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All Out of Faith

Lola Thomas - Liam Payne

Sierra Pearce - Harry Styles

Lola wanted to prove everyone wrong. That she could make it. She came for the fun, and stayed for the friendships she made along the way. But can Lola keep afloat, or will she sink on the rise to stardom?

Sierra was quiet, but she loved to sing. It was only when she sang that her true self showed through. And all Sierra wanted was to hear one 'yes'. One yes at the X-Factor, and she'd be okay. They could say no after that - she just needed one yes.

But Lola and Sierra met after that first yes. Became best friends.

And met five boys that would forever change their lives. No one expected it; and nothing could prepare them for the years ahead.


Thank you so much for reading! We love you guys. <3 We don't own 1D or X-Factor (seriously? is this a question?) but we do own Sierra and Lola, and the plot. Thank you! :3

~Effy and Annie