Say You Don’t Want It

Twenty-Seven: For You

“Still no word?” Sergio noted as he slung his bag down beside the bench, sitting on it beside Cristiano who stared down at his phone forlornly. It wasn’t the first time, in the nine days since Alexis had dumped the forward, he had wasted many an hour staring down at his phone hopefully, but still it was yet to ring, something which only served to irk the forward further. He was trying, he had sent gift after gift to Alexis, hoping to illicit any sort of reaction, but thus far it had proved futile. Alexis hadn’t texted, she hadn’t’ called, and Cristiano was rapidly running out of ideas that would make her come around. She wasn’t interested and as the days past, that was becoming more and more evident to the Portuguese striker.

“No” Cristiano announced somberly “But Aliyah texted. She’s meeting Hector tonight. She’ll be gone soon enough” he mumbled bitterly. He hated it, the idea that Alexis could be leaving Madrid, but there was seemingly very little he could do to stop it. She wouldn’t even take his calls, let alone listen to his advice regarding her career.

“She’s going to go?” Iker poked.

Cristiano shrugged. “She’s got nothing keeping her here anymore” he murmured “I fucked that up, so she is likely to take it” he noted.

Iker sighed. “Is there nothing you can do?” he posed, pulling on his shirt.

Cristiano shook his head. “I doubt it” he muttered, leaning down to tie the laces of his boots “I have tried everything I can think of and there is still no response on her part. I am running out of ideas” he noted softly.

“What have you tried?” Sergio posed.

“I got her an Atleti shirt, signed by all of the players, I sent her a dozen pink roses because I know she likes them better than red ones. I sent her love notes, a poem that I thought she would like, a new camera…What else can I do?” he murmured.

Iker sighed. “It isn’t personal enough” he noted “I could have guessed those thing about her, but you are the man she is in love with, the man she gave herself to. Do you not know anything a little more personal about her?” he posed. The gestures were nice, what Cristiano had done for Alexis was lovely, but it wasn’t enough. Alexis was his girlfriend, she had been for six months, but the gifts that Cristiano had provided her with were gifts that would be expected after a couple of weeks of dating, not months. They were not personal enough and certainly not good enough to win back Alexis, if anything, they were likely to push her further away.

Cristiano sighed. “I don’t know Iker” he muttered.

“Come on Cris, there must be something. Where did you take her on your first date?” Sergio encouraged.

“I bought her here” Cristiano noted “I took her out on the pitch and we had a picnic together, then, she ran away from me and I caught her. We shared the best kiss” he murmured wistfully, his mind plied with images from the first date.

Iker noted the wistful look on his face and smiled. “Have you thought about dedicating a goal to her?” he noted “It is something you could do, only you, and I bet she would love it. Alexis did always seem like a football fan to me” he noted.

Cristiano shook his head. “She’s an Atleti fan, I doubt she will be watching this tonight” he noted. It was a La Liga match, Real were due to take on Espanyol, and Cristiano doubted Alexis would be watching. She had always insisted that she hated watching Real if only because they were more successful than her beloved Atletico.

“So text Aliyah” Sergio noted with a shrug “You always said that Alexis listened to her” he noted before their coach strode into the room, calling all attention to him. Cristiano shook his head and looked down at his phone once more, sending a quick text to Aliyah before he leant towards Sergio.

“Do you have any marker pens?” he murmured, causing a little grin to spread across the defender’s face.

“So, what do you think?” Alexis mused as she strode into the living room, showing off her outfit to Aliyah. She was nervous, Hector had insisted that they meet that night after Real’s match with Espanyol, and Alexis worried that it wouldn’t pan out like she hoped. She had delayed a lot and knew that that couldn’t have done any good for her chances.

Aliyah, who was watching the Real match, looked up, her eyes studying Alexis for a second. She looked good, professional, and it concerned Aliyah a little. Hector clearly liked her for the job and that was a concern to Aliyah who wanted Alexis to stay for the sake of Cristiano who was still very much in love with her. “You look fine” she commented “But you still have hours yet. Why don’t you sit and watch the game with me?” she poked.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “Why would I want to do that?” she mused “It is not my Madrid” she added.

“I know” Aliyah mused “But it should be a tough game for Real Madrid, Espanyol are no push-overs” she noted.

Alexis shrugged. “Unless they are two nil down, I am not interested” she commented before she moved to walk away. Aliyah shook her head and grabbed her hand, pulling her back into the seat at her side, something which made Alexis shake her head. “Why do you care if I watch a Real Madrid match?” she poked “Or better, why are you watching a football match. You hate it” she commented.

Aliyah shrugged. “You love it” she noted “And I wanted to see what the fuss was about” she smiled.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “You’re better off watching Atleti, or even Barca. These are just a bunch of…” Alexis’ voice trailed off a little as she peeked at the screen, watching as Cristiano trailed away from his teammates, a wide grin perched on his face as he celebrated. Aliyah caught it and smiled to herself, knowing that that looked signalled Alexis’ still existent feelings for the forward. “What is that?” she murmured, reaching for the remote and pausing the images.

Aliyah smiled. “It is a message, Lexi” she mused “Aquí es donde yo te besé” she mused “This is where I kissed you” she added.

Alexis shook her head. “He could be talking to anyone” she murmured.

“Or, to you, the girl he took to the Bernabeu on your first date” Aliyah returned “Alexis, he just wants to talk, can’t you do that?” she pressed.


“Was wrong” Aliyah murmured “But he is trying to make up for it and you’re not cutting him any sort of slack. By all means, go to the meeting, but just text him, to say thank you for the lovely gesture” she smiled.

Alexis sighed gently before she took her phone into her hand, sending a quick message to Cristiano which simply read, ‘Do you want to get coffee?’.