It's the End of the World

Chapter One.

I ran, I ran so fast I started to believe my legs would drop off at the sheer force my body was putting them through. I was panting now from dehydration, I turned my head slightly, seeing around fifteen of the ugly things not far behind me, there jaws chomping together hungrily as they looked longingly at the flesh marring my bones. I continued on, tears blurring my vision as I realised this might be my last day on this god forsaken world. I felt my back mid run, hoping my katana was still in place. I know it wouldn't do any damage on a heard this size but feeling some comfort at the giant weapon latched across my back along with the bow that was thrown haphazardly across my shoulder. I took comfort in the two lethal weapons I held dearly across me. I saw the sun glistening through the trees over head and I smiled at the sight of the tarmac of the road in front of me. I'd finally found the road! I almost jumped for joy until I realised I was still in quiet a predicament with the groaning bastards behind me. I ran out into the road, my ears picking up as I heard a noise in the distance, a car was headed straight for me! I jumped out of the way swiftly, just in time for the hoard to come out of hiding and plant themselves in front of the incoming vehicle. I heard the noise of the breaks being slammed down abruptly and the red sports car went straight into the walking dead, knocking them down and throwing them over the car, some being pulled under the wheels as well. I jumped up and down joyously as I laughed, I rushed towards the car as a small Asian man climbed out, shock written all over his face. I rushed to him and wrapped my arms around him happily, kissing his cheek over and over.
"Oh gosh, I love you so much right now!" I exclaimed as I unwrapped myself from his shocked frame. He blushed lightly as he placed his hands in his pockets and looked at the ground. The loud alarm was still blaring and my eyes widened slightly as I nudged him. "Look, it was really nice to meet you, but we better get the fuck outta here or more of those fuckers are gonna come after us." I exclaimed and his eyes widened as he went to open the car door once again.
"Climb in!" He exclaimed and my eyes widened softly. Should I? I'd been on my own for a while now.. The thought of interacting with new people was terrifying and exciting all at the same time. Not really thinking about it I ran around and climbed into the passenger side and buckled myself in instantly. The random man stepped on the gas and we instantly zoomed off, up the hill.
"I'm Glenn, what's your name?" He asked and my eyes widened as I grabbed onto the car for dear life.
"Alice, Alice Liddell. Momma was a giant Alice in wonderland fan an' with 'Liddell' as a last name, how could you not?" I explained nervously as I grabbed onto the door handle as he sped up the hill. Glenn nodded slightly, a chuckle falling from his lips. Soon the vehicle stopped and I sighed in relief as I removed my hand from the door, my hands white from the force of clutching the door tightly. I sighed in relief as Glenn smiled at me and climbed out of the car. I looked out of the window and was surprised to see quite a few people starting to crowd around Glenn.
"Hey guys, pretty sweet, huh?" He asked as everyone else in the small camp looked at him like he was the worst person in the world.
"Holy crap. Turn that damn thing off!" Someone exclaimed as I opened the door quietly and stepped out of the flashy vehicle. I thought he was on his own, not with a giant group! There were even kids here!
"I don't know how!" Glenn exclaimed, an exasperated look on his face as he lifted his hands above his head. Another man came over to the car and started hitting the front of it.
"Pop the hood!" He exclaimed angrily and Glenn went back to the car and hopped in, doing exactly what the man said as a younger girl shouted questions at him. I sighed awkwardly as I looked away, tapping my foot against the floor nervously as I waited for someone to address me.
"You there! 'scuse me miss, but can I ask who you are?" A man asked, he was stood on top of an RV when we arrived, but now he stood in front of me. His hair was grey, but you couldn't see most of it because of the hat on top of his head. A rifle was hung over his shoulder.

"I'm Alice, Sir, But you can call me Ali if you like. And I'm real sorry for the intrusion. I only came up here 'cause Glenn was givin' me a ride away from a group of walkers I ran into, but I'll be on my way now. It was nice meetin' y'all." I said with a small smile before walking back towards the woods. I heard a shout and quiet footsteps behind me.
"You can't go out there on your own! Stay the night, It'll be dark soon anyway so I really think you should stay here before headin' off, there's also plenty of food, fill your stomach before you go at least." A woman with short hair said, her face seemed friendly, the warm, welcoming smile was something I hadn't seen in a while and it made me pause for a moment. I smiled lightly back at the woman before shrugging.
"If that's okay with everyone, I wouldn't want to intrude. I'll go hunt for food if need be, that's all I'm good for these days anyway." I said with a light chuckle and the woman grinned back at me.
"Well, then we have someone you'll get on great with. I'm Carol by the way, it's lovely to have another girl staying with us." She said and I heard a larger man scoffed from behind her and she turned sharply and looked behind her. She seemed scared all of a sudden. She walked quickly to the larger mans side as he scowled.
"We already have enough bitches running around." He stated, a nasty glare aimed at the woman beside him. I narrowed my eyes into slits at the ungrateful bastard. Instead of commenting Carol turned and listened in on the rest of the conversation going on around her, the smile now erased from her face.
"She's okay! She's okay!" Glenn exclaimed and the girl screaming questions sighed in relief before looking right back at Glenn. I would never get used to all these voices. I watched the people around me for a moment longer, the young blonde was still in Glenn's face, asking him multiple questions about someone else I had yet to meet. She looked fairly young, weak, she wouldn't last one minute out on the road. I zoned back in when the girl moved away from Glenn, finally stopping her interrogation.
"Yes! Yeah, fine. Everybody is. Well, Merle not so much." He sighed sadly but no one seemed to hear.
"Are you crazy, driving this wailing bastard up here? Are you trying to draw every walker for miles?" The man that was under the hood of the car exclaimed as he looked at Glenn
"I think we're okay." The old man that was stood next to me said and the man near the car looked at him dumbfounded.
"You call being stupid okay?" He asked and I rolled my eyes before deciding to not listen to them talk crap anymore. I walked away slowly, as not to draw any attention to myself. I sat down on a log that was placed near a small camp fire and looked down at my arrows, some I'd gotten with my bow and the others I'd made myself along the way. To be honest I was pretty impressed with my craftsmanship. I continued looking at the pieces of wood until I heard the rumbling of a car engine in the distance. I looked up to see a big truck pulling into the clearing, a woman with light blonde hair climbed out first and ran over to the girl that was screaming at Glenn earlier and wrapped her arms tightly around the young girl. I was guessing that was her sister she was talking about earlier.
"Amy!" The older one exclaimed as the young girl shouted "Andrea!" just after. Well, at least I didn't have to be introduced to them.
"Oh my god! You scared the shit out of me!" Amy exclaimed and Andrea laughed into her shoulder as they continued with their embrace. A tall, rather large man climbed out next and a woman and two children ran over to him to embrace him in hugs.
"How'd ya'll get out of there anyway?" The man I was assuming to be the leader asked and everyone smiled softly.
"New guy.. He got us out." He stated and the leader raised a weary eyebrow.
"New guy?" He asked and the other nodded.
"Yeah, crazy Vato just got into town. Hey helicopter boy! Come say hello." He exclaimed and another man climbed out of the truck, dressed up in police gear. Other things were being said but I was too busy watching the officer. He smiled softly at everyone until he came into everyone's sights. A woman and a little boy were wrapped up in each other, when they looked over there eyes widened and the little boy instantly got to his feet and ran over to the man, wrapping his arms around him tightly as the man fell to his knees and hugged the boy back with all his might, tears falling out of his piercing blue eyes as he kissed his cheek softly. He stood up and started to advance towards the woman with the little boy clutched to his chest. He wrapped his arms around her too, giving them both a giant hug. It was a family miracle.
It was later on at night when I finally joined the camp who were huddled around the campfire. When I wanted to go over Rick was in the middle of telling a story to his family and friends, so I decided not to intrude until a later time. When I sat down, I was passed a bowl of food by Dale, who I now knew was the older man with the funny hat. I smiled gratefully at him, holding the steaming bowl in my hands. It was only a couple of pieces of meat, but honestly I was just happy to be getting anything. I'd found out most of the camp members name from the leader, Shane. So I could now happily put names to the many faces around me.
"Hey, Ed, you wanna rethink that log?" Shane asked and Ed sighed, but you could tell he really didn't care as he threw his head back and attempted to ignore Shane.
"It's cold, man." He stated and Shane raised his eyebrows.
"The cold don't change the rules, does it? Keep our fires low, just embers so we can't be seen from a distance, right?" He asked and Ed turned to face him, expression full of fury, a murderous gaze heading Shane's way.
"I said it's cold. You should mind your own business for once." He stated and Shane got up instantly, walking over to the larger man. I rolled my eyes before starting to pick at my food with my fingers. I heard a cough beside me and turned my head to see Glenn and Dale staring at me with warm smiles.
"What?" I asked with a mouth full of meat, Glenn laughed softly.
"How long you been out there then? On your own that whole time?" I sighed softly, putting my now empty bowl down at my feet.
"I've been out there since day one, my house got overrun quick. Actually, it was probably one of the first to fall. My parents were at work, I tried to contact them but I've heard nothing back since, I was on my way into the city to look for them when you found me. Luckily I'm an okay hunter, it's got me this far. But sadly, I'm a little out of practice with my weapons." I stated with a shrug and Glenn smiled at me softly as he placed his elbow on his knee, his hand keeping his head propped up.
"You must be one tough chick, being out there all on your own. Where'd you sleep?" He asked as I played with a golden braid hanging from my dishevelled hair.
"I went from house to house really. If it was safe, I'd stay there. Although the last few days I've been in the woods, so I haven't slept very much." I mumbled and Dale looked at me, his eyebrows knitted together in concern.
"Well, hopefully you'll have a good nights sleep tonight. That's your tent over there, it was a spare so we set it up for you earlier." Glenn said with a soft smile and I nodded politely before standing up.
"I think I'll take you up on that tent right now, goodnight everyone. And thank you, for being so nice and takin' me in." I said with a soft smile and everyone nodded at me before mumbling goodnight. I smiled softly one last time before making my way towards the tent that was now classed as mine.