Say You Don’t Want It

Nine: Now Is Not The Best Time

“I’ve missed you” Cristiano murmured as he wrapped Alexis in a tight hug, his foot knocking the door of her office closed. It hadn’t been long, only a couple of days since he had seen her last, but he had missed her. Whilst he was away with the team, he had had to keep their contact to a minimum and he was looking forwards to being alone with her once more. He had missed everything about her and couldn’t wait to reacquaint himself. Alexis, who had been waiting for him to show up, wrapped her arms around him tightly, hugging him back strongly. They hadn’t been together long, it had only been about a month since their first date, but despite her better efforts, Alexis was remarkably attached to the Portuguese man. At first, she hadn’t wanted to like him, after Hugo, she didn’t want to like anyone, but Cristiano had certainly grown on her. He was funny, charming and clever and Alexis rather liked him, even if he could be a pain in the backside sometimes, she doubted she would have had him any other way.

“How was it in Paris?” Alexis mused as she pulled back from him a little, her blue eyes peeking up at him interestedly. She had watched the match on TV, PSG had given Madrid a run for their money, but Alexis was a little pleased that Real had managed to take away a slender 2-1 lead, giving them two away goals ahead of the second leg. She knew how much better Cristiano’s mood was after a win and was pleased she didn’t have to deal with him being whiny and irritable.

“It was a good game” Cristiano mused “But I would much rather talk about our plans for this evening. Do you want to come to mine or will Aliyah be OK with me coming to you?” he posed, his hands gently pushing up the hem of her shirt. He knew it was a little needy, but after 2 days away from her, Cristiano could think of nothing else but Alexis in his bed. He had missed holding her and was sure he wanted nothing more than to have her to himself for the rest of the night.

Alexis watched the movement of his hands and chuckled, pushing them away from her. “Down boy” she teased softly “I still have some work to finish up before we can contemplate going anywhere” she added.

Cristiano rolled his eyes. “Can’t it wait?” he pouted.

“No. My boss wants them on his desk by tomorrow morning and I want to make sure they are perfect, but you could go home. I will be around later” she mused, padding back towards her desk. Cristiano moved his hand and pulled her back to him, pressing a lingering kiss against her lips. “You’d best not be long” he murmured before he padded out of the room, leaving Alexis looking after him.

She hadn’t wanted to like him, but now that she did, she was almost sure that it would grow into love.

There was just something about him.

“I was starting to think that you had stood me up” Cristiano mused as he allowed Alexis into his house, his dark eyes washing over her intently. It was stupid, 2 days apart was nothing to him normally, but with Alexis it seemed different. He was happy when he was with her, happier than he had been in a while, and when they were apart, he felt a little different, something which disconcerted him slightly.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “Why would I do that? In case you have forgotten, it has been 2 days for me too” she mused as she slipped past him, dropping her light coat off of her shoulders. Cristiano frowned at the action for a moment before he noticed her bare shoulders, something which made his mouth a little dry. “Y…You’re…” he stumbled.

Alexis smirked. “I am almost naked, Cristiano” she mused with a little nonchalant shrug. It wasn’t like her, she had never been so forwards before, but the when the idea had hit her, she hadn’t been able to resist. She had taken her dress off beneath her coat in the back of the taxi she had arrived in, leaving her in nothing but her underwear.

“Yes” he muttered, swallowing thickly “Yes, you are” he muttered before he stepped towards her, his hand gently brushing over the small scar that sat just below her shoulder blade. He knew how she had gotten it, it was one of the many scars that Hugo had left her with, but he adored it. He adored every freckle, scar and mole on her skin. Alexis shifted slightly at his touch before she turned, her blue eyes looking up at him. “Are you really going to make me wait?” she murmured before she bit down on her lip.

Cristiano smirked. “Not at all” he mused before he lifted her into his arms easily, carrying her up the stairs.

“You’re so beautiful” Cristiano mumbled as he allowed his fingers to run across Alexis’s shoulder, the pad of his thumb tracing the line of her small scar. He was amazed, Alexis had only grown more beautiful to him as time had passed, and he was sure that that would only continue. He found her utterly fascinating and couldn’t seem to stop himself from finding new details about her to adore.

Alexis shook her head. “You’re just saying that because you just got laid” she quipped.

Cristiano chuckled. “You’re right, I am, you caught me” he mused as he pulled on her shoulder softly, laying her back down on her back.

Alexis giggled. “How come you are so cute?” she mused impishly.

“I don’t know, but I am fairly sure that you are the one that brings it out of me. If you asked my last few girlfriends, I don’t think cute would be the word they use to describe me” he said, his dark eyes gently studying her.

Alexis blinked tiredly. “I think you’re cute” she babbled.

Cristiano smiled. “Obrigado” he mused as he leant down, kissing her gently. Alexis responded happily and pushed her fingers into his hair causing him to smirk against her lips. “I thought you were tired” he mused as he pulled away for breath. Alexis shook her head. “Not at all” she grinned. Cristiano leant down to kiss her once more, but stopped, his ears caught on the sound of his front door opening and closing and then the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

“Who would come and see you at 11 at night?” Alexis muttered, her fingers still playing with his hair.

Cristiano sighed and moved away from her slightly. “Only one person” he muttered as he quickly moved to find his boxers on the floor.

Alexis frowned. “Who?” she posed as she sat up slightly, her hands clinging to the duvet which covered her chest.

Cristiano sighed before he turned to the door, watching as his mother pushed it open, her hand over her eyes. “Are you decent?” she muttered.

“Yes, Mae, we are decent” Cristiano mumbled “What are you doing here?” he added.

“Junior was missing you so I brought him home” Dolores replied before she turned her head, her eyes narrowed on the blonde girl who sat, wide eyed, in her son’s bed. Cristiano shifted so that he stood ahead of Alexis. “Mae, not now” he muttered.

Dolores rolled her eyes. “First thing tomorrow” she muttered before she stepped out of the room, allowing Cristiano to turn to Alexis, an apologetic look on his face. “I am sorry” he murmured “I thought she would be bringing Junior back tomorrow. I am just sorry” he added.

Alexis just nodded. “Go and check on your son” she mused “I will get some sleep and hope I can repair the damage in the morning” she added before she moved to snuggle up against the pillow. Cristiano watched her for a second before he padded towards her, pressing a little kiss to her forehead.

He hoped she could repair the damage too.
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