Second Heartbeat

Deer Caught in Headlights

"Yeah.." I answered. I've been thinking about since yesterday and I thought I might as well stick it out, plus I'm a senior and this my last year so it shouldn't be too hard to finish high school. I'm almost there anyways. One more year to go, yay.

He sighed and scratched the back of his neck looking up towards the ceiling, obviously thinking of what to do.

"Look," I finally said. "we can just pretend the baby's not ever yours. So we can save your little relationship with Jeanne-"

"Joanne" He corrected me.

"Whatever, so you won't have to worry about a thing. Meanwhile I'll just say I got shacked up by some drunken guy at a party, since it's partly true anyways."

"You don't have to do that, Izzy…"

"Oh come on, it'll be fine. Half the population of the school think I've already done something this stupid anyways. I don't think it'll shock anyone except Matt since he always seems clueless."

Zacky chuckled which did wonders to my heart. I loved to see him smile and it always seemed to produce more smiled from anyone else. The power of Zacky Baker's teeth.

"I still can't let you do that, Izzy. It just wouldn't feel right."

"Oh come on, Zacky! Just think of it as a personal favor, you can pay me back whenever you have your first child…well your first child with somebody else. And I have the favor of giving the baby the name of Santayana ."

"What the- is that even a name?"

"Sure it is, now lets go to the mall I'm sure they're all wondering where we are," I said as I pushed him out the door and to his car.

The mall was as usual as it could ever be. The guy were acting like…well guys. And of course Zacky's girlfriend even showed up.

Oh joy…

We were all hanging out in the food court. Everyone munching on food and chatting away. Or in Johnny's case, chatting and munching away. Zacky of course sat next to Joanne with his arms wrapped loosely around her waist. But I couldn't help but notice that Zacky was acting strange around Joanne. Which kind of made me have a pang of guilt since I was the cause. Though Joanne didn't even seem to notice at since she was just babbling away, like usual.

"So.." Brian said as he wrapped an arm around me. "I heard Zacky knocked you up."

I freaked and accidentally elbowed him the stomach, pretty hard I might add. He began gasping and kneeling on the floor. Everyone turned to us and I felt like a deer caught in headlights.

"What the hell did you do to Brian, man?" Matt asked as he came over to us. I could tell he was having trouble keeping a straight face, especially with Johnny and Jimmy cracking up and almost falling off their chairs.

"I uh…" I began frantically looked over at Brian who seemed to be having problems breathing. He started coughing and that’s when Matt began laughing too, along with Zacky and Joanne.

After a while Brian regained his normal breathing ability and gave me a glare before walking off. I followed him of course.

"Brian I am so sorry!" I said but he still ignored me.

"Oh come on Brian, how else do you expect me to act? Besides who told you?"

He still chose not to say anything, but instead bent down and got a sip of water from the water fountain. It wasn't until he was done that he decided to open his mouth.

"Your going to pay for that." He muttered. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Yeah, like I paid for that time I spilled cake on your shoes right? Remember how that ended? You…naked….cold pool water-"

"Okay I get it! Still, that gives you no reason to hit me," He said as he rubbed his stomach.

"I'm sorry Haner I promise to give you a Wal-Mart cookie later. Just tell me who told you."

"With sprinkles, right?"


"Okay, geez. It was Megan who else? She called me right after you hung up with her."

I sighed. I should've known, Megan seems to have a problem keeping things a secret. Though it doesn't surprise me since they are like non-biological twins. They act exactly the same and they've known each other since elementary. It was a horrible duo made in Hell.

"So have you told anyone else your pregnant?" Brian asked, in the most worst timing ever! Jimmy of course wasn't but three feet away.

"Dude! Izzy your pregnant?" Jimmy exclaimed.

"I'm guessing that's a no…" Brian whispered. I slapped my forehead.

This can not be happening…

Everyone seemed to have heard Jimmy because now all the focus was on me. And that deer in the headlight feeling was coming back. But it was no use lying to my whole group of friends (minus Joanne). So I decided to tell the truth.

"Yeah guys, I'm pregnant." I looked at Zacky who seemed to look really freaking pale at the moment.

"With who?" Joanne asked.

I began debating whether to tell her it was her own boyfriend and the love of my life that decided to plant his seed inside me but I couldn't really decide. Brian seem to have beat me to an answer though.

"It’s mine." He simply stated.

Everyone was shocked. Including me.
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Oooh. Didn't expect that did you?