Say You Don’t Want It

Seven: You Have No Taste

“You look nice” Aliyah mused as she rested against the frame of Alexis’ door, her brown eyes trained on her blonde friend. She did look nice, the simple grey dress and the dark heels looked wonderful on her, but Aliyah couldn’t help but be a little curious. Just the day previous, Alexis had claimed that there was no boyfriend, yet there she stood, looking good for someone that clearly wasn’t ‘just a moron’ from work.

Alexis startled slightly and nodded. “I thought so, I just wanted to check” she muttered as she moved herself away from the mirror she had been studying herself in. She didn’t know why she was obsessing so much, it was only a dinner date, but still she couldn’t find the nerve to leave her room until she thought she looked right. It was silly, stupid even, but she did want to look her best, even if she wasn’t all for the idea of becoming Cristiano’s girlfriend, she didn’t want to make an utter fool of herself.

Aliyah smiled. “Well, you look great. I am sure that your ‘moron’ from work will be thrilled” she teased.

“How do you know that this is for him?” Alexis poked, her eyebrow arched.

“Because he is sitting in the living room and has been for the last 10 minutes” Aliyah returned.

Alexis’ eyes widened slightly. “He’s here?” she spluttered.

“Yup” Aliyah mused cheekily “And I must say Lex, when you pick boyfriends, you pick gorgeous ones” she added.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “He is not my boyfriend” she muttered.

Aliyah smirked. “Sure he isn’t. That’s why you are wearing your ‘please have sex with me’ dress” she mused with a little gesture to the dress which Alexis wore. It was a familiar sight, Aliyah had seen it many times since she and Alexis had started to live together, and she knew precisely what it meant. The grey dress was the one that Alexis wore whenever she wanted to convince a man to come home with her.

“I do not have a dress for that” Alexis muttered.

Aliyah nodded. “Yes you do, that one, but I can’t blame you for wearing it. Your ‘moron’ is pretty nice to look at” she teased.

Alexis rolled her eyes before she grabbed her jacket from the bed and made her way into the living room, her heart jumping slightly at the sight of Cristiano who stood in the centre of it, another bouquet of expensive flowers clasped in his hand. Aliyah had been right, Cristiano was pretty nice to look at, and for a second, it left Alexis a little disorientated. It was like she was looking at him for the very first time and she didn’t like it for a second.

“Are you ready to go?”

Alexis startled at the sound of his voice, but nodded her head. “Yes” she mused.

Cristiano smiled at her and set the flowers on the side, his large hand extending back to her. Alexis eyed the extremity for a second before she reluctantly took it, drawing a smile from Cristiano who gave her smaller hand a reassuring squeeze. He knew she was nervous, she had made that clear the night before, but he wanted to make her feel a little more comfortable. If their date went well it cleared the way for others to follow and that was something he wanted. He liked Alexis and wasn’t about to just let her go. “You can relax Alex” he murmured gently “Nothing bad will happen tonight” he added.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “You don’t know that” she muttered.

Cristiano chuckled. “I think I do” he mused as they reached his car.

“How?” Alexis peeped.

Cristiano just shrugged. “I just do” he mused.

“What are we doing here?” Alexis posed as she peeked up at the Santiago Bernabeu, a curious expression on her face. It wasn’t what she was expecting, she had been convinced that Cristiano would take her to some overpriced restaurant in the middle of Madrid with copious amounts of watching eyes, but she kind of liked that he hadn’t. He seemed to be full of surprises and Alexis liked it.

“I thought we should have our first date at the place we first met” Cristiano mused as he moved around to the boot of the car, collecting a basket and a blanket. “It also helps that the stars look fantastic from the centre circle” he added with a little grin.

Alexis blushed slightly. His grin was adorable.

“You don’t hate this do you?” Cristiano poked as he moved to lock the car.

Alexis shook her head. “No…why would you think that I did?” she posed.

“You wrinkle your nose when you don’t like something” he returned as he leant down, collecting her hand once more in his “And you wrinkled it the second I mentioned the word ‘date’” he added.

Alexis shook her head. “I don’t hate this Ronaldo” she mused “If anything, it is the cutest idea that any man has had about a first date with me” she added.

Cristiano smiled. “I am glad you like it then” he mused as he led her through the gate.

“So, did you always want to be a photography intern or did it just happen?” Cristiano poked as he peeked at Alexis. It had been a pleasant evening, Cristiano had enjoyed himself, and he could only hope that Alexis had too. He had liked spending time with her and wanted the chance to do it again.

Alexis smiled. “I have always liked taking pictures, but I didn’t want to work for Real Madrid. I took it because there was nothing else and my parents would have killed me for not taking it” she explained.

Cristiano frowned. “Why didn’t you want to work for Real?” he posed.

Alexis bit her lip. “Because I don’t support Real Madrid” she returned.

“You don’t?” Cristiano poked.

“Nope. I support the current La Liga Champions, the mighty Atletico” she grinned, her blue eyes sparkling slightly.

Cristiano shook his head. “You have no taste” he muttered.

“Yup, that’s why I am on a date with you” Alexis shot back.

Cristiano laughed softly. “I have had fun tonight” he admitted gently.

Alexis nodded. “As much as I had hoped that I wouldn’t, I have too. You’re a very nice man” she mused softly, her blue eyes peeking into his dark ones. Cristiano smiled at her gently and reached over, brushing some of her blonde hair away from her eyes. “So, you’ll be coming on another date then?” he murmured, his eyes skipping between her eyes and lips.

Alexis smirked. “That depends” she mused.

“On what?” Cristiano replied.

“On whether you can catch me” she quipped as she pushed herself to her feet, sprinting across the soft turf of the Bernabeu pitch. Cristiano shook his head and chuckled, striding up to her with ease.

“I am a professional” he mused as he set his arms around her “Did you really think you could out run me?” he added.

Alexis smirked. “Perhaps I wanted you to catch me” she quipped before she pulled him into a soft kiss. Cristiano grinned at the contact. He doubted he would be letting her go any time soon.
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