Second Heartbeat

Ain't it Fun

"Oh God," I groaned as I walked through the door of my house.

The living room was turned into a pink madhouse. It acquired the pink balloons, pink table covers, and even a pink cake that spelled out the words, "It's a girl!"

I wanted to run away as fast as I could. It was horrible. And mom didn't make it any better.

"Oh look! There's the girl of the evening," she cooed as she walked towards me with open arms.

I was engulfed into her hug, I'm pretty sure it would have been bone crushing if the baby wasn't in my stomach. I could tell she was being careful when she hugged me. Zacky seemed to be doing the same thing lately. I love the fact that we're together but he always seems to be so careful when he hugs me or holds me, its getting a little bit frustrating. I don't really complain much because when his lips touch mine, everything else just seems so simple and pointless. He just seems to have that effect on me.

"God Mom, could you be anymore of an embarrassment?" I muttered as she let me go.

"Oh come on this isn't your day," Jamie muttered as she got out the snacks from the kitchen.

"Really? I thought Mom said I was the girl of the evening." I asked arching an eyebrow.

"She didn't mean you!" Megan exclaimed. "Its little Izzy Jr.'s day!"

"Yeah but I'm the one feeding her life! I at least get half the day accredited to me. Plus who gave you permission to call my baby that?"

"It’s a baby shower, not Mother's Day!" Megan said, obviously ignoring my question, as she walked into the kitchen.

I just scoffed and took off my sweater. I sat myself on the couch and sighed deeply, I really didn't want to be here. And the pink was just making me sick. Jamie, Megan, and Mom were all running around the house getting everything set for the baby shower today. I wouldn't be surprised if they could make this place look any worse then it is. I took out my awful pink phone from my back pocket and looked at the ID, a smile couldn't help but glow on my face when I saw who was calling.

"Hey Dad!" I yelled into the phone.

"I swear if you call me that one more time…"

I giggled into the phone and ignored my boyfriends ridiculous threats.

"Anyways," Zacky began. "I just wanted to tell you that Brian's parent's agreed to let us have the New Year's party at their house."

"Sweet! I'm pretty sure the parentals will be there also, right?"

"Yeah, unfortunately," he sighed. "Feel free to invite your Mom and Phil."

"Okay, well I got to go. Megan is doing some weird hand motions. I'm pretty sure she wants me to get up or she's saying Jimmy got stuck in a well. Talk to you later, bye…..Dad!"

Before he could muster a complaint I hung up. I looked up at Megan.


"You need to get up. Your mom wants to take pictures of you before the party."

"Kill me now."

"Oh come on it won't be that bad," She said as she helped me get up from the awful kaki colored couch.

The one thing I hate about Megan, she underestimates everything. The party was awful. I mean sure everyone had smiles and was laughing and enjoying themselves. That is…except me. I don't know if it was the hormones or the fact that I absolutely hate being the center of attention. God I hate parties! Everyone's mother was here, including Jimmy's, Johnny's, Brian', Matt's, and even Zacky's.

All were asking me different things about the baby and pregnancy. Mom and Mrs. Baker were even whimpering about their deprived youth, now that they were becoming grandmothers. It was ridiculous. I could tell a few mothers were weary though, I mean premarital sex isn't really something that everyone goes along with. I sure didn't, but it's different when Jack Daniels is evolved. He screws up everyone's mind.

I was pretty happy when the boys came over, which meant the party was over. Well, this one at least. We still have the New Year's party to go.


I wasn't really sure if I could take another party. And if I see one more pink object I swear I will hurl at it! I was now in the kitchen washing dishes. Mom insisted that I didn't even have to, but I couldn't take the crowded living room any longer. I wanted to get away from everyone as soon as possible. And it didn't help that we had a very small house. I just wanted to kill everyone off in the living room for no good reason other then forcing me out of my favorite spot on the couch and taking away my peaceful time. I didn't know what drove such thoughts, I'm pretty sure I never imagined killing people off with knives before.

But all thoughts vanished as I felt a pair of arms wrap around my impregnated body. The owner of those arms let their chin rest upon my shoulder and their lips caress my neck.

I swear I was going to faint.

I never knew what drove Zacky to showing me such affection. I knew we were dating and he was the baby's father, but I personally was disgusted with myself. I felt like an elephant ninety percent of the time and I couldn't stand the things my body went through everyday. Now a days it didn't take much for me to go running to a bathroom. If I was him I'd run to the hills, especially with my mood swings kicking every ten minutes.

I never knew I could get so angry over the TV control. Poor Johnny…

"Hey…" He murmured as his lips brushed against the skin of my neck. Goosebumps rising up from my entire body.

"Hey…" I whispered back.

I could feel his lips curl into a smile and his hands traveling down until they were on the bulge on my stomach…okay I wouldn't really call it a bulge. I'd maybe call it like I decided to wake up one morning and put a huge balloon under my shirt. I may over dramatizing the size, but god! When you have to buy new pants every other week then you'll understand!

"How was the party?" He asked casually as he laid a simple butterfly kiss on my earlobe.

"God, awful? Horrible? You know what I think train wreck describes it best."

He chuckled and moved his face away from the crook of my neck and removed his arms from me as well. I turned around and he opened his arms up motioning me into his warm embrace. Which of course I did.

"Well everyone seemed to have had a good time. I think you are the worst pessimist I've ever met." He teased. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Yeah well your not the one who was trapped in a room filled with pink decorative objects, we'll see how long you'll last if you have to stare at the color pink for more then an hour."

He chuckled once more and pulled away, and lacing are fingers together.

"Come on, we better go before everyone leaves us." He said.

I nodded and he lead me to the living room where a few adults and teenagers mingled among themselves. Once they saw me and Zacky enter the room they knew it was time to go.

Zacky, Megan, and Jimmy were all piled into Brian's car, with Brian driving of course. As Megan took liberty taking the passenger seat with my squeezed between the two boys, she put in a Guns-n-Roses CD. Blasting it as loud as she thought would be tolerable in my parents driveway.

Which was pretty loud.

I quickly recognized the album and I could even see Jimmy and Brian bobbing their head to the music. Zacky was zoned out, looking blankly out the window. It was pretty cute…but then again I thought every little thing Zacky did was pretty cute. I was kind of scared of how I would act around the baby when it comes out and does its "firsts". You know, first word, first step, and the list goes on…

We quickly drove off towards Brian's with Megan and Brian basically shouting every word of the song. And Jimmy adding his own words in every once in a while which only made me laugh hysterically, almost causing me to pee in my pants.

Damn, I hate him…

I soon began to sing quietly to the song too.

Well, Ain't it fun when you broken up every band that you ever begun
Ain't it fun when you know that you're gonna die young

It's such fun
Such fun

I heard Megan's outrageous panic screeching voice. Then everything seemed to go in slow motion. I quickly looked up and could see blinding lights come towards us. And the screeching of cars. I felt a swerving motion as my head hit against something hard.

And then darkness…
♠ ♠ ♠
Okay soo....crappy chapter.

I was listening to Guns-n-Roses while writing this.
Which why they're in the story and why the chapter is named after on of their songs.

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