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Protect Me

Chapter Three

"Au-Austin!" Austin pounded harder into him at hearing him say that. Alan was underneath him, withering in pain and pleasure. "Faster, Aus, faster," Alan said, his voice so broken with pleasure that it send waves of lust all over Austin. He wanted this, needed it. Austin complies, giving his own moan of agreement. Alan felt wonderful around him. So tight, so warm.

He thrusts deeper into Alan, probably hitting his prostate since Alan's back arches off the bed. "There, hit there again!" Austin complies doing just what his ginger princess asks of him. "God, Alan, you don't know how hot you are," he whispers in his ear. "Aust, I-I'm close, fuck, fuck me harder," Alan groaned. Austin had a steady rhythm going, and he had Alan begging for more with each thrust. "I'm close, too, princess." But he turns them around and Alan was now riding him.

Austin almost came at that image. His princess bouncing on his long, hard, erection. His dick disappearing inside of Alan. Alan clenching around. "Jesus, princess," he moans. Alan moans as he hits his prostate and he feels his stomach clenching near the bottom. "Au-Aust, I-I'm cumming."

"Me too, princess," he groans.

"Oh, God, fill me up, Austin." But right before Austin could do just that...

He wakes up with jump and groans when he realizes it was all a dream. A really great dream, but a dream none the less. He covers his face with his hand and groans. "Fuck, princess, you don't know what you do to me," he whispers to no one. His hand goes under his sheets and he goes under his underwear to his hard and erect length. He begins pumping it from base to tip and muffles a moan.

But he couldn't get himself to cum, so he changed his hand to Alan's small petite hand and he feels himself getting closer to the edge. He imagines Alan replacing his hand with his small mouth and taking all of him inside and sucking him so hard and fast. He imagines Alan down on his knees, his big wide innocent eyes staring up at him, teasing him. The familiar stomach clench happens. "Fuck," he groans as he explodes all over his underwear.

He grabs a random shirt and begins cleaning himself with it before throwing it somewhere in his room, getting out of bed and walking to his bathroom. He removes his underwear and gets in under the showerhead and turns on the water. He stands there, just thinking of where he'll take Alan tomorrow. The water running down his body, over every tattoo.

Where to take him? Where to take him? He contemplated it, thinkong of every single cliché date. Dinner and a movie? No. Carnival? None in town. Picnic? Eh, it's not over done, maybe. Warped Tour? I wish. I don't know his music taste. He thinks about it as he gets ready for school that day.

He sees his dad in the kitchen. He never did get along with his dad, and now without his mother, it was worse. They were always fighting. Austin did love his father, and his father did love him, but they never did see eye to eye. He was hoping to walk by unnoticed, but his dad noticed him. "Austin, would you like some breakfast?"

He was ready to decline, ready to tell him he was going to eat with some friends, ready to give some bullshit excuse. But as he sees his father's expression, so hopeful, he couldn't break his father like that. His dad really was trying, and he guessed he could try as well. It's what his mother would have wanted. His father was all he had left, anyway. "Sure, dad." His dad gives him a surprised look, but then it turned to a smile. "Great. Is bacon and eggs fine?"

"Yeah." Austin places his keys on the counter and takes a seat on one of the stools. "Hey, dad. Can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead," his dad answered as he served Austin a plate.

"Do you have any ideas for a date?" His father stops his actions and turns to face his son. "You're taking someone out on a date? Boy or girl?" Surprise evident in his tone. His son had always had one night stands, fake girls for girlfriends, douches for boyfriends, and in the end, he had never once cared enough to give them a proper date. But now he did.

"Yes. Boy. And I want it to be special, but not one of those stupid cliché dates either. So can you help?"

His father nods as he hands him his plate. "Yeah, I have the perfect idea as well." And his dad spends all of breakfast telling Austin his idea, and as Austin heard it, he knew it would be a good idea. It matched Alan so well. Alan did remind him of a kitten anyway.

"Thanks, dad, but I have to get to school now. Bye, love you," he calls as he leaves through his front door. His father smiles, "Love you too," and Austin closes the door. His father sighs happily. "Oh, Austin. This boy is already changing you for the better and you didn't even notice." And he was referring to how Austin hadn't told him he loved him since his mother died a year ago. He shakes his head happily and prepares to go to work.

Austin pulls into the school's parking lot and sees Vic with Alan and Big Eyes. Austin knew his name wasn't Big Eyes, but he hadn't payed any attention to him. He only cared for Alan. "Princess," he calls walking towards them. Alan turns to look at him and smiles, "Oh, hello."

"Hey, Vic," he says, nodding towards him. Vic nods in return. Big Eyes smiles at him and waves. He nods back. "Hey, Big Eyes. Or should I say Rainbow Eyes?"

"Just Kellin is fine." He shrugs. "Your choice. So, princess, you excited for tomorrow?"

"I guess."

"What's tomorrow," Vic asked. "I asked princess here on a date and he said yes."

"Already? Wow, you sure didn't waste any time." They both chuckle.

