It's the End of the World

Chapter Four.

"One wrong move, you get an arrow in the ass. Just so you know." Daryl stated and the guy laughed.

"Make that two." I said, my voice practically a growl as I stared at the young boy venomously.

"G's gonna take that arrow out of my ass and shove it up yours. Just so you know." He said and I smirked slightly, a small chuckle escaping my lips as I bent down so I was eye level with him.

"They probably ain't even missin' you. They did leave you for dead." I said with smirk and the his face dropped, instantly knowing I was right.

"G?" Rick asked and the boy nodded.

"Guillermo. He's the man here." He stated and everyone nodded. Rick cocked his gun.

"Okay then. Let's go see Guillermo." Rick stated towards us and we all nodded as we made our way out of our hideout, we walked for a few minutes before we came across a big building. The doors opened abruptly and a man walked out, I assumed he was Guillermo.

"You okay, little man?" He asked the boy and he shook his head.

"They're gonna cut off my feet, carnal." He stated in fear and this made me smile slightly. Maybe he wasn't as stupid as I thought. Guillermo looked at us with a puzzled expression.

"Cops do that?" Guillermo asked.

"Not him. This redneck puto here. He cut off some dude's hand, man. He showed it to me." The boy stated and Daryl growled at the boy from where he stood to my right, his crossbow still aimed at the kids head.

"Shut up!" He shouted. All of a sudden the Mexican man that abducted Glenn walked out and pointed a gun at me.

"Hey, that's that vato right there, homes. She shot me in the ass with an arrow. What's up, homes, huh?" He said to me and Daryl growled as he stood in front of me to stop the guy putting a gun to my face. Why he was doing that, I had no idea. But it was still nice of him.

"Chill, ese, chill. Chill. This true? He wants Miguelito's feet? That's pretty sick man." Guillermo stated and I growled audibly. Who the hell did this man think he was? Prancing 'round all high and mighty like he was daddy big balls.

"We were hoping more for a calm discussion." Rick intervened and Guillermo scoffed.

"That girl jumps Felipe's little cousin, you beat on him, then threaten to cut off his feet, Felipe gets an arrow in the ass and you want a calm discussion?" He stated and I stepped in front of Daryl abruptly, he tried to stop me but I was rather stubborn.

"Heat of the moment. Mistakes were made on both sides." I stated and once again everyone started ranting. I'm sure Glenn was mentioned but I was too occupied feeling for my weapons. Something was going to go wrong. I could tell. The next thing I tuned in on was two men walking onto a roof top with Glenn.

"I see two options. You come back with Miguel and my bag of guns, everybody walks. Or you come back, locked and loaded, we'll see which side spills much blood." He said and everyone turned, instantly disappearing into the building. Ten minutes later we were back in the deserted building we held Miguel in before. I sat on the cold cement floor and laid my weapons down beside me. I touched the tender spot on the back of my head and I instantly winced. I pulled my hand away to see fresh blood on my fingers, meaning the wound hadn't congealed yet. I felt something on my shoulder and I flinched, grabbing one of my arrows and grasping it in my hand as I turned around as quickly as possible. Daryl stood there, a shocked expression on his face. I sighed softly and shook my head.

"I'm sorry. I'm still a little bit on edge." I stated and I heard a grunt coming from his direction. All of a sudden I felt a slight pressure on my head and something cool running down my neck. I thought my wound on my head had once again started bleeding, but was shocked when I touched skin on top of my head instead of blood. "Thanks." I stated, knowing it was Daryl who was pressing a wet rag to my head.

"Stop thankin' me. Jus' doin' what everyone else would." He grumbled and I sighed softly as I looked over to Rick and T-Dog who were talking quietly, our hostage sitting not too far away. Instead of interrupting their conversation or even trying to listen in, I just concentrated on Daryl's surprisingly soft grip on my head. "The bleedin's stopped for now. It should be okay 'til we get back to camp." He stated and I nodded softly as I poked at the tender flesh around the area. I looked at Daryl and sent him a soft smile.

"I'm sorry 'bout your brother. It's a shit world out there now." I said and Daryl just nodded as he sat down beside me on the floor. "And I'm sorry about callin' you a redneck bastard. I went a little too far. It's been so long since I've been with people I seem to have forgotten my manners." I added quietly and he shrugged his shoulders as he moved my weapons and laid them out in front of him, inspecting them carefully.

