Say You Don’t Want It

Thirty-Three: 7 Days

“Do you really have to go all the way back to Portugal for Christmas?” Alexis murmured as she stood beside her boyfriend, her eyes watching the other passengers that were filing through the airport. She didn’t want him to go, she wanted to spend their very first Christmas together, but she didn’t have much of a choice, with her brother and his family making his way over to spend it with her and her parents and Cristiano’s family intent on staying in Portugal, there was just no way that it would work without one family being upset.

Cristiano smiled and nodded his head. “You know that I do, but me and Junior will be back before New Year’s, we can spend that together” he smiled, peeking over her shoulder to ensure that Junior hadn’t walked off. He was as disappointed as she was, he’d come up with a lot of plans for their first Christmas together, but he couldn’t convince his family to change their minds. It was a lot easier for him and Junior to fly over to Portugal than it was for his entire family to make the trip to Madrid.

Alexis sighed. “That’s not the same” she protested softly “I won’t be able to give you your present on Christmas morning and see you face” she added, pulling her winter coat tighter around her.

Cristiano tilted his head. “You bought me a present?” he teased.

“Of course I did” she replied “One for you, three for Junior” she quipped.

“How comes he gets three?” Cristiano pressed.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “He’s a child Cris, it is easier to buy something for him. You have no idea how hard it is to buy a present for the man who has everything he could ever want” she murmured. It had taken a while, Alexis had spent almost two weeks looking for the right thing to get for him, but still she wasn’t entirely satisfied with it. Cristiano had a lot of things and she didn’t want to get him something he would just end up throwing in cupboard without a second look.

Cristiano smiled at her gently. “I am sure whatever you got me is great and I cannot wait to get back and see it” he mused, his hands gently settling on her hips.

Alexis smiled a little at the contact and edged towards him slightly, her arms wrapping gently around his neck. “I will see you in a week” she murmured softly.

Cristiano nodded and pulled her into a tight hug before he leant back, gently kissing her lips. “I will call you when we land and then probably twice a day after that” he informed her gently. Alexis rolled her eyes at him before she turned her attention to Junior, pulling the little boy into a tight hug as their flight was called.

“I will speak to you later, Lexi” Cristiano mused as he pressed one more kiss to her lips. Alexis held him in place for a second before she willed herself to pull away, her blue eyes watching as the pair made their way towards the gate. She hated it, she would have given anything to have shared Christmas morning with them, but she knew that she wouldn’t get the chance. Evan and his wife were making the trip to Madrid especially and she didn’t want to let them down by boarding the next flight to Portugal.

“No Alex?” Elma posed as she wandered alongside her brother out of the airport. She was a little surprised, she had fully expected that her brother would have bought the blonde girl with him, but she could tell that he was upset about it. He already looked a little lost without her.

Cristiano, who had been eagerly checking his phone, picked his head up and offered his sister a look, shaking his head slightly. “Her brother and his family are making the trip to Madrid to see her and her parents for Christmas. Alex didn’t want to disappoint them, just like I didn’t want to disappoint you” he noted, his eyes drifting back to his phone.

Elma rolled her eyes. “Are you going to be able to cope without her for the next week?” she quipped, half teasingly and half seriously. She knew what he could be like, he had a tendency to get a little mopey when things didn’t go his way, and she didn’t want to suffer it for a week, especially not at Christmas.

Cristiano rolled his eyes. “I am a grown man” he muttered “I think I can handle a week away from her” he added.

Elma shrugged. “I am just asking” she noted “I have been with you for what, ten minutes, and you haven’t stopped looking at your phone yet” she quipped, motioning towards the phone that still sat in his hand, its screen lit with a conversation between him and Alexis.

Cristiano rolled his eyes. “I was just telling her that I had landed safely” he muttered.

“Sure you were” Elma teased, helping Junior into the car “Just as you will every waking moment for the next seven days” she added with a giggle.

Cristiano scoffed. “I think I can cope for seven days, Elma” he quipped.

“You sure?” she poked.

Cristiano looked at her for a second before he sighed, dropping his head a little. It was silly, he was going to talk to her every day and would be back with her in a week, but he wasn’t sure that he could cope without seeing her, or kissing her for that matter, for that long. The only time that they had spent that long apart was when she had broken up with him or when he had been trying to give her space.

“You really love her that much?” Elma posed, her eyes looking up at him.

Cristiano looked back at her and sighed, a little smile appearing on his face. “I guess I do” he mused.

Elma noted the love struck look on his face and shook her head. She doubted it would be much longer before she was buying a dress for a wedding.
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