Second Heartbeat

Blood and Gore Night

Three months have past and it was the last moment I had alone time with Zacky. Three months and the closest thing we've gotten to be alone was….never. But it was now December and only a week before our birthday. Yes, I said our birthday.

Me and Zacky share the same birthday, December eleventh, amazing huh?

"So any plans for your awesome eighteenth birthday?" Megan said as we sat in our desk for first block.

"Yeah, I'm hoping the baby decides to come out by then," I said as I looked at my now visible pregnant stomach. It didn't take long before students in Huntington High realized it, either. I could even see a few girls glancing at me and whispering. I could care less at the moment of what they were saying.

"You know…I heard pregnant ladies are the most craziest in bed, is it true?" Jimmy said as he looked over at me with his eyebrows arched.

"Where the hell do you get this kind of information?" I said with a disgusted look. He just shrugged and turned towards Megan.

"So has Brian asked you to the Winter Dance, yet?" Jimmy asked as he placed his chin in his hand.

"W-why would he do that?" Megan said blushing madly.

"Because you've been utterly in love with him ever since first grade." I muttered.

"Is it that obvious?" Megan whispered.

"Obvious enough that the only person who doesn't know is Brian." Jimmy said rolling his eyes.

"So are you going to the dance Jimmy?" Megan asked, obviously trying to change the subject.

"No, every girl I've asked has shot me down. Even Matt's got a date."

"Matt? Who's the girl?" I asked.

"Some girl named Jamie or something."

"Is she pretty?" Megan asked.

"Haven't seen her yet."

"Well, then we'll just have to ask about her in lunch." Megan smirked.

And then the conversation ended and first block began. The rest of the day went fine I guess. It was the same boring crap with the same boring teacher. The only thing different was I heard even more people talking about me. I didn't know what they were saying but I knew what it was about.

I was relieved lunch came because I could finally escape those awful stares. Once I was in the lunch line I got the usual, one of everything. But can you blame me? Especially when your mother watches what the hell goes into your mouth like a hawk when your at home. I've been starving for the past few weeks.

"Sooo…who's the lucky girl?" I asked Matt who stood next to me in the line like he did everyday. I could see him blushing which made me grin.

"Her names Jamie, and she's amazing. And before you say anything, it's okay. She's not some blonde bitch, like you and Megan like to call Joanne. You'll like her I promise."

Once we finally got out of the line I turned to him.

"So is she going to sit with us today?" I asked him. He nodded.

"That's her right there," He said motioning to a girl with a hair due I'd kill to have. She had black hair but with purple and blonde streaks. It was awesome.

Once we walked over there Matt quickly took his seat next to her. She just smiled up at him and took his hand in hers.

"Awww that's so sweet!" Megan said, making both Jamie and Matt blush.

"Hey Jamie," I said. "I'm Izzy."

"Oh hey!" she exclaimed. "are you the pregnant girl?"

"No, I’m just the girl who likes to stick balloons up her shirt." I said smiling. She looked taken back.

Matt laughed.

"Don't worry about Izzy, she's really sarcastic but she's not harmful." Johnny said.

"Not to mention she's hormonal." Brian mumbled. I punched him. He winced and started rubbing his arm.

"Ow, I won't hit you only because your carrying my baby." Brian said.

"Yeah, like you could hit anyways." Matt said which made everyone laughed.

"So Izzy," Megan began. "Are you going to help me pick out a dress for my aunt's wedding today."

"Sorry can't," I mumbled. "Mom's making me go shopping with her for maternity clothes."

"Ooh, I want to come!" Jimmy said holding his hand up in the air.

"I'll go too," Zacky said. Which made my heart skip a beat just hearing his voice.

"Joanne has cheerleading practice anyways."

And there goes the happiness…

I hated hearing that name. It was like claws against a chalk board.

"Thanks guys." I said with a fake smile.

"This one, or this one." Mom said as she held out two shirts in front of me, Jimmy, and Zacky. It's already been in an hour and we aren't even half way done. Plus my feet were killing me.

