Say You Don’t Want It

Twenty-Six: Shouldn’t You At Least Open It?

“Lexi?” Aliyah murmured as she padded into her roommate’s bedroom, a little concerned look on her face. It wasn’t new, since she had made the decision to end things with Cristiano, Alexis had been a little withdrawn, and Aliyah was a little worried for her. She hadn’t changed much, Alexis still appeared her usual sarcastic and biting self, but she barely ventured out of her room and if she did, it was only to gather food or drink, something which made Aliyah worried. Alexis didn’t do relationships, after Hugo, Aliyah had doubted that Alexis would even look at another man and she knew that that made things with Cristiano even worse. He had promised, he had vowed that he would never upset her, and now that he had, Alexis only referred to him as ‘the liar’, something Aliyah knew she didn’t mean for a second. She loved him, as much as she insisted otherwise, and she missed him. “Lexi, Hector called again. He wants to know if you have a date in mind for the meeting” she added, her eyes glancing towards the blonde who sat on her bed, dressed in nothing but a pair of pyjama shorts and her Atletico Madrid hoodie.

Alexis shook her head. “Not yet. I still need time” she muttered, her eyes not once moving from the laptop screen which sat in her lap.

Aliyah sighed and closed the computer down, earning a scowl from Alexis. “What do you want Ali?” she muttered.

“I want to know why you aren’t jumping at this opportunity that Hector is offering you” Aliyah muttered. She didn’t want Alexis to go, she liked the blonde and adored having her as a roommate, but she wanted Alexis to be honest. She was clearly stalling in response to her unresolved feelings towards Cristiano and Aliyah wanted to admit it. Bottling it up was doing Alexis no favours whatsoever.

Alexis shrugged. “Perhaps I don’t want to leave Madrid” she muttered.

“Or” Aliyah noted “You don’t want to leave a certain Madrid forward. You know the guy, tall, dark hair, usually runs about wearing the number 7” she added.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “I never want to see the liar again” she muttered.

“Lexi” Aliyah mused “You know he only did what he did because he didn’t want to lose you. He might be an idiot, but I know that you love him” she noted.

Alexis snorted. “That was before he decided that he was so important in my life that he could start making decisions about it for me. That was before he lied to Hector so that he could keep this amazing offer from me. He was an ass, Ali, and I have had it up to here with idiots that think that they have some god given right to control me” she hissed. She knew it wasn’t a big thing, what Cristiano had done had been done for the right reasons, but she wasn’t about to go and forgive him for it, even if he was just trying to keep her with him. She was sick of men thinking that just because she was their girlfriend, they had some right to control her and her life.

Aliyah shook her head. “This is about Hugo?” she returned.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “No, this is about my terrible taste in boyfriends. I pick the wrong guy over and over again and I am sick of it. Hugo was an abusive idiot and Cristiano decided that he could make my decisions for me, something which he can’t. I am over it Ali and if it means that much to you, I will go and call Hector right now and set up the meeting” she muttered before she hauled herself out of bed, storming towards the house phone.

Aliyah shook her head and watched after her for a second before she followed, her ears gently doused by the sound of the doorbell. Sparing Alexis a little look, she padded towards the door and pulled it open, her eyes widening at the sight of the man ahead of her. “Can I help you?” she poked.

The man smiled. “I am looking for Alexis Moreno” he noted “I have a delivery for her” he added, motioning to the box that was sat at his feet.

Aliyah cocked her eyebrow. “Do you know who sent it?” she poked.

“Yes” the man noted “Cristiano Ronaldo. He paid very handsomely to get it here today” he rambled.

Aliyah rolled her eyes and quickly signed her name across the delivery receipt, taking the box before she closed the door. “Lexi, you have a parcel” she announced as she padded into the living room.

Alexis, who had been searching for Hector’s business card, looked up. “I didn’t order anything” she muttered.

“I know” Aliyah quipped “Your moron sent it” she added.

Alexis scoffed. “You can keep it then” she muttered, resuming her search.

“Aren’t you at least going to open it?” Aliyah noted.

“Why should I?” Alexis replied, her hand seizing Hector’s business card from beneath a pile of papers that Aliyah recognised as notes from Cristiano.

“Because you love him” she commented.

Alexis rolled her eyes.

“Come on Lexi, a week ago, you were head over heels for the guy and now you hate him? It just isn’t feasible and you know it. You also know that the reason you haven’t called Hector before now is that you were waiting for Cristiano to make a move. Now he has, shouldn’t you at least open it?” Aliyah argued.

Alexis sighed, knowing deep down that Aliyah was right. “Give it here” she muttered.

Aliyah smiled and handed the box over, her eyes eagerly watching as Alexis pulled the tape off, revealing the red and white striped shirt that sat inside. “An Atleti shirt” Alexis muttered “How original” she added.

Aliyah rolled her eyes and picked the shirt out of the box, smiling at the black ink that covered it. “He got it signed for you” she noted “Even personalised” she added, smiling at the note that had been written by Arda Turan specifically to Alexis.

Alexis’ eyes shifted a little. “What do they say?” she poked.

Aliyah smirked. “Alexis, Hope you like the shirt, thanks for the support, Arda” she quipped.

Alexis’ lips twitched, briefly forming a smile, before they quickly folded down into a line. “It is going to take more than an autograph from Turan to make me forgive the liar” she muttered before she padded back to her room, Hector’s card clutched into her hand.

Aliyah watched after her and smiled.

Clearly there was still hope for Cristiano.
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