Status: Two-Shot

Well Worth the Wait

Elle has worked hard planning a big charity event for the New York Rangers, home to some of her closest friends and her best friend in particular, Cam Talbot. After finding him on her sofa drunk again, she's had enough and the truths that she meant to keep to herself are spilled and her life may change. For better or for worse.

All original characters are my own. I own them and nothing else. Especially not the Rangers. The following story is a work of fiction and not true in any way shape or form. The best friend plot is a little overdone but this is my first submission so don't sue :). (This is from before he was traded to the Oilers also).

Added a little epilogue for about two and half years later following Cam's trade to Edmonton Oilers.
  1. Well worth the wait
  2. Little Peanut
    After being traded to the oilers, Cam and Elle make a life for themselves in Alberta.