Second Heartbeat

Birthday Massacre

I woke up with the sounds of the most obnoxious laughter I have ever heard and it was coming from Jimmy's mouth. I stood up from my sleeping position which I realized was my head resting on Zacky's shoulder.

And I wish it would have stayed that way.

"What the fuck, man?" Johnny grumbled as he threw a pillow at Jimmy.

"What the hell is so funny?" Zacky whispered as he stirred beside me.

Obviously Jimmy's laughter waking both of them up.

"Oh my God! Pink pregnant bunnies!" Jimmy choked out between his laughter.

"What?" Johnny asked.

"I had a dream about Pink pregnant bunnies. But they jumped like kangaroos, which I thought was pretty weird."

"I think he's lost it…." I mumbled as I stood up. And as I stood up the nausea came. Which it didn't take long for me to go running in the bathroom and puking last nights ice-cream.


After a few more hours of the worst sickness God could ever create, the guys thought it would be best if they just left. Not before my mom cooked them breakfast, of course.

I was left alone with only me, myself, and Spongebob. Oh how the little yellow guy could make me laugh. After more hours just sitting there, my awful pink cell started to vibrate in my pocket.

"Hello," I sighed into the phone.

"Hey lazy-ass, okay so I was thinking for your birthday party we could-"

"Your still not on that are you?" I said as I cutoff Megan.

"Of course I am, your turning eighteen. This has to be the biggest party of your life,"


"What the hell is wrong with you?" Megan asked, probably ticked because she was more excited for my own birthday party more then I was.

"This was boredom does to you my dear Megan Smith."

"Whatever," she sighed. "I'm planning the best birthday party you could ever imagine and your pregnant ass better be excited for it you got-"

"Yeah yeah, whatever," I said as cut her off once more and hung up the phone.

Only seven more days until my birthday, and only six more months until this baby gets out.


And you know what? Jimmy wasn't the only one having dreams about evil pink fluffy pregnant animals.

It was now December eleventh, the fucking best day of my life….not.

But Megan wasn't lying when she said it would be the best party of my whole entire life. She even had a Nightmare Before Christmas cake, just for me. She also got strobe lights put in my house and a badass stereo. Plus she even invited people I didn't know. To bad I wasn't enjoying any of it. And you know why?


Who was smooching allover Zacky, since this was his party too. It made me sick. I wanted to shove cake all over he flawless hair, but I didn't.

It took all my will power to just turn around and walk away.

"Why aren't' you enjoying yourself, love?" Megan asked as she wrapped an arm around me.

"Oh…the usual." I mumbled.

"Well cheer up kickin' chicken," Jamie said as she came up to me. Ever since she's been dating Matt she's kind of become a part of the gang now. In other words….she's way better then Joanne.

"Yeah, Izzy, enjoy yourself. Have fun, loosen up, get drunk!" Megan yelled.

"I'm pregnant retard.."

"Oh yeah…"

"Doesn't mean you can't have fun." Jamie smiled. Which is exactly what I decided I'd try to do. Which my definition of fun was standing by the snack bar, which was the kitchen. And after just standing there munching on chips and talking to Matt and Brian about….something. Zacky came in with a lost look on his face.

"Hey guys, have you seen Joanne?" Zacky asked.

"Yeah, she has blonde hair right?" Brian responded.

"I'm serious, I haven't seen her."

"Dude, calm down we'll help you find her," Matt said.

"Thanks guys," Zacky said as he began searching some more.

"Excuse me, we'll help him find her?" I retorted. "I don't think so."

"But it's Zacky's birthday," Brian said.

"It's mine to!" I pouted.

"Oh come on it won't kill you to help out," Matt said as he wrapped in arm around me and led the way out the kitchen.

I just sighed and went along, only because Matt was way bigger then any guy I knew. He could kill anyone if he really tried.

As we began searching the bottom floor we found no signs of Joanne. So we decided to make our way to the second floor, which no one was even there.

"See no Joanne, can we go back to the party now?" I asked Matt and Brian. They both shrugged and silently agreed. We were about to walk back downstairs but Brian stopped us.

"Wait," Brian whispered. "did you hear that?"

"What are you talking about?" Matt asked.

"I heard a….moan?" Brian said, unsure of himself.

"Are you serious, Brian? God who is stupid enough to go upstairs and even do anything at a birthday party? And how cliché is that?" I said shaking my head.

And then there it was, the most horrible disturbing sound I've ever heard.

Brian and Matt obviously heard it too. Brian slowly made his way to guest room, which seemed to be where the noise was coming from. Matt and I weren't to far from him.

And just as he opened the door there she was, Joanne. Sucking face with some guy that wasn't even Zacky. Brian quickly shut the door quietly, not they would've heard us anyways. They seemed pretty into it.

And not to mention I wanted to stab that whore like there was no tomorrow!

"What the hell are we going to do?" Brian asked his body sprawled over the threshold, like he was trying to hide a murder scene.

"Uh, we can start by telling Zacky," I said stepping away from them.

"We can't do that, it'll break his heart," Matt said. He might look like the strong muscle guy in the group but he does have a soft side.

"But we have to, did you see what they were doing? They're hands were in places that shouldn't have been!" Brian said making his way down the stairs.

"Remind me to burn those sheets tomorrow." I shuddered.

"Fine we'll tell Zacky," Matt sighed shaking his head. And there was Zacky at the end of the stairs, obviously he had heard what Matt said.

"Tell me what guys?" He asked. "Did you find Joanne?"

"You could say that," Brian murmured.

"Dude, Zacky." Matt sighed. "Joanne….is cheating on you."

"Wait…what?" Zacky's face totally devastated.

"I'm sorry man." Brian shrugged.

Zacky looked at Brian, Matt, and finally me before taking off.

"Zacky!" I said as I called out for him.

This is no way to start off a birthday party!
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