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Protect Me

Chapter Five

"Where are we going this time?"

It had been a week since Austin and Alan's last date, and they were on their second. Vic and Kellin's date went great and they're dating now, but obviously they're are taking things slow due to Kellin's wishes. After Vic's date, he had called up Austin.

"Aust." He had paused to take a breath.

"I think I love him." Austin had chuckled silently, already knowing he felt the same with Alan. There was just something about how sweet and kind they were that drew Austin and Vic in since they were complete opposites. "Why do you say that?"

"Because he's just so perfect. He's so nice, and kind. And he has this smile that-that makes my heart beat faster. His laugh is just adorable. His eyes are the prettiest and biggest I've ever seen. His hair is just perfect. You should have seen him on our date. I took him for picnic at the beach and on our walk down to the sand, this kid bumped into us.

Kellin - being Kellin - apologized so much. It turned out the kid had lost his family so Kellin picked him up and helped him find his family after getting the kid to smile back. You should have seen it, the moment Kellin touched him, the kid just relaxed. There's just something about him.

And his parents. Oh, my God, his parents. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Not once did they give me a dirty look. They smiled and they were so welcoming. I just - I want to be a part of his life." And Austin smiled, this was the happiest he'd ever heard his friend. He can only imagine how much happier he is.

"I feel you. I took Alan to a petting zoo - "


" - Right? Anyway, the animals just levitated towards him. They weren't afraid of him. And you're right about the smiles - his is just perfect. I took a lot of pictures."

"Of course you did. Well, I have to go plan another date. Later."


After that, it had been a boring week at school. But there was one thing Austin noticed. Alan didn't want to be kissed by him. They were walking to class when it first happened. Like any other high school, the hallways got crowded. So by accident or on purpose, someone bumped into Alan causing him to almost fall over, but Austin held him.

They looked into each others eyes and Austin began leaning down, and right before their lips could touch, Alan turned his head the other way and Austin ended up kissing his cheek. "We-We should get to class," Alan had stuttered, cheeks aflame. Austin could only nod.

The second time it happened, Austin had driven Alan home and before Alan could get out of the car, Austin pulled on his arm. Alan had turned to look at him confusion evident on his face. He began leaning in, and Alan escaped his grasp, leaving the car, but before he closed the door, he spoke. "B-Bye. Thank you for the ride home." It was driving Austin absolutely insane.

They were driving to their next date. And Alan was about to ask again where they were going when Austin parks the car. "I didn't want to do a cliché, but I really love the park, so I decided a walk in the park and picnic when we get hungry." And Alan smiles.

"Don't worry about clichés, I don't mind. And thank you for bringing me, I haven't gone in a while." They get out of the car and begin, walking hand in hand around the small wooded area. They walked around the lake and Alan saw a few turtles raise their heads over the water. He squealed each time it happened. Everything was going great, until he showed up.

"Austin, is that you?" A voice rang out. Alan turned to look at them confused and Austin tensed and turn to look at them scowling. "It is," the accented voice called, walking up to them.

"What do you want," Austin snapped and Alan frowned. Austin was never this hostile, not even with Hayley.

"Oh, come on. Is that any way to talk to an old mate?"

"We were never friends. You outed me to the whole school, Oli!"

"Not that it matters, Aust. No one messed with you."

"That doesn't matter. I trusted you and you let me down."

This Oli guy shrugged, then he raises an eye-brow when he sees Alan who moves to hide a bit behind Austin. "And who are you?"


"Ooh. Alan, you sure are adorable."

"Leave him alone, Oli," Austin growls.

"What? I'm just making conversation with your new little play thing."

"You dick, Alan isn't my play thing."

Oli chuckles before looking at Austin and realizing he was being serious. "Wait - you're joking, right? You can't possibly be falling for this little ginger." Austin's scowl deepens.

"Oh, this is rich. Austin has a new bitch. Tell me, are his moans as loud as you like? Was he tight? Oh, wait - is he such a whore that he was so loose?"

"You fucking son of a bitch," And Austin launches himself at him. He begins punching Oli and hitting whatever he could.

"Austin! Aust! Stop! You're hurting him," Alan cried out. He rushes forward and steps between Oli and Austin. Austin's fist was raised in the air, but it stopped as soon as Austin saw who was blocking Oli. He was not about to hurt Alan. He drops his fist staring into Alan's terrified eyes. Alan raises a hand to Austin's cheek and Austin relaxes, closing his eyes and leaning into Alan's gentle touch.

"You - You actually love this ginger!" And Austin lands one more punch before walking away with Alan.

The rest of the walk was tense and as they were walking to the car for the picnic basket, Austin freezes and groans. "I can't believe I got in a fight on a date. On a date with you, of all people. No wonder nobody will ever like me. I'm just a fucking disaster."

"That's not true."

"Yes, it is. I got in a fight in front of you and I know you hate that. I almost hit you. It's no question why no one likes me."

"I like you." Austin snaps his head to face Alan who stood straight, a light blush on his cheeks. Austin marches over to him, and Alan looks up at him before blushing harder and lowering his gaze. Austin stared at his princess before grabbing Alan's face in his tattooed hand and pressing their lips together. Alan jumps in surprise, but when Austin carressed Alan's body until he reaches Alan's waist, and Alan relaxes at the soft touch and begins kissing back, wrapping his arms around Austin's neck pulling him closer.

They pull back slowly and press their foreheads together. "I want to take things slow," Alan says, bringing his hand to Austin's lips, running his thumb over them.

"That's fine," Austin says, breathlessly. "Now, how about that picnic?"