Say You Don’t Want It

Five: Just A Moron

“Alexis, there is a delivery here for you” Aliyah called as she looked down at the bouquet of flowers that sat on the front doorstep of their shared home. It was strange, Alexis had never mentioned having a boyfriend before, but judging from the flowers that stood on the step, she clearly had someone. The assembled basket of white and pink roses looked awfully expensive and not the work of some ‘secret admirer’.

Alexis, who had been in her room, padded into the hall, her blue eyes glaring at the back of her roommate. It was early, too early for Alexis who had been determined to spend her morning tucked up in the safety of her bed before Real Madrid played that evening, and she was irked that Aliyah had disturbed her. The other girl had been left with strict instructions not to disturb her unless the house was on fire or a relative had died. “What?” she grumbled.

Aliyah smiled. “Flowers. Someone sent you flowers” she mused with a little gesture to the bouquet which was perched on the step.

Alexis shook her head. “Idiota” she muttered with a little shake of her head. She knew who they were from, even without looking at the card which stuck out of the top of the flowers, and she couldn’t believe he hadn’t just given up. It wasn’t like she was the only girl on the face of the earth and she had been sure that he would get bored eventually, something which thus far appeared incorrect. It had been almost 2 weeks since their one night stand and still he remained adamant about attempting to woo her.

“You know who they are from?” Aliyah poked.

Alexis nodded. “They’re from a moron at work. He doesn’t seem to understand that no means no” she muttered, leaning down to collect the flowers from their perch on the floor.

“A guy from work? A footballer?” Aliyah, her eyes lighting up at the prospect.

Alexis shook her head. “Just a moron” she muttered before she padded away.

Aliyah offered her a little look before she followed after her, watching as she moved to stow the flowers in a vase. “What’s wrong with him?” she posed.

Alexis shook her head. “I am not going to talk about him, Ali, he’s just a guy and I am not looking for a guy right now” she muttered.

Aliyah sighed. “Is this because of Hugo?” she posed.

Alexis stopped what she was doing and looked up, her blue eyes narrowed bitterly on her friend. It had been years, the name Hugo hadn’t been uttered in her presence for almost 3 years, and she didn’t want it brought up again. Hugo was her past and she didn’t want to talk about it. “Don’t say his name near me” she muttered before she stormed out of the room, pushing past Aliyah in the process.

Aliyah watched her and sighed. It may have 3 years, but it was clear that Hugo was still a sore spot for her.

“How is the crush going?” Iker quipped as he and Cristiano sat down in the players’ lounge. They still had a little while before the game and Iker wanted to see how Cristiano was doing. The Portuguese man had been distracted for a large part of the week and Iker wanted to ensure that he was focussed. The team needed him fit and firing if they were to have any chance of toppling Barcelona and reclaiming the La Liga title.

Cristiano shook his head. “It isn’t. She still refuses to let me take her out” he muttered.

Iker nodded before he leant forwards slightly, his dark eyes narrowing on the forward. “Why does it matter so much to you? She’s just one girl and there are thousands out there that would love the chance to be with you. Alexis has been clear, so why don’t you just leave her alone?” he posed.

Cristiano shrugged. “I like her” he admitted.

“She doesn’t like you” Iker returned.

Cristiano wrinkled his nose. “I think she might” he admitted “She did go home with me the first time and I think there is something holding her back. I think she is scared” he admitted.

Iker frowned. “Scared? Alexis is a lot of things Cris, but I don’t picture her being ‘scared’” the keeper quipped.

Cristiano shrugged. He didn’t know what it was, Alexis hadn’t given him any sort of indication of fear, but Cristiano could only think that that was what was holding her back. His mind simply wouldn’t let him admit that she just might not like him like he clearly liked her. “There has to be something” he mused.

Iker snorted. “Perhaps there is a girl on the planet that is immune to you” he teased.

Cristiano rolled his eyes. “Not likely” he returned.

Iker shook his head. “Sometimes in life, there are miracles Cristiano and this may be one of them” he mused before he padded away to talk to a coach about something. Cristiano watched after him for a second before he felt someone tap on his shoulder, causing him to turn in his seat to look up at Alexis who glared down at him.

“Lexi” he mused “What a surprise” he added.

Alexis offered him a sarcastic smile before she pulled the flowers out of her bag, pushing them into his chest. “Don’t send any more stuff to my house” she muttered before she walked away from him. Cristiano went to retort, but was stopped as he spotted his agent in the hall, a brown folder in his hand. Disposing of the flowers onto the table, he pushed himself to his feet and greeted Jorge with a secretive smile.

“Did you get it?” he mused

Jorge nodded. “I did, but I seriously suggest that you rethink reading it” he noted.

Cristiano rolled his eyes. “I am not going to blackmail the girl. I just want to know a little more about her” he mused.

“I know, but having seen it, you’re perhaps better off not reading it” the agent encouraged.

Cristiano scoffed. “What is she? A murderer?” he teased.


The footballer merely leant forwards, pulling the folder out of the agent’s hand before he flicked it open, scanning the print.

“Please, put it down” Jorge pleaded.

Cristiano’s mouth fell into a tight line. “Are you sure this is her?” he muttered.

“Yes” Jorge returned.

“And this Hugo was what?” Cristiano grumbled.

“Her boyfriend” Jorge muttered.

Cristiano scoffed and passed the folder back to his agent. “That explains it then” he muttered “She doesn’t want me because the last man she was with did that to her” he spat before he stormed away.

Jorge merely sighed, not sure what Cristiano would do with the information he had just discovered.
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