It's the End of the World

Chapter Two.

The sun woke me up that morning. I sighed softly before sitting up and placing my hands above my head and stretching out my back. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes before crawling out of the stuffy tent. Most people were already up, all the men were surrounding the car Glenn was driving yesterday while all the woman were either cooking or washing everyone's clothes. I rolled my eyes at the poor women before walking over to the men at the car.
"Look at 'em. Vultures. Yeah, go on, strip it clean." Glenn said as I approached him, I stifled a small laugh as Dale turned towards him.
"Generators need every drop of fuel they can get. Got no power without it. Sorry, Glenn." Dale explained sadly and Glenn scoffed as he looked down at his shoes solemnly.
"Thought I'd get to drive it at least a few more days." He mumbled and I couldn't help it anymore, I burst out laughing. He looked at me and scowled. "Oh yeah, go on, laugh it up." He stated and I laughed loudly again as I wrapped my arms around him.
"Don't worry, we'll steal another one someday." I said as I let him go, smiling widely up at him. He rolled his eyes softly, the corners of his mouth lifting up into a small smile.
"We better, that was the single best thing I've ever done in my life!" Glenn exclaimed happily. I was about to respond when I loud scream pierced the air. "Carl!" I heard Lori scream and my eyes widened drastically as I pulled the large katana sword of my back, instantly running over to the area that the scream came from. I made it there before anyone else and pulled the children out of my line of sight, I carried on running for a few minutes before seeing a dead deer in front of me, a man slouched over the body as it ripped into it's neck hungrily. Flesh was falling from its teeth and hands as I stood there, watching until Shane, Rick, Glenn, Morales, Jim and Dale ran up behind me all holding some tool they could use as a weapon. Suddenly they flung themselves at the beast, hitting it everywhere but the head. I groaned in aggravation as I made my way into the middle of the group and thrust the tip of my sword swiftly through its skull.
"Come on, guys. It's gotta be the brain." I stated as they all looked at me, some staring in bewilderment and disgust and others in admiration.
"It's the first one we've had up here. They never come this far up the mountain." Dale stated as I placed my sword back into the holster on my back and straightened out my overly large t-shirt and denim vest. I looked down and saw that specks of blood now littered my already disgustingly grimy clothing.
"Well, their runnin' out of food in the city, that's why." I explained to everyone and they all looked down at the now dead corpse. That was until we heard branches snapping closely and loud footsteps approaching. I grabbed my sword once again, holding it steadily as the noise became louder. A man came out, his hair clung to his forehead as he looked down at the dead corpse in disgust. I still held my weapon at the ready, not knowing who this guy was and what he was doing here.
"Oh, jesus." Dale mumbled and I looked at him from the corner of my eye as he shook his head before looking back at the new guy and lowering my weapon slightly.
"Son of a bitch. Tha's my deer! All gnawed on by this.. Filthy, disease-bearin', motherless poxy bastard!" He exclaims as he kicks the dead body of the monster over and over again. I kept my sword by my side as I looked on at the lunatic.
"Calm down, son. That's not helping." Dale intervened and the man quickly walked over to Dale and moved his face close to his.
"Whadda you know about it, old man? Why don't you take that stupid hat and go back to 'on golden pond'?" He stated and I moved slightly so I was beside the older man, willing to defend him if need be. "And you? Who the hell are you?!" He exclaimed as he came closer to me and I held my weapon up as I stared at him. "Get that fuckin' thing out my face, bitch!" He yelled and I narrowed my eyes slightly as I looked towards Dale who slowly nodded. I brought my hands down and the man scoffed as he turned back to the dead animal. "Been tracking this deer for miles. Gonna drag it back to camp, cook us up some venison. What you think? Think we can cut round this chewed up part right here?" He asked and now it was my turn to scoff as I watched him pointing at the mangled neck of the deer.
"I would not risk that." I stated as I looked at the others and they all nodded in agreement. The man stood over the deer sighed softly as he picked himself up from the floor.
"That's a damn shame. I got some squirrel.. About a dozen or so. That'll have to do." He states as he starts making his way back towards camp, kicking the rotten head as he walked.
"Merle! Merle! Get your ugly ass out here! Got us some squirrel! Let's stew 'em up." The hunter exclaimed as he walked around the camp, obviously searching for the one person who wasn't here. I'd heard enough the night before to learn the person he was speaking of was not coming back. Shane walked over to the agitated man and took him to one side to talk to him privately. I looked towards the two as the rugged man with the crossbow started pacing back and forth. Next thing I knew, Daryl was lunging at Rick and attempting to attack him until Rick shoved him off.
"Hey! Watch the knife!" I heard T-Dog exclaim and my eyes widened as I jumped into action. Daryl pulled out his knife and aimed it in Ricks direction. Shane managed to put him in a chokehold as I thrust the knife from his amazingly strong grasp.
"Hey, let me go!" He exclaimed and I sighed as I placed the knife in my belt. The guys continued arguing for a while and I rolled my eyes at the noise they were making. You'd think these guys wanted to be eaten. Finally Rick stepped in and toned down the noise a couple of notches.
"I'd like to have a calm discussion on this topic. Do you think we can manage that?" Rick asked and Daryl said nothing, Shane tightened his arm slightly.
"Hmm?" Shane asked and the hunter rolled his eyes.
"Mmm. Yeah." He mumbled and Shane nodded as he let the man go. I rolled my eyes as I turned away from the commotion. I was honestly regretting staying with these people right now. I stayed out of their way from then on, I parked my ass on a camping chair Dale had let me borrow and sharpened the homemade arrows I had on me. Arrows, easy to embed in peoples skulls, not so easy to get out. I sat there for around an hour until I saw Rick walk from the area of the tents all done up in the police uniform that he was wearing yesterday. He talked quietly to Shane for a few moments before looking towards Glenn.
"Oh, come on." Glenn exclaimed and Rick sighed.
"You know the way. You've been there before.. In and out, no problem. You said so yourself. It's not fair of me to ask.. I know that, but I'd feel a lot better with you along." He stated and Glenn thought for a moment before nodding his head softly. That's when I stood up.
"I'd like to come, if it's not any trouble. I'm a good shot, quiet too. You can't go wrong with that. Plus, Glenn saved my life out there yesterday, he's not going anywhere without me. I'll watch his back." I stated as I nodded at Glenn and he smiled widely, making my lips turn up in a small smile too.
"That's just great. Now you're gonna risk four lives, huh?" Shane asked and I rolled my eyes softly.
"Five" T-Dog stated and Daryl huffed like a child.
"My day just gets better and better, don't it?" He asked rhetorically and I scoffed.
"Shut it, prick. At least you're getting help." I stated and his head shot my way, sending me what I'm guessing was meant to be a menacing stare.