Alan checks his watch, "We should head to class, the bell's about to ring." Austin nods and sees Alan and Kellin hold hands as they walk ahead of them into the building. He knew the reasoning behind it, but he still couldn't help but feel jealous. He watched as his princess and Kellin talked away.

"I think I like him," Vic says, suddenly. Austin turns to look at him. "Who? It better not be Alan."

"Yes, Austin, I like your Ginger Princess because I so want to die at your hands," Vic says, sarcastically. Austin rolls his eyes at him. "No, you idiot, I don't like Alan. I like Kellin."

"Ask him out," Austin shrugs.

"I don't know if he likes me."

"That doesn't matter. Not with these two. They'll say yes to be nice. I'm positive Alan doesn't like me like that, but he's sweet. He wouldn't want to hurt my feelings by saying no. So ask him. I promise he'll say yes."

"Alright, I'll do it. But if he says no, I will kill you." Austin was about to retort, but as he looks at Alan he sees both him and Kellin being cornered by a group of jocks. "Hold that thought, Vic," he says, walking over there. He steps in front of Kellin and Alan and towers over the jocks. "Is there a problem here?" He asks, menacingly.

"No, no problem at all. We're just talking with our friends here," one says nervously. I guess word spreads fast here. He raises an eye-brow and turns to face Alan. "Is that true, princess," he asks, gently. He sees Alan's eyes shoot nervously to the jocks before he nods. "You don't need to lie, princess." Alan stares at him, bashfully. "It's not a lie. Tino, Phil, Aaron, and Shay are nice, but their friends aren't."

Austin nods. He grabs Alan's hand gently and pulls him beside him. "Which ones are the one's you named?" Alan points them out and Austin stares at each one of them. They seemed nice enough. He nods at them and they nod back. Austin sees from his peripheral vision Vic and Kellin talking and Kellin bashfully nodding. I guess Vic did ask him out. "Come on, princess. I'll walk you to class."

"I don't want you to be late to class," he says.

"It's fine. I don't care."

"You should," Alan mumbles, but he drops it. They stay silent, but then Austin does something that surprised even himself. He grabbed Alan's hand and interlocked their fingers. Alan stared at him in shock, his beautiful brown eyes wide. But he finally gets passed it and smiles at Austin. God, that smile is going to be the death of me. What he didn't understand was how Alan could be so happy with all that happens to him.

The reach Alan's class and Alan removes his hand from Austin's grasp. He stops at the doorway and turns to smile and wave before entering. Kellin follows, smiling at both of them. Austin's heart was beating harder in his chest and he thought it would combust. He had never felt like this before.

"I know, dude. I know. I feel the same," Vic says. "Come on, let's get to class." And the walk to class in awe. It was obviously lovestruck awe.

The rest of the day, school went by normally. Except for the fact that Austin had taken it upon himself to memorize Alan's schedule in the few days he's known him, so he waited for Alan (and Kellin with Vic) outside his classroom to walk him to the next. That way people will know that Alan is protected and if they mess with him. Well, Austin hopes God looks away.

They walk together to lunch, Alan and Kellin happily walking with two of the already most feared people at school. People gaped at them all the time as they walked together. Some stared in shock, others in jealousy. One of whom was walking towards their lunch table. Alan had been chatting to Austin about how much he loves cats when she comes up to them.

"They're so cute, though. So small, fluffy, innocent. They're so warm and they purr when they like you. I remember one time a cat had licked my nose and I held it to my chest and it purred! I want one of my own, but my parents said I have to buy it myself. I begged them for one for my birthday, but they said  - " he gets cut off.

"Hello," the girl purred, leaning over the table, exposing her cleavage. "Hi," Alan says in a chirpy voice. She rolls her eyes at him making him slouch and blush. Austin looks at his ginger princess who's happy mood completely vanished and he was now eating quietly. He frowned before turning to glare at the girl who didn't even notice.

"May I help you," he asked, trying to keep his anger contained.

"Yes, actually. I was wondering why you were sitting with these two fags when you could be sitting with us," she says, gesturing to a table full of bunch of other whores who giggled and waved at them. Austin's glare intensified as she called Alan (and Kellin) a faggot. Alan had slouched deeper into his seat and when he looked at Kellin, he saw the same thing. He even saw Vic practically seething.

"What's your name," he asked.


Austin smirks, "Ah, the typical name of a whore. Listen, thanks for the unappealing offer, but I'd rather pass. I'd much rather hang out with someone who's as pure as they come than a walking STD. Thanks. Now leave," he deadpanned. Alan gaped at him and smacked his arm.

"Austin! That was rude. Apologize," he says, looking at the girl who stared in shock at being turned down and insulted.

"What? But she insulted you!"

"That doesn't matter. It's called being a gentleman and the bigger person."

"He's right," Kellin chirps in. Austin rolls his eyes but turns to face the girl - Hayley.

"I'm sorry, Hayley... For telling you the truth about yourself. Now leave." Hayley gasps again and glares before leaving. Alan sighed. "Austin, that was mean."

