Say You Don’t Want It

Three: I Am Not Smitten

Picking at the sandwich that he had been given, Cristiano sighed softly, his mind drifting back to the way that Alexis had spoken to him. He wasn’t used to it, being told that he ‘wasn’t her type’ and he couldn’t help but fixate on it slightly. He had never met a girl that had spurned him and he wasn’t quite sure how to react to the rejection. He had sort of grown used to woman throwing themselves at him and kind of liked the way that Alexis hadn’t, even if it did upset him slightly. He sort of admired her for it.

“Cristiano, are you feeling ok?” Iker posed as he looked at the Portuguese man. He had been quiet, too quiet all day and Iker was starting to get a little concerned. It wasn’t like the Portuguese man to go the whole day without making some smartass comment.

“Hm?” Cristiano hummed, his dark eyes moving away from his plate.

“I asked if you were feeling ok. You’ve been strangely quiet all day and it is concerning. Usually by now you have said something that makes someone want to hit you” the keeper teased. Cristiano offered him a smile, attempting to satisfy his curiosity, before he turned his stare back to the sandwich, picking at the bread with a grimace.

“He’s probably still feeling queasy” Marcelo chirped “He looked ill when he showed up this morning” he added, causing the rest of the group to snicker. It wasn’t like Cristiano was the first one to show up with a hangover, but they always teased each other for it. It was part of playing for Madrid.

“You went out and got drunk?” Iker teased.

“Perhaps” Cristiano replied, earning a loud laugh from the keeper.

“I also bet he woke up next to a girl” Marcelo grinned, his eyes flashing to Cristiano who scowled at him.

The others noticed the look and laughed before Iker spoke again. “So, what was this one’s name?” he teased.

“It is unimportant” Cristiano huffed. He knew the others were curious, sometimes they could be like a bunch of gossipy old women, but he didn’t want to talk about Alexis, there was no doubt that they would tease him relentlessly about being hung up on the one girl he had ever met that didn’t seem to want anything more to do with him.

“I bet she was an escort” Karim teased, his hand jovially slapping Cristiano’s shoulder.

The Portuguese man rolled his eyes. “She was not an escort” he muttered.

“A stripper?” someone else quipped.

“No. She was a photography intern” he muttered.

“You don’t mean Alex do you?” Iker quipped as he leant forwards slightly in his chair. He hadn’t spent much time with the blonde girl, but he knew of her, something which made him a little curious. He had hardly pictured the rather brash girl being the type of girl that his friend found himself with.

“Alexis” Cristiano nodded “You’ve met her?” he added.

“Once. She made fun of my shoes” Iker commented.

Cristiano’s face lit with a soft smile. He hadn’t spent much time with her, but he already knew that that was just like her. She had an outspoken quality that he thought he kind of liked about her.

“Look at that smile” Marcelo teased. “He’s all smitten” he added.

“I am not” Cristiano snapped.

“Yes you are” the left-back returned “I have seen the smile before. You’re smitten” he grinned.

Cristiano shook his head. “I don’t get smitten” he muttered “Girls get smitten with me” he added arrogantly, but it only served to make Marcelo, and a few of the others, howl with laughter. He sounded like a petty child.

“What’s so bad about being smitten?” Iker posed gently “Alexis is a nice girl, even if she can be a little…forwards. You could do a lot worse” he encouraged.

Cristiano merely shook his head. “I am not smitten” that earned a snort from Marcelo “I am not smitten, but if I was, it wouldn’t matter anyways. I went to see her this morning and she let me know in no uncertain terms that I am not her type” he muttered, spitting out the last three words.

“Not her type?” the captain mused “I thought you were every girls’ type” he added.

Cristiano shrugged. “She didn’t exactly say much about it” he muttered, his hand still picking at the half eaten sandwich. He had thought about eating it, it was one of his favorites after all, but the scent of the food made his sensitive stomach twitch. His hangover was seemingly stubborn.

“A girl turned you down?” the left-back quipped.

“She didn’t turn me down” Cristiano defended.

“She clearly didn’t say yes though” Karim added.

Cristiano glared at the Frenchman before he pushed his plate away from him. “She left an hour and half after we…finished” he muttered.

“90 minutes?” Iker whistled “She must really dislike you” he added.

“It isn’t that. She said that that was how one night stands work” he muttered.

Iker chuckled. “I think I know why you are smitten with Alexis” he mused.

Cristiano offered him a bitter glare, wordlessly insisting that he wasn’t smitten, but that only served to make the captain laugh. Cristiano could deny it until his heart was content, but Iker could see it on his face. Chances were that he hadn’t stopped thinking about Alexis since he had sat down to lunch with the rest of the team.

“She’s just like you” Iker teased.

“What?” Cristiano muttered.

“Alexis. She’s outspoken, a little too forwards and she told you how a one night stand works. You” Iker grinned.

“What is your point Iker?” Cristiano mused grumpily.

“Alexis is just like you, except that she is younger and prettier than you, which is why you like her so much. You’re used to getting your own way, girls tend to have a habit of throwing themselves down in front of you, but you like that Alexis didn’t. You’ve been looking for a challenge I think you may have found it” Iker mused before his phone rang, causing him to excuse himself.

Cristiano watched after him for a second before he shook his head. Alexis was nothing like him, and even if she was, there was no way that that was why he was interested in her. He simply found her interesting, it had nothing to do with wanting a challenge, or at least he thought it didn’t/
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