Say You Don’t Want It

Thirty-Six: I Just Wanted You To Come With Me

“Remind me why I have had to leave my bed behind for this?” Alexis murmured as she followed her boyfriend towards the car. She was nervous, she and Cristiano had never really done anything in public together before, but he had been insistent. The Ballon D’or was a big deal for him and he wanted her there with him when the winner was announced, regardless of whether it was him or not, he wanted the opportunity to show her off. Alexis was stunning and he wanted her on his arm when they posed for the pictures that would inevitably be taken. He wanted people to see how smitten he was with her.

“Because it is a nice thing to do?” Cristiano suggested as he fixed his tie.

Alexis rolled her eyes, urging him to offer her a crooked smile. “Because you love me?” he suggested.

Alexis scoffed. “You’re lucky that I do” she murmured, gently smoothing out her black dress “I have never gotten so dressed up before” she added, her nose wrinkled as she looked down at the dress she wore. It was fancy, far fancier than anything she had ever worn in her life, but when Cristiano had set it on the hotel bed ahead of her, she hadn’t been able to find the stomach to tell him no. It was stunning, even if it wasn’t her usual choice, and she wanted to wear it for him. He had clearly gone out of his way to find it for her.

Cristiano smiled at her gently and pulled the car door open, helping her inside. “For what it is worth, Alex, you look beautiful” he murmured as he slid into the seat at her side, his hand quickly lacing with hers. Alexis smiled at the contact and lifted his hand, gently pressing a kiss to the back of it.

“Are you nervous?” she noted gently.

Cristiano shrugged. “Not overly. Messi had a pretty decent season and it is usually between the pair of us” he commented, watching as the car moved slowly through the streets towards the venue. He knew that it was going to be close, he and Messi, like they had for years before, had been the two best players, but he wasn’t overly interested in the award. He just wanted to make Real better again, something that was slowly coming together for them.

Alexis smiled. “I hope you win” she noted.

Cristiano smiled and squeezed her hand gently. He hoped he won too.

“You must be Alexis” Lionel Messi noted politely as he took his seat beside the blonde girl, offering her a kind smile. He hadn’t seen her before, only the pictures that had been shown to him in magazines, and he had to admit she was pretty.

Alexis, who had been getting settled, nodded, extending her hand to him. “It’s is a pleasure to meet you, Messi” she commented gently “You’re quite fantastic at football, but you shouldn’t let Ronaldo know I told him. He’s still adapting to the fact that I am an Atleti girl” she teased softly. She admired the argentine, he was a fantastic footballer, but that didn’t mean she wanted him to win. Cristiano had had a good season for Real and she hoped it was enough to get him recognized at the best player again. He was brilliant and deserved a little more recognition, even if it was just a sill award, she knew that Cristiano would have wanted to win it.

“You’re an Atletico fan?” Lionel posed incredulously.

Alexis nodded. “I have been since I could walk” she noted proudly.

Lionel smiled. “They are a good side. They took the league off us the season before last” he quipped.

Alexis nodded. “I was there” she commented.

Lionel opened his mouth to respond, but stopped himself, watching as Cristiano appeared behind his girlfriend, his arm wrapping protectively around her waist. “What is going on here?” Cristiano murmured.

“I was just talking to Messi” Alexis smiled up at him before she turned back to Lionel “Good luck” she commented gently. Lionel flashed her a courteous smile before he took his setting, engaging in conversation with his wife.

Alexis rolled her eyes gently before she turned back to Cristiano. “Did you have to scare the poor guy off?” she murmured gently “We were just talking” she added.

Cristiano just offered her a grin, something which made Alexis roll her eyes. They were rare, Cristiano didn’t often get jealous, but when he did, Alexis knew it. He often just gave her an impish grin that she knew was meant to indicate that she was with him.

“And this winner of the 2016 Ballon D’or is”

Alexis tensed a little before she peeked at Cristiano, noting the serene expression which sat on his face. He looked calm, assured, and it only served to make Alexis shake her head. He didn’t look fazed in the slightest.

“Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona” the host announced, earning a loud round of applause.

Alexis applauded gently too before she turned to Cristiano, taking his hand gently. “I am sorry” she whispered gently “I know you said it didn’t matter, that you had both done well, but I know you would have liked to win” she added, gently squeezing his hand.

Cristiano shrugged. “I knew that I hadn’t won” he admitted gently “They tell the winner in advance” he added, a quirked grin on his face.

Alexis’ eyes widened for a second before she leant over, hitting his arm. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she muttered.

Cristiano smiled. “It is supposed to be a secret. I didn’t know it was him, but I knew it wasn’t me. I just wanted you to come with me. You look amazing in that dress and I don’t regret my decision” he quipped, clapping along as Lionel reached the end of his speech.

“I would have come with you if you had just asked” Alexis protested.

Cristiano snorted. “Yeah right” he laughed, collecting his jacket “You spent 45 minutes telling me how stupid I was for buying you that dress. If you had known that I hadn’t won, you would have taken that back to the store” he noted.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “You’re sneaky” she commented, linking her fingers with his.

“Or, I am just a sucker for you in that dress, either way, I made the right call” he quipped gently.

Alexis spared him a mock glare before she placed her hands on his neck, pulling him into a brief kiss. “Still, I am sorry” she noted.

Cristiano shrugged his shoulder. “I will just have to try again next year” he quipped.