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Protect Me

Chapter Six

It was the day after Austin and Alan's date. They had decided to go to the park again, but no picnic this time - unless Austin wanted to surprise Alan. They were just leaving Alan's house, walking hand in hand to the park that was down the street.

Austin brings their intertwined hands to his lips and presses a kiss to Alan's soft, small, and dainty hand. Alan's face blooms a light blush. Austin chuckles before leaning down and stealing a small kiss. He feels his lips tingle when they come in contact with Alan's soft ones. He felt fire course through his veins, but he also felt light. As if he were on a cloud, or high, that's how Alan made him feel.

Alan presses a soft kiss to Austin's cheek before pulling back, blushing. Then he looks up at Austin through his eye-lashes. Austin only chuckles before pressing a kiss on Alan's nose causing Alan to scrunch it up cutely. Austin bursts out laughing. "Oh, Alan, you are adorable," he says, which causes Alan's light blush to darken.

"Stop," Alan whined.

"Kitten, you need to let me shower you in compliments. It's how relationships work."

Alan blushes, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, baby. Not only that, but I also like making you blush." Which only causes Alan to darken. "Austin, stop. I'll make you a deal."

"A deal," Austin asks, raising an eye-brow.


"Go on," Austin says, moving his hand to Alan's petite waist and pulling him closer so that Alan was in front of him.

"Well, since you seem to like complimenting me, I'll let you give me compliment a day."

"What? Just one? But everything you do is perfect. Three compliments day."




"Great, three it is... every hour."

"Every hour!"

"Great, glad you agree, princess. I get to compliment you every hour." Alan sighs.

"I don't like you." And Austin chuckles.

"Oh, on the contrary. You saying you like me is what started this relationship. But don't worry," Austin says and he leans into Alan's ear. "I like you, too."

Alan pushes him away softly. "Nope. I'm mad at you." He says, giving him the most mean look he could muster - which wasn't much. Alan wasn't one for anger or any bad emotions.

"Well, either way, you look cute."

Alan's angry fa├žade falls. "Austin, stop."

"Never," Austin whispers and pecks Alan's soft, pink lips once more. When he pulls back, Alan's pretty pink lips were parted a bit. When he meets Austin's eyes, he gives him a small smile. Then he reconciles their hands and they continue their way to the park.

Alan disconnects his hand from Austin's and Austin frowns at how cold he felt now without his princess to keep him company. Alan walked to the swings and got on one, gently swaying. Austin walks up behind him and begins to push Alan. Not fast or hard, just enough to make him move more. Alan laughed.

Alan jumps off after a while and begins running. Austin smirks and chases after his kitten. Alan runs behind a tree to catch his breath, and peaks his head over the side. He didn't spot Austin, he brings his head back behind the tree only for someone to grab his waist causing him to shriek.

He turns around to face Austin who was laughing. Alan was about to speak when Austin's fingers moved around his sides. He stiffled a giggle, "Austin, stop." He didn't listen. He began to tickle him harder and Alan began to laugh uncontrollably. "N-No, s-stop. Please," he could barely speak.

He tried moving away, but he tripped on his own feet and he was going down. But before he could hit the ground, Austin turned them around and his back hit the ground instead of Alan. Alan's laughing dies down to silent chuckles.

He was straddling Austin, but it wasn't as embarrassing as he thought it'd be. Austin had his hands placed gently on Alan's small waist. Alan leans down and places a kiss on Austin's lips. He pulls back slowly and sits up straight.

Austin stares up at him lovingly. Everything about Alan was perfect. The way his vibrant ginger hair moved in the wind, how his wide doe-eyes stared into you soul, how he spoke softly, but wise. He could make you want to do good if he tried hard enough. His lips held the most secrets, and the most happiness

He stared as the sun shined on Alan and made his ginger hair look golden. How his pale skin lit up. How his brown eyes looked like they had golden specs in them. How his ginger eye-lashes matched his hair. How his pretty pink lips were curled into a serene and blissful smile. How his cheeks held a rosey tint. How his hands were placed gently and softly on Austin's hard chest for balance. God, I love him.

Austin sits up, but leaves Alan on his lap. He stares up at Alan and lets out a breathy laugh and Alan does the same. He leans down and connects his lips with Austin. He smiles into the kiss and he realized he had never felt so at peace. They pull back but their lips were still touching.

They were breathing deeply, but laughing silently as well. Then Alan's pulls back completely and brings his hand to Austin's face. His fingers tentatively moved to cup one side of Austin's face. That touch was so Alan - unsure, soft, gentle, and caring.

Austin closes his eyes and leans into the touch. Alan runs his thumb gently over Austin's bottom lip causing Austin to open his eyes. He stares at Alan before removing one of his hands from Alan's waist and up to Alan's cheek, cupping it like Alan is doing his.

They look into each others eyes when they hear a camera go off. They remove their hands, but stay in there position, and turn to look to who had taken the picture. They turn to see a group of five guys around their age all holding cameras. "No! Go back to how you were or do something else cute! We need it for our photography club."

"Um, I'm sorry, but what are your names," Alan's asks softly.

"Oh, where are my manners? I'm Jesse, and these are my friends, Jack, Justin, Gabe, and Nick," he responds pointing to each individual.

"And why do you need to take picture of us?"

"Our photography club. Our homework is to take pictures of beautiful things of nature. And that position was great, the sun was great, your actions were great, everything was great."

"Who took the picture," Alan asks.

"I did," Jesse responds.

"Can I see it?" Jesse nods and Alan gets up from Austin's lap. But Austin holds his hand and places a kiss on it as they stare into each others eyes. Then another camera click. "Oh, my God. You guys are great. Let me photograph your wedding, okay?"

"Um, okay?" Alan responds. He pulls his hand away gently and walks over to stare at the picture. It was perfect. The angle was great, the sun was great, and you could see the love in their eyes for each other. It was a beautiful picture. "How much?"


"How much for a copy? You can use it for your club, but I'd like a copy."

"No, dude, for you, it's free. Let me get the printed out and I'll get it to you. Do you want the second one as well?" Alan nods, "Yes, please."

"Great. Here's my number. Call me tomorrow, I'll have it ready for you by then."

Austin walks up to them and wraps his arms around Alan. "I'd like a copy as well."

"Can do. Your boyfriend has my card. Just call."

"So, uh, can we take more pictures of you," Justin? asks. Alan turns his head to face Austin. "I don't see why not."

"Okay, yeah," Austin agrees. "How many do you need?"

"Well, for the homework, we need five total. Some of us already have a few others, so many two or three for each." Austin checks his watch.

"Yeah, okay. I've got time," he answers to them. Then he looks down at Alan. "What about you, princess?" Alan nods.

"Great! So, just do whatever you two were going to do. And don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll make them great. We'll worry about the lighting." They nod and begin walking hand in hand to playground. And as soon as they began laughing, they completely forgot they were being watched.

When they finish, Jesse promised to give each and every photo taken to Alan and Austin if he wanted. They agreed. "Bye, guys, good luck in your club."

"Thanks. I'd say good luck in your relationship, but you look like you don't need it. Bye." Austin and Alan begin walking back to Alan's house and when they enter, they're surprised to see Austin's dad sitting with Alan's parents.


"Hello, Mr. Carlile?"

"Alan, we've been through this - it's Robert to you. And hey, Austin."

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to visit my son's future in-laws," and Austin smacks his forehead. "Dad," he whines.

"It's okay, Austin, your father is a very funny and wondeful man. Plus, you know we wouldn't mind having you a part of our family," Alan's mom compliments. "We invited him to stay for dinner," Alan's dad continues. "Um, how did you find out where they lived?"

"Oh, Austin, I called them. I found their number in the phonebook."

"Right, dad."

"Come on, Aust, let's go to Kellin's house. What time is dinner, mom," Alan asks. "7:00, sweetie."

"Okay, mom. Bye, love you."

"Love you, too." Then they walk out of the house.


"You have no idea how much happier Austin's been since he met your son," Mr. Carlile informs.

"Well, I'm glad. But why hasn't he been happy," Mr. Ashby asks. Mr. Carlile's throat closes up. "Well, my wife - Austin's mom - died a year ago of a disease called Marfan's Syndrome."

"Oh, my. Isn't that hereditary?" Mrs. Ashby asks.

"Yes, the doctors checked Austin, and he has it, but he's fine. Anyway, after she died. Well, he stopped smiling for a long time. He wouldn't talk to me. He'd lash out, he didn't care about anything. He's gotten kicked out of multiple schools which is why he's now at Alan's. He's been through so much and I thank the heavens he's met Alan. He's such a nice boy. You've raised a wonderful son."

"Thank you. But your son has been protecting ours and we're ever so grateful. See, Alan, he's not very big or intimidating. He's an easy target to the other kids at school. He used to get bullied very badly. But since Austin's moved here, he hasn't come home with a single bruise."

"Ah, yes. Austin isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes is right. I love him very much for that. And he's finally said it to me after a year of never saying it and it's all thanks to Alan."

They chuckle. "How long do you think it'll take before Austin pops the question," Mr. Ashby asks.

"I give it until they graduate high school," Mr. Carlile says. "I say sooner, maybe Alan's birthday," Ms. Ashby says.

"When is Alan's birthday?"

"May 22nd. He'll be turning eighteen."

"The bets are placed," Mr. Ashby says, typing them on his phone.


Alan was sitting on the floor inbetween Austin's legs as they watched a movie in Kellin's room. He leaned back into Austin's chest and rests his head on Austin's heart. Austin moves so his chin is over Alan's head. He brings his arms so they're around Alan.

Alan reads Austin's watch and sees it's 6:56. "Aust," he whispers. "Hmm," Austin hums in response.

"We have to go. Dinner starts in four minutes."

"Okay, kitten." Austin gets up first, then he grabs Alan gently, picking him up. "We have to go," he says to the couple on the bed. Kellin and Vic were in the same position as Alan and Austin were only on the bed. "Bye, guys," Kellin says.

They walk back to Alan's house holding hands and their parents coo when they see them. Alan blushes and Austin rolls his eyes. They walk to the table and take their seats beside each other. Alan's mom places plates full of food in front them. The chat aimlessly among themselves not listening to their parents conversation.

Austin chuckles when Alan tells him he tried being a vegetarian to make Kellin feel more welcome, but how it backfired because he couldn't live without meat. It was so funny because it was like Alan to do something that extreme for a friend. He places a kiss on Alan's forehead before leaning down and pecking his lips.

Then they hear, "Aww!" come from every adult in the room. They pull apart Alan blushing a deep shade of red. Then Austin sees his dad had his phone out. "Dad, no. Please tell me you didn't."

"Oh, but I did. Then he presses a few things on his iPhone before showing them his new wallpaper. "Ooh, Robert, send me that picture," Alan's dad says. And Alan flushes darker. The rest of dinner was spent teasing them until it was time for the Carlile's to leave.

"Bye, Alan, try to visit me sometime. Yeah?"

"Of course, Mr. Car - Robert. I will." He nods and walks to his car. "I'll see you at home, Aust."

"Later, dad," Austin calls from his place on Alan's porch. Then his dad gets in the car and drives off. Austin turns to face Alan. "I'll see you tomorrow, yeah, kitten?"

"Yeah. Goodnight."

"Night," and Austin places another kiss on Alan's lips before pulling back and climbing into his car. He watches as Alan walks inside his house. God, I love him. Then he drives home to sleep and dream of a certain red-headed boy.