Second Heartbeat

The Number Four

It started with the number four. Four weeks to convince me something was wrong. And four pregnancy tests to convince me that what I did was a horrible mistake.

But it only took one boy to change my whole entire world. Zacky Baker.

He was my brother from another mother. And that night totally change my whole perspective of him. He was more then a best friend from then on, he was now my whole world. And now, he was about to enter my world even more then I could ever imagine.

There was second heartbeat forming in my stomach, and half of the little creature(creature as in a cute way) was going to be his. I just have to figure out a way to tell him, or anybody for that matter. Being a teenage mom isn't something I was trained to do. Plus, I'm horrible when it comes to words. That’s why I always preferred to live inside my head, where unicorns roam the earth and sperms can never get inside my body. For there are, in fact, little imps demolishing them from ever getting close.

But of course reality doesn't like my world so it destroys all hope I have from having a simple life and moving on from that night. Life is something I'd like to call gay!

And as I sit in my room with Atreyu bouncing off the walls and me looking at my dreadful pink cellphone, all I can only wonder is: what would Megan do?

And of course I call her.

As I hear the ringing from the cell I turn down my stereo and wait for her sweet reassuring voice.

"Hello?" she answers.

"Yeah, Megan," I sign into the phone.

"What's up, Izzy?"

"I'm pregnant…"

"What the fuck do you mean your pregnant you idiot!"

So much for reassuring voice…

As she continues to banter on I finally hear words that are nonchalant.

"Who's the dad?"

"Zacky Baker…"

And that’s when I hear her laughter. I groaned. This was going to be one hell of a ride.

"Reassurance would really be helpful to me at this moment," I mutter.

"I'm sorry but Baker? You guys act more like brother and sister then friends, not to mention the guy is a total and complete dweeb."

" He is not a dweeb! He's just different…."

"Oh come on if he hangs out with that Jimmy Sullivan guy he can't be normal. For God's sake, the guy wears a red robe everywhere!"

"Well Jimmy just….okay yeah, he's pretty weird."

Then there was a silence. Obviously neither one of us wanted to discuss the topic that was about to show up. But it was something that was bound to happen, unfortunately to us.

"So have you told him yet?" she asked breaking the unbearable silence.

I breathed in deep before answering, "No, not yet."

"Well your going to have to tell him eventually….God when did this even happen?"

"I know and at Matt's birthday party last month."

And then I heard a more abrupt laughter then the last one coming from the other line. I really wish I found this situation as funny as she did.

"I really don't see how this funny…" I sighed as I plopped myself onto my unmade bed. My eyes lingering on the texture of the ceiling.

"I'm sorry but I can't even imagine how you two….especially Baker could even-" she was interrupted by her own giggles. "Oh man! That’s just too funny."

I didn't even say anything. This was ridicules, I was starting to regret the call I just made. She was starting to sound like Tickle Me Elmo. I shuddered.

Evil toy…

"So are you going to keep it?" she said in a more serious tone.


"Well when are you going to tell him?"

I heard the doorbell ring and did a mental sigh.

"Now. I'll talk to you later, bye!" I hung up and left the dreadful pink cell on my bed as I ran downstairs to the front door.
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