"I ain't exactly a man that says many nice words." He stated and I chuckled softly as I played with a loose thread that was hanging off my t-shirt.

"Sounds like we're gonna be worst enemies, then. I ain't a girl that says many nice words either." I stated with a small smirk as I looked his way. Daryl kept eye contact with me for about five seconds before grunting and looking down at the ground. I could tell he was starting to feel awkward, as I was starting to feel it too. So I wasn't surprised that when Rick started removing all of the guns from the bag, he climbed up and walked over to him.

"Them guns are worth more than gold. Gold won't protect your family or put food on the table. You're gonna give that up for that kid?" Daryl sneered and Rick just glanced at him.

"If I knew we'd get Glenn back, I might agree. But you think that Vato across the way is just gonna hand him over?" T-dog added from where he was sat, his hand rubbing his chin as he thought everything over.

"You callin' G a liar?" The kid asked and I rolled my eyes for what felt like the millionth time today.

"Are you a part of this?" Daryl exclaimed as he smacked the boy around the face. "You wanna hold onto your teeth?!" He exclaimed and I quickly jumped up from my spot on the floor to drag Daryl away from the kid. He might be shit, but I didn't want him dead. Then we'd never get Glenn back. I pulled him away and sent him a small warning glare, he scoffed before backing off slightly.

"Question is, do we trust this man's word?" I asked from my position in front of the kid, my eyes trained on Daryl before moving over to Rick. Everyone glanced at me, Nothing was said for a few minutes before Daryl spoke up. I moved my gaze back to him as he replied.

"No, question is what are you willing to bet on it? Could be more than them guns. Could be your life. Glenn worth that to you?" He asked as he leaned against the wall.

"What life I have I owe to him. I was nobody to Glenn, I was just some stupid girl runnin' through the woods on her own with twenty or so walkers on my ass tryin' to get a bite outta me. I got to the road and he stopped, he didn't have to. He could have drove on and not thought about me, but he stopped. So I am not givin' up on him." I stated and Rick nodded.

"He could have left me under that tank as well, but he saved me." Rick added and our eyes met, I gave him a small smile, hopefully one that showed I appreciated him being on my side.

"So you're gonna hand the guns over?" Daryl asked incredulously. And Rick shook his head, a small smirk on his face.

"I didn't say that." Rick stated and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "There's nothing keeping you two here. You should get out, head back to camp." He said to Daryl and T-dog. T-dog rubbed his head as he answered.

"And tell your family what?" He sighed in frustration as he lifted his head to meet Rick's eyes. With that everyone looked at each other. When Rick looked at me and Daryl we both nodded before I grabbed a gun and handed it to T-dog.

"Come on, this is nuts. Just do like G says." The kids said as he stood up but before I could knock him back over Daryl walked over to him and forced him to sit back down. Daryl caught my eye and I nodded at him. We were ready.

Back at the enemy compound.

We walked back into the enemy camp, we pushed Miguel back into the compound, his hands tied tightly behind his back. Daryl was holding a gun in-between his shoulder blades just in case. The doors opened and Daryl pushed the kid inside. We all followed suit after with our weapons also raised. G was stood in front of us.

"I see my guns, but they're not all in the bag." G stated and Rick replied, his gun still raised.

"That's because they're not yours. I thought I mentioned that." Rick stated, and if looks could kill, G and all of his men would be dead by now. G's friend walked up then, putting his face close to G's.

"Let's just shoot these fools right now, ese. All right? Unload on their asses, ese." He growled and I glared at him.

"I don't think you fully appreciate the gravity of the situation." G said and by now I think all of us were getting pissed off with his attitude. I now wanted to shoot him in the ass with an arrow.

"No, I'm pretty clear." Rick seethed as he cut the ropes around Miguel's hands. "You have your man." Rick stated as he pushed Miguel towards G. "I want mine." He said finally and G just stared at him for a minute before stalking forward.

"I'm gonna chop up your boy. I'm gonna feed him to my dogs. They're the evilest, nastiest man-eating bitches you ever saw. I picked them up from Satan at a yard sale. I told you how it has to be. Are you woefully deaf?" G asked and I smirked lightly at how badass he was trying to be, he looked pathetic.

"No, my hearin's fine. You said come back locked and loaded." He stated and at that, everyone cocked their guns and pointed them at G, including me who now had a shot gun in my hands. I hardly knew how to use it, but I was hoping it would scare them off. "Okay then, we're here." He stated and everyone around G pulