It's the End of the World

It all started with Alice Liddell, before all this she was a quiet Daddy's girl from Brookhaven, Georgia. Her town was the first to get hit, both her parents are missing and she plans to try and find them in Atlanta until she gets sucked in by a man she met, Glenn leads her to his group and as time goes on it gets harder for her to leave.

Daryl Dixon is a short tempered red-neck who once lived within the mountains of North Georgia. He's the groups lone wolf and to be honest, he likes it that way. He didn't talk to anyone, and nobody talked to him. That was the case until a fiery blonde joined the survivors and turned everything upside down for him.

Will Daryl change? Will Alice be able to break through the tough, bad man fa├žade he tries so hard to keep in check?

This story follows the show. It starts season one, episode three. I'm changing it up a bit cause to be honest, we've all watched the show and we know what happens so it might skip quite a bit and I may also keep some characters alive if I don't like the fact that they died. (Dale, really?! I loved him!) So I don't own the parts that are from the walking dead, but I do own the main character idea and I do own the parts of the story that are my own. I hope you like!