Moreno aren’t you?” the older man pressed.

Cristiano frowned. “Why?” he posed gently.

“I have a friend, well a connection really, who works for a few of Europe’s big clubs. He recruits staff and when I told him about Miss Moreno and showed him her portfolio, he was interested in meeting her. I was sort of hoping that you could put me in contact with her so that I could arrange the meeting” Hector grinned excitedly. He liked Alexis, the blonde girl was a good photographer and whilst he couldn’t employ her for Real Madrid, he wanted to help her find something else. She was a nice girl and didn’t deserve what had happened to her after the world had found out about her relationship with the Portuguese forward.

Cristiano swallowed. “Europe?” he poked.

Hector nodded. “He’s received interest from Paris St-Germain and Manchester United. He wants to see if she is interested in taking either of those positions” he enthused.

Cristiano’s throat dried a little. Paris and Manchester were quite a way from Madrid.

“So, are you able to provide me with a contact number?” Hector pressed.

Cristiano looked around for a moment before he shook his head. “I can’t” he bumbled out “Alexis and I split up a couple of weeks ago. She changed her number so that I wouldn’t call her” he added.

Hector offered him a little look, as if doubting him, but quickly nodded. “Alright, I will try to find it in another way. I am sorry about you and Miss Moreno” he mused.

Cristiano offered him a small smile before he heard Sergio’s voice, calling to him. “Obrigado” he murmured before he jogged over to where the defender stood.

“What did Alvarez want?” Sergio poked as Cristiano came to a stop at his side.

Cristiano shrugged. “He wanted to talk to Alexis about something. I told him to call her” he lied.

Sergio offered him a dubious look, but nodded his head. “What did he want to talk to Alexis about?” he poked.

“I don’t know” Cristiano replied sharply “I am not him and I am not Alexis” he added.

Sergio visibly flinched at the forward’s reaction before he mumbled something under his breath and padded away from him, something which made Cristiano drop his head. It was stupid, Alexis may not have even wanted to take the interview, but he wasn’t even prepared to let her contemplate it. Things were good for them, really good, and he didn’t want Alexis even thinking about leaving him for Paris or Manchester, he wanted her to stay in Madrid with him and Junior.

“Ronaldo” Iker yelled “At least look like you aren’t still on holiday” he added.

Cristiano nodded his head stoically and proceeded to join the training session, his mind whirring with the thought of what he had done. He knew that it was wrong, Alexis deserved to know about the job offer, but Cristiano didn’t want to take the risk. Things were good and what Alexis didn’t know about wouldn’t hurt her.