"The fuck you say to me, girl?" He asked and I rolled my eyes as I walked towards him, getting in front of his face like he did to me and Dale.

"Being an ass isn't going to save your brother. We are, so chill the fuck out." I stated and everyone turned to me then, obviously not expecting such words to come out of my mouth but I didn't care. The guy needed to get his priorities straight. As everyone else was fighting over whether they were going or not, I collected my stuff from the ground and started applying them to my body. I placed my sword over my head before placing my bow and arrows on my shoulder. Glenn walked over to me then, a friendly smile plastered on his face.
"Here, you might need this." He said and handed me a pistol. I pulled a face at it and he chuckled softly. "You don't need to use it, it's just in case of emergency. But it's already loaded and the safety's on." He pointed at the gun and I saw a little button. "Just press that if you need to use it." He stated and I smiled softly as I placed it in the back of my jeans.
"Thanks bud, but lets hope I don't need to use it. I was never good at guns, hence why my daddy didn't teach me." I stated and he nodded softly before coughing.
"Thanks.. For what you said back there. But you don't need to come I'm good at this stuff I'll make it back." He said and I shrugged.
"I know you will, but whether you like it or not, You're my friend now. And whenever you go, I go. I need to make up for you savin' my ass back there." I stated with a smile and I swear I saw a faint blush grace Glenn's cheeks. "Is Glenn blushin'?" I asked with a chuckle and he rolled his eyes as he walked away from me abruptly, after that, the laughter wouldn't stop.