Second Heartbeat

Dance Talk

The smile never faded from my face, even as Zacky walked up beside me. The fact that he was even that close to me made my heart do flips.

Stupid emotions, I'm suppose to be mad at him!

"What did you say?" Joanne sneered as she looked at Zacky.

"I said shut the hell up," He answered. "you have no right to talk to her like that at all."

"Zacky lets just go…" I muttered as I tugged on his tuxedo sleeve.

Ha, who knew he would ever wear one of those?

"No, she has no right to talk shit about you," He muttered as he glared at her.

And as much as I was enjoying how Zacky was reacting, I really didn't want to be there. I sighed agitatedly and tugged on his sleeve some more.

"Zacky, let it go," I grunted.

"You know what Zacky?" Joanne sneered. "You were just a waste of my time, you were always just ugly and fat." And with that she walked away.

Thank God!

Even though I wanted to slap that blonde hair out of their roots, I knew this wasn't the right time or place for this.

I looked at Zacky and his eyebrows were narrowed, but it didn't take long before he turned towards me and had his full attention on me.

"Thanks…" I mumbled as my eyes went directly to the floor and my cheeks burning feverishly.

"Hey Izzy, you don't think I'm ugly and fat do you?" He muttered. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

"No your not ugly," I said.

I knew we was waiting for me to say that he wasn't fat either, but I never said it. It was really hard trying to keep the smile appearing on my face. It was always fun to tease him. Because if there was one thing Zacky Baker always felt insecure about, it would in fact be his weight.

When Zacky finally realized I wasn't going to decline the fact he was fat, his eyes widened.

"You think I'm fat don't you?" He said frantically which made me laugh.

"No Zacky, I don't." I giggled.

"Your perfect," I said with the utmost of sincerity.

His eyes softened and a grin tugged on the corner of his lips. Then a silence washed over us, even though I could hear the lame hip-hop music bouncing in the background. We stared at each other and I knew he was struggling to say something so I just waited.

"Izzy…" He muttered.

"Yes, Zacky?"

"I'm sorry…for everything." He sighed sheepishly.

"It's okay…" I said as I smiled at him.

"No it's not, I was an ass. Just admit it," He muttered.

"Well yeah…you were an ass," I murmured rolling my eyes.

"I'm really sorry, Izzy. It's just after Joanne broke up with me, she told me later on that she over heard you and Megan talking about the pregnancy, and she found out that it was actually me who got you pregnant. So then she said that she only cheated on me because I cheated on her and got someone pregnant behind her back. So I kinda got mad…"

"Wait, so you blamed me for your break up?" I yelled at him crossing my arms.

"No, later found out she was cheating on me way before the pregnancy. And after that I kind of felt bad," He murmured biting his lip. I looked at him in disbelief.

"That's not all is it, Zacky?" I asked arching an eyebrow.

"No, I was also really scared," He sighed. "I mean the fact that I got you pregnant, my own best friend. I didn't know what the hell to do. I mean I have a band and I still want to have relationships with other girls, I didn't want all of that to be ruined by a baby."

"Well if you want nothing to do with it Zacky-"

"But that’s just it," he said as he cut me off. "I want everything to do with this baby, Izzy. I mean it's ours. If I had to choose any girl to carry my child, it would have to be you."

And then there was another small silence only this one was more comfortable.

"Oh, come on Izzy! Don't do that!" Zacky grunted.

"Do what?" I sniffled.

"Do the crying thing."

"I'm not crying," I said sniffling once more as I tried to wipe away the visible tears. "I'm sorry it's these stupid hormones."

I heard him chuckle and then before I knew it he was standing directly in front of me, with only a few inches separating us (and of course the stomach). I looked up into his face and into his eyes. And before I knew it I was captivated by his eyes. I was so lost in them that I didn't even notice his thumb caressing my face and wiping away the remaining tears.

But I didn't blame myself for breaking out and crying like that, even if it was embarrassing. Because what Zacky just told me gave me an all new high, I was on cloud nine.

"Thanks," I mumbled as I took a step back.

His hand retrieving quickly to his side.

"So…um," I began trying to regain my breathing. "I'm suppose to go get the ultrasound for the baby in a couple of weeks. Maybe you'd like to come?"

"yeah sure," He said as he nodded and smiled.

"Hey, Zacky!" Johnny exclaimed as he ran up to us. "Our sets ready and we're on in five. Come on, dude! Oh and hey Izzy, you look pretty."

"Thanks Johnny," I muttered.

"Yeah okay," Zacky answered. "I'll talk to you later, Izzy." Was all Zacky before he ran off with Johnny.

I stood there alone for a moment but oddly enough it didn't take long before Megan and Jamie showed up. I could already tell they have been spying on me and Zacky for a while.


"So are you and Zacky official now?" Jamie cooed.

"What are you talking about?" I grunted aggregately.

"You know, did you and Zacky finally admit your love for each other?" Megan asked skittishly.

"Ugh, no," I muttered as I shoved past both of them and towards the stage that was at the end of the gym.

I heard them following me, but neither said anything else. All three of us were waiting in front of the stage for the boys to begin playing. Of course all three of us knew that it wouldn't be long before they would get kicked out before the first song was even finished. Still, we like to support them anyway we can. And before we knew it, the curtains opened up and revealed five boys with eyes that gave off a murderous stare. They were ready rock out.

Matt said their introductions as Avenged Sevenfold and began to play. I couldn't help but laugh at the stares everyone was giving off. They couldn't believe it and neither could I. I was also right about the administration asking them to get off the set, but they were nice enough to let them finish the song.

And now we were all in the parking lot piling up into cars and saying our good-byes, with words (and for some) with exchange of spit.

I was happy to say that Zacky and I didn't need to exchange words or spit (though it would be nice) we already knew how to communicate with just a simple stare and a small smile. I was happy to say that maybe there was hope for us yet.

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