Say You Don’t Want It

Thirty-One: He’s Not The Only One

“Lexi!” Junior exclaimed as he spotted the blonde woman stood in the door way of his home. It had been weeks, Junior couldn’t quite recall the last time he had seen Alexis, but he was thrilled to see her again. He liked her far more than he had liked his father’s last girlfriend and was pleased to have her back again. Alexis, who had just arrived to spend an evening with her boyfriend, smiled, her blue eyes shining at the sight of the little boy. “Hola, Junior” she noted softly “How are you?” she added.

Junior grinned and ran towards her, throwing his arms around her waist. “I missed you Lexi” he grumbled as he hugged her tightly “Papi said that you might not come back and I got scared. You’re staying now?” he posed, his big brown eyes peeking up at Alexis.

Alexis smiled at him and knelt down, her eyes levelling with his. “I hope so” she mused softly. Junior offered her a little goofy smile before he pulled her into another hug, something which made Alexis smile. She had missed him, Junior was an amazing little boy, and she was pleased that she would get to spend more time with him. It wasn’t just Cristiano that she liked being around.

“Junior” Cristiano called as he padded into the hall “Your nana is on her way, she will be here any moment” he added before he lifted his stare, admiring the scene ahead of him. “Adorable” he quipped as he stepped towards them.

“Papi, I don’t want to go with nana” Junior complained as he pulled away from Alexis “I want to stay with Lexi” he added.

Cristiano sighed. He knew his son had missed Alexis, barely a day had passed that didn’t include him asking after her, but Cristiano wanted his girlfriend to himself that night. They had been seeing each other again for almost 3 weeks and he was still very much in the phase where he wanted her all to himself. “I am sorry” he murmured “But nana wants to see you. She misses you” he fought back feebly.

Junior huffed and turned to Alexis, proceeding to cling to her. “I want Lexi” he muttered.

“Not tonight” Cristiano noted.

“Lexi” Junior repeated.

“No” Cristiano replied “Now, let her go. You need to go and put your shoes on” he added, attempting to gently pry his son off of his girlfriend.

“No” Junior pouted.

Cristiano let out an aggrieved sigh before Alexis reached out, gently placing her hand on his shoulder. “Perhaps he could stay with us” she noted.

“Alex, you don’t have to do that” the footballer dismissed with a little shake of his head.

Alexis smiled. “I know that, but I have missed him and I can see he missed me. Why don’t we spend a night watching his films and then, once he is asleep, you can have me all to yourself” she suggested with a little shrug. She knew that he was clingy, it was a habit of his that she liked very much, but she didn’t see the harm in them postponing their time alone for a little while. Junior clearly missed her and she had missed him.

Cristiano offered her a little look before he nodded his head. “Fine” he murmured “I will call my Mae back and tell her not to bother. You and him should go and pick out a film” he noted before he moved away. Alexis nodded dutifully and took Junior’s hand, offering him a smile that he was eager to return.

“Is he finally down?” Cristiano poked as Alexis padded into the kitchen, retrieving the glass of white wine he had thoughtfully extended to her. It had been a long evening, Junior had been almost hyperactive, but Cristiano was glad that he was finally asleep. It meant that he finally have Alexis to himself and that was something he had been waiting for all night.

“It took two books, but yes” Alexis noted “Is he always like that?” she added.

Cristiano shook his head. “He was only excited to see you. Next time, he will be less loud” he noted.

Alexis smiled and sipped her drink, letting out a small relieved noise. “I needed that” she mused.

Cristiano smiled. “You were excellent with him tonight” he complimented softly “I haven’t seen him that happy since the last time you were here” he added.

Alexis blushed. “What can I say? He likes me” she noted.

Cristiano set down his own glass and took a step towards her, his hand gently cupping her cheek. “He’s not the only one” he murmured “Do you have any idea how hard it has been to keep control tonight? There were so many times that I wanted to kiss you, to touch you” he rambled lowly, his dark eyes peeking into hers.

Alexis smiled. “You did very well” she teased gently “You were very well behaved” she added.

Cristiano spared a slightly sarcastic smile before he leant down to kiss her, simultaneously pressing her back into the counter that was behind her. Alexis blushed at the intensity of his kiss, but wrapped her arms around him, pulling him as close as she could. “I have missed this” Cristiano whispered as he pulled away briefly, capturing his breath before he pressed another kiss to her lips. Alexis hummed in agreement, her hands quickly dropping to the hem of the shirt he wore. Cristiano grinned at the action. “Stay the night?” he murmured, his fingers gently slipping beneath her shirt, evoking a sound that he had always loved hearing.

Alexis hesitated for a moment before she nodded. “Alright” she murmured gently.

Cristiano grinned and gripped the hem of her sweater, practically ripping it over her head.

Alexis blushed as his eyes settled on her. She had always felt a little awkward when he looked at her like that.

Cristiano smiled at her blush on her cheeks and dipped down, kissing her gently once more. “You look hermosa, Lexi” he murmured as he gently took her hand in his, leading her towards the stairs “You always do” he added.
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