Portrait of a Girl

Gabe Andrews has lived his perfect “Preppy Kid” life for the past four years of high school. However, the unpopular, misfit, Lillian Murphy, as planted a seed of discontent in his mind when she asks him to be her prom date. Will Gabe be able to see past his prejudices, and get to know a girl he had assumed wasn’t worth knowing?
  1. Wednesday's Pizza Day
    A proposition, an experiment, if you will for your more scientific mind.
  2. To Be Brave, and, Bored
    Is it possible to have been bored and never realized it?
  3. Cigarettes and Opera
    A short car ride and a long drop
  4. Just a Bit of Girl Talk
    Anticipation is always the best part
  5. As Stubborn as the Colorado River
    If you are persistent enough even the hardest rocks will bow to you
  6. Now I've Had The Time of My Life
    And I owe it all to you.