Say You Don’t Want It

Thirty-Five: If It Wasn’t For That Moment

“Are the twins finally asleep?” Cristiano posed gently as he watched Alexis from the bed. It had been a long day, Charlie and Delilah had run rampant for hours before finally retiring to bed and Cristiano could see the relief on Alexis’ face. She looked as though she had been up for hours and seemed awfully relieved about the prospect of finally going to bed. Between the twins and her brother, who had insisted on asking Cristiano question after question, Alexis was tired and he could see it.

Alexis nodded. “Evan finally got Lilah down, but Amy struggled with Charlie. All he could talk about was you” she quipped with a soft look towards her boyfriend. It had been sweet, Charlie had been blown away by meeting the footballer, and he was already excited to head home and tell all of his friends, something Alexis couldn’t help but find cute.

Cristiano smiled. “What can I say?” he teased, stretching out against the mattress “People adore me” he added.

Alexis rolled her eyes before she tugged of her sweater, replacing it with an oversized shirt. Cristiano watched her amazedly before he slipped to the side of the bed, his hands capturing her by the waist and pulled her into his lap. “You adore me” he murmured, gently sweeping her blonde hair away from her neck in order to press a kiss against her tanned skin. Alexis blushed softly at the contact and moved into it slightly, something which made the footballer smile. “It has only been three days, Lexi” he murmured, kissing the same spot again “Have you really missed me that much?” he teased.

Alexis smiled gently and nodded. “Of course” she murmured “Have you not missed me?” she added, peeking back at him through her eyelashes. Cristiano smirked a little at the sight before he pulled her lips to his, kissing her gently. He knew that it was silly, he and Alexis had barely been apart for three days, but he couldn’t resist the chance to kiss her or hold her. Alexis’ family being around all day had limited his chances and now they were alone, he wasn’t going to waste it. Kissing her gently, he swiveled slightly and laid her back against the mattress, his hands eagerly working her out of her jeans, something which made Alexis shake her head. “We can’t” she whispered, gently gripping his wrists.

“And why not?” he posed gently.

“Because my entire family is in ear shot of this room. I am not going to be able to face them if we do that” she noted gently. Cristiano sighed gently, but relented, returning to his spot on his side of the bed.

“I still have a present to give you” Alexis noted as she tossed her jeans into the laundry basket, replacing them with a pair of check pajama shorts.

Cristiano offered her a look, a little grin on his face. “You do?” he poked.

Alexis rolled her eyes and padded towards her wardrobe, collecting a neatly wrapped parcel from the foot of it. “Now, you need to bear in mind how difficult you are to buy for” she noted as she wandered back towards the bed “You have so much and I knew I would look rude if I didn’t get you anything, so it isn’t very much” she rambled, sitting down on the bed.

Cristiano smiled and gently took her hand, pressing a kiss to the back of it. “Lexi, as long as it is from you, I will be thrilled. I only bought you a key and a book” he noted, referring to the novel that he had bought her after she had raved about wanting to read it.

Alexis shook her head. “I didn’t want anything” she noted, fiddling with the parcel shyly.

Cristiano shook his head before he stretched his hand out, taking the present out of her hand.

Alexis wrinkled her nose uncomfortably and turned her head away, not wanting to watch him open it.

Cristiano offered her a little smile before he turned to the present, tearing the paper off to reveal a pretty silver frame, holding what appeared to be a picture of him at training, something which made him tilt his head. “You got me a picture of me?” he posed, his brown eyes looking over at his girlfriend who fiddled shyly with the duvet.

“It…it was the picture that won me my internship with Real” she stammered gently “If it weren’t for that picture, I would never have worked for the club and you and I…well, we certainly wouldn’t be sitting her together now. This is my favorite picture too” she rambled gently.

Cristiano looked at the picture for a second before he looked back at her. “Your first picture was of me?” he poked, a little quirked grin on her face.

Alexis’ cheeks warmed a little as she muttered something that Cristiano couldn’t quite hear.

“I didn’t get that” he teased, setting the picture on the night stand before he slipped closer to her, his arms folding around her waist.

Alexis shook her head. “I said, you were the most photogenic one there in that moment. It was easy to make you look good” she muttered.

Cristiano scoffed teasingly. “Is that your way of saying you thought I was hot?” he grinned, his head gently resting on her shoulder.

Alexis shook her head. “I already regret giving that to you” she noted.

Cristiano laughed and pressed a kiss against her neck. “If it means anything, it’s a lovely present” he noted gently.

“Really? I spent the last week thinking it was utterly stupid” she murmured.

Cristiano smiled gently and kissed her cheek. “I love it” he cooed softly “If it weren’t for this picture, you would never have been hired by Madrid and I certainly wouldn’t be as happy as I am right now. It is a lovely gift” he smiled gently.

Alexis peeked back at him shyly. “You sure?” she noted.

Cristiano grinned and nodded. “Beautiful” he noted “And you need to stop worrying. I love it, it is meaningful and thoughtful” he noted gently.

Alexis smiled back at him. He was wonderful.