"I don't care," I muttered. At this point she could buy a trash bag and I'd be fine with it.

"Actually I like the red one, it goes with Izzy's complexion," Jimmy said pursing his lips.

"Yeah, me too." Mom said smiling at Jimmy and she went to another set of rackets looking for more jeans.

"Ugh! If I have to try on another pair of pants I'm going to hang myself with them in the dressing room," I groaned.

"I don't know why your complaining," Jimmy said shaking his head. "It's not even that bad."

"That's just because your not the one who has to try them on," I said.

"Well obviously you guys aren't having fun, why don't you just ask your mom if you can walk around the mall," Zacky said.

"Okay," Jimmy said as he walked over to Mom.

"Mommy," Jimmy said in his most innocent voice. Almost everyone called my mom, Mom, so it didn't surprise her a bit.

"Yes, Jimmy?' She said averting her eyes away from the jeans towards him.

"Can we go walk around the mall?"

It took my whole being not to laugh at him. Man, was he an idiot, but you had to love him.

"I suppose, just meet me in the food court in an hour, okay?"

"Okay Mom, I love you." Jimmy said which made Mom roll her eyes.

"I love you too, Jimmy." She said.

Jimmy turned towards us and said, "Okay, let's go!"

We walked around going to the usual places: Arcade, CD store, and of course Hottopic. But we didn't stay in either one of those for too long since we only had an hour to travel around the huge mall. After a while we just decided to go buy some movies. Once we entered the store we instantly went to the horror section.

"Dude, we should totally get this!" Jimmy said holding up the oh-so-classic Chainsaw Massacre DVD.

"Hmm, unrated too. I'm in," Zacky said smiling.

"Definitely, blood and gore is exactly what I need." I smiled.

"Then it's settled, we shall have a blood and gore night at Izzy's today. Buhahaha." Jimmy declared.

"Haha, we haven't had one of those for a while," Zacky chuckled. I shook my head in agreement.

So we bought the movie with Zacky's money, since he was the only one with money, and we met up with my mom at the food court like we promised. It was Friday night and there was nothing I'd rather do then to spend the whole night watching horror flicks with my buds.

We convinced Mom to order some pizza and waited until it was dark outside to finally show the movie.

"Are you ready to be scared for life?" Jimmy said in his dark and scary voice, which wasn't that dark or scary.

"Just put the movie in," Zacky said as he threw a pillow at Jimmy, which made me giggle.

Jimmy put the movie in the DVD player and turned out all the lights before taking his seat beside me. Before the movie even started you could hear the eerie music which made my excitement grow. But before the movie even actually started the door busted open which made me scream…loud.

In the doorway I saw a very pissed off Johnny holding up a tub of ice-cream. I sighed in relief.

"You guys are assholes!" Johnny yelled. "Having a blood and gore night without me."

I hit the pause button and waited for him to take a seat.

"Dude, you scared me." I said.

"Sorry but I wouldn't have to if one of you would've called me." Johnny muttered.

"How'd you even find out?" Zacky asked.

"Jimmy texted me."

"Well we're all here can we watch the movie, now?" Jimmy said aggravated.

"Not until I get some of Johnny's cookie-and-cream ice-cream." I said as I gawked at it. He chuckled and passed me the tub with a spoon. I don't know where the spoon came from but I didn't ask any questions.

We finally began watching the movie and as we got deeper into the storyline, my fear began growing. I even jumped a few times almost spilling the ice-cream. I could even see Zacky laughing silently at me from the corner of my eye. Until finally, I actually screamed and held on to the closest body, which happened to Zacky.

He started chuckling.

"Dude, Izzy, calm down." He whispered.

"I'm sorry but I'm not a big fan of chainsaws." I said as I buried my face into his neck which only made him laugh more and made Jimmy and Johnny shush him.

The whole while I didn't let go, and at this point I wished the movie would never end.
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