Say You Don’t Want It

Thirty-Eight: Think About It

“You look nice” Aliyah commented as she watched Alexis pad into the living room, collecting her keys from the sideboard. It wasn’t overly late, Alexis had spent most of the day with Aliyah and her mother, but both women were acutely aware that there was someone that Alexis wanted to be with more. She hadn’t said anything, she had appeared mostly happy throughout the day, but both Elena and Aliyah were sure that she would have much rather been with Cristiano. She had spent most of the day checking her phone, just hoping he had gotten away early.

Alexis smiled. “You think? This is the dress that my parents bought, it isn’t too much?” she posed, twirling slightly to show off the black dress that her parents had bought her as a birthday present.

Aliyah shook her head. “You look beautiful” she commented softly “I am sure that your boyfriend will be very impressed” she added.

Alexis smiled and moved to collect her bag before the house phone rang, something which made her reach out and take. “Hola?” she greeted gently.

“Alexis?” Hector posed “I am glad that I caught you. I have an offer” he noted softly.

Alexis frowned softly. It had been months, since Manchester United and Paris St-Germain had turned her away, Alexis had given up looking got a job for a while, and she was caught a little off guard by Hector’s call. After the debacle that was the last meeting, she had thought that older man would have just forgotten all about her. “An offer?” Alexis posed.

“Yes, I have a contact who works in Barcelona and he is remarkably impressed by the portfolio that I showed him. I have made it clear that hiring you has no bearing on Cristiano, but he doesn’t seem put off. He likes you Alexis and, if you are interested, he would like to meet you in Barcelona next week” he explained excitedly.

Alexis frowned. “Barcelona?” she posed.

“Yes” Hector returned “And I know you need some time to think, so I will call back in a couple of days to see if I need to make the meeting. Alexis, this is a good offer for you. You should really think about it” he murmured before the line went dead. Alexis pulled the phone away from her ear and sighed, staring at it for a second. It was a good offer, Barcelona were a good club and she was grateful for any sort of work, but she knew that she would have to speak to Cristiano before she even contemplate making the meeting. She didn’t want to upset him. Peeking at the clock, she said a swift goodbye to Aliyah before he padded out of the house, heading towards the restaurant that she and Cristiano had arranged to meet at.

“You look wonderful” Cristiano grinned as he pushed himself away from the wall outside the restaurant. He was surprised, Alexis had never been late for anything, but he had opted to cut her a little slack. It was her birthday after all and he didn’t want to upset her. Alexis blushed. “You really think so?” she murmured gently. Cristiano offered her a crooked grin and nodded his head, quickly pulling her into a soft kiss. He couldn’t deny it, Alexis looked stunning, and he was pleased that she was there with him, even if it did mean he had to get used to the stares that she attracted. She was too beautiful not to admire.

Pulling away, he brushed some blonde hair away from her eyes before he took her hand, leading her into the restaurant where he hoped to ask her to marry him. It wasn’t the most original plan, a romantic dinner on her birthday did seem a little cliché, but Cristiano couldn’t resist asking. He had been thinking about it for months and didn’t want to wait a second more. He wanted to marry Alexis and he wanted to do it as soon as possible. “I have a private table” he murmured, leading her into the restaurant.

Alexis nodded gently and offered him a restricted smile, something which made him tilt his head. “Alex?” he posed, gently pulling her to a stop.

Alexis shook her head. “It doesn’t matter” she protested “We should go and get dinner. I haven’t seen you all day” she noted with a grin.

Cristiano shook his head. “Alex, your smile isn’t its usual cheery self. What is bothering you?” he noted as he helped her into her seat.

Alexis peeked at him but shook her head, not wanting to ruin their night together. “It isn’t important” she noted.

“It clearly is” Cristiano quipped “It is your birthday and you can’t smile. That suggests it is important” he noted.

“It shouldn’t matter” she noted with a shake of her head.

“But it does” Cristiano smiled “Alex, whatever it is, you can tell me. I think we have been together long enough for that” he quipped.

Alexis looked at him shyly before she sighed. “Hector called” she murmured “That was why I was late. He phoned my place and told me that he had found me another job. I just don’t quite know how to feel about it and I didn’t want to tell you tonight because I wanted us to have a nice night. It is my birthday and I didn’t want to remember it for a fight or something else bad” she explained softly.

Cristiano sighed. “He offered you a job?” he posed.

“An interview” she corrected gently.

“And where is this interview?” he posed gently “Is it in another country?” he added fretfully.

Alexis shook her head. “No, it is in Spain, but you are not going to like where” she added.

Cristiano shook his head. “Barcelona” he quipped “He found you a job in Barcelona” he repeated, a slightly bitter laugh falling out of his mouth.

“Look, he’s given me a couple of days to think before I have to give him an answer regarding the interview. Perhaps we could take some time to think about it before I make the decision?” she posed.

Cristiano spared her a look before he nodded, offering her the best smile he could muster. He knew he couldn’t tell her no, not without at least pretending to give it some thought, but he already knew he hated it. He wanted to marry Alexis, to have her close, not to live away from her.
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