Say You Don’t Want It

Thirty: The Second First Date

“You look beautiful” Cristiano murmured as he rested against the door frame of Alexis’ bedroom, his eyes fixed on her as she straightened the dress that she had chosen for their date. It had been a couple of weeks, Cristiano had wanted to give Alexis a little time to be sure of herself, but he had been thrilled when she had called and asked if they could do something together. He had missed her and couldn’t wait to spend a little more time with her, even if it was a step backwards, he just couldn’t wait to see her smile again.

Alexis, who had been caught off guard by the sound of his voice, jolted slightly before she turned to face him, her hand resting over her chest as she spared him a playful glare. “Have you ever heard of knocking?” she muttered as she tried to calm her breathing a little.

Cristiano shrugged. “I have,” he mused as he took a couple of steps forwards “But you looked so beautiful I decided to wait for a moment before I made you aware of my presence. You looked quite happy” he added with a gentle smile.

Alexis blushed gently before she closed the gap between them, greeting him with a small kiss that the winger was more than happy to return. It hadn’t been that long, perhaps fifteen or sixteen days since he had last kissed her lips, but he had missed it. Kissing her was easily one of the things he loved most and doing it again felt like coming home. She still gave him butterflies.

Leaning back, Alexis offered him a little smile before she padded towards her wardrobe, collecting a jacket. “So, Ronaldo, what do you have planned for us this evening?” she noted as she wrapped the jacket around her shoulder.

Cristiano smiled. “I was thinking we could go to dinner” he noted.

Alexis cocked an eyebrow. “Dinner?” she posed.

Cristiano nodded his head. “I know this place, it serves the most wonderful food, you really ought to try it” he enthused, a quirked grin on his face.

Alexis noted it. “Where are you taking me?” she teased, her feet slipping into the pair of heels she had picked out.

Cristiano tapped the side of his nose. “That is for me to know and for you to find out” he grinned before he reached down, taking her hand in his own. Alexis offered him a little look before she pushed herself up onto her toes, kissing his lips softly again.

He wasn’t the only one who had missed kissing the other one.

“A burger van?” Alexis poked as she looked at her boyfriend, her eyebrow cocked in amusement. It wasn’t what she had been expecting, she had been expecting an expensive restaurant with champagne and overly expensive food, but she was pleasantly surprised. Fast food was one of her favorite things and she was a little amazed that Cristiano had remembered that she had told him that.

Cristiano smiled. “I thought you would like this” he mused.

Alexis nodded. “It’s very nice,” she cooed “and very unexpected. I dressed for champagne and overly expensive food, not burgers” she noted with a teasing smile that Cristiano was only too happy to return. He liked her smile, it was far better than the frowns she had worn the last couple for times he had seen her, and he was pleased that he had put it back on her face.

“For what it’s worth, you still look beautiful” he quipped before he padded towards the van, signaling that he would take two of their burgers.

Alexis watched him for a moment before she took a few paces away from the van, settling herself on the bonnet of his car.

“You’re sitting on my car?” he quipped as he made his way back towards her, extending a box towards her.

“You overlooked seating” she noted “So I had to sit somewhere” she added, wiggling a little to get comfortable on the car’s front. Cristiano watched her and shook his head before he climbed up beside her, flicking open the package of his food. “You really ought to try this stuff” he noted as he took a bite “Marcelo introduced me to it and I haven’t looked back since” he added.

Alexis looked at him and smiled, her blue eyes catching on the small trace of mustard that lingered at the corner of his mouth. Giggling a little, she collected one of the napkins he had bought back with him and leant over, gently wiping the side of his mouth as a small blush appeared on his cheeks. Alexis noted the colour and leant down, kissing the warm skin softly. “You’re adorable” she whispered before she leant away, returning to her food.

Cristiano smiled and turned back to his own food.

He had a good feeling about them second time around.

“I will call you” Cristiano noted as he led Alexis back towards her home, a little frown on his lips. It had been a nice night, after their dinner, Cristiano had taken her for a walk around the city before he drove her home, something which unsettled him slightly. He knew that they had to do it, Alexis wanted to be sure about them before they jumped back into things, but he didn’t like the idea of not following her inside. He missed sleeping at her side, even if nothing happened, and he didn’t like that he wasn’t going to be afforded the chance.

Alexis smiled softly and nodded. “Me too” she commented “You really are fully of surprises, aren’t you?” she quipped, her hand fiddling gently with his.

Cristiano shrugged. “I just know you” he admitted “You hate anything ridiculously fancy, I leant that after you yelled at me for buying flowers” he explained with a grin that made Alexis roll her eyes.

“I don’t hate fancy things” she admitted “I just don’t want you going out of your way to impress me. You already did that when, after our first night together, you were persistent” she added.

Cristiano smiled. “Well, I aim to please” he quipped.

Alexis shook her head. “Goodnight, Cristiano” she mused, a small smile on her lips.

Cristiano nodded before he placed his hands gently on her waist, pulling her into a light kiss. “Buenos noches, Lexi” he mused gently before he watched her walk into the house, making sure that she was safe.
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