"Yeah, I know. Now come on, eat, lunch is almost over." Alan does as told and finishes eating a minute before the bell rings. He makes means to grab his bag, but Austin grabs it for him and throws it over his shoulder. Alan raises an eye-brow. "I'll carry it. You throw away your trash." Alan nods.

When he's done, he asked for his bag, but Austin said he'll carry it for him to his next class. Alan had sighed, knowing there was no getting Austin to change his mind. "Okay, let's go," he says, catching up to Kellin and Vic. Austin follows after, not really bothering with running like Alan did. Plus, it gave him a good show of Alan's ass and how his hips moved. They moved in a very sensual manner, Alan not even noticing. They moved kind of like a girl's, but not. It was just so, so... Alan.

He gives Alan his bag back once they reach his class. Then he walks to his next class with Vic. Ah, music class. The only class his actually enjoyed with Mr. Lucker. He was a pretty chill teacher, but he could be a dick if he needed. Which is why Austin respected him more than his other teachers.

"Alright, class, today's assignment is to compose a song, no words, just an instrumental with any instrument you want. You have the whole class period, but the last thirty minutes will be to present. Go get to it."

Austin and Vic walk to the guitars. "Any ideas for yours," Austin asks. "Nah, not with a guitar anyway. I think I might do piano." Austin shrugs. "Go for it. But I'm sticking with guitar." Vic nods and walks to the piano. Austin keeps strumming random cords until he finds tune he likes. Ok, good, progress. Now for the rest of it. He keeps strumming until something sounds good. Then he wrote it down.

He finally finished his song just as Mr. Lucker said it was time to start presenting. "Any volunteers?" No one raised their hand.

"Alright, Fowler, go on up." The Fowler kid groans, but grabs a guitar and plays his song. Austin had to admit he was good. And looks like Mr. Lucker agreed as well. "Very good, Jack. What is it called?"

"The Best There Ever Was."

"Very good."

Jack nods and places the guitar back to where he found it then takes his seat. Mr. Lucker picks another random student.

Finally, he picked on Austin. Austin walks up, grabbing a guitar along the way. He begins playing the acoustic guitar from beginning to end beautifully. "What's it called, Austin?"

"I don't know," he says, shrugging, not giving a shit. Mr. Lucker gives him an unimpressed look. "Fine. The Calm, that's what it's called."

"Fitting name." Austin shrugs and takes his seat. Then it was Vic's turn. And he begins playing the piano. It was soothing song and Austin had to give credit to his friend, it was really good. And he finishes. "Well done, Vic, what's it called?"

"Stay Away From My Friends." Mr. Lucker nods. And then the bell rings. "Alright, class, we'll finish the rest next class. You are dismissed." Austin and Vic begin walking to Alan and Kellin's last class. "Time to go home, princess," he says as he sees Alan and Kellin waiting for them.

They walk to the parking lot. "Need a ride, princess?"

"No, thank you," Alan shakes his head. "We can walk." Before Austin could reply, Vic speaks up. "I have to go, Mike's waiting for me at my car. Bye, Alan, Austin." He pecks Kellin's cheek, "Bye, Kellin." Then he walks off to where his car was and see someone leaning against it, probably Mike. Kellin was blushing.

"Are you sure, you don't want a ride? It could help so I know where to go to pick you up tomorrow."

"Oh, alright. Come on, Kellin." They walks behind Austin to his car. Then they get in the back seat. "Where to, princess?" And Alan gives him his address. Austin begins driving toward his street and he stops in front of his house. Austin is surprised to see Kellin get off with Alan, but then he sees them walk to two different houses right beside each other. Of course they live beside each other.

He puts his car into reverse, but he sees Alan exiting his house and walking to him. He turns off his car and gets out, meeting Alan halfway. "Would you like to stay for dinner? My parents want to meet the person taking me out on date, who saved me, and who drove me home."

"Tell them tomorrow, after the date, I'll meet them." Alan nods smiling before leaning up and pecking Austin's cheek. He pulls back blushing and looks at him bashfully through his eye-lashes. "Bye, Austin, have nice night," then he's walking back inside his house. Austin gets in his car and finally breaks into a grin. He kissed me.

He drives home and when he enters his house, he was still smiling. "What's got you in such a happy mood? Is it that boy?" His dad asked him as soon as he sees him. Austin nods, "Yeah, dad. His parents want to meet me tomorrow."

"Ooh, trying to make a good impression."

"Shut up, dad," he says, playfully smiling at his father.

"I want to meet him. What's his name?"

"Alan. You'd really like him. He's so nice, gentle. He's accepting of everyone even they're dicks to him. I don't know. There's just something about him." He sighs in a trance and his father smirks. But Austin snaps out of it. "Well, goodnight, dad."

"Goodnight, Austin." And as Austin begins walking upstairs. What if they don't like me? Most parents don't like me when they see I have tattoos and nose piercing. Shit! He jumps into his bed and sighs. He really wants Alan's parents to like him. He knows he's going to marry Alan in the future and he wants Alan's parents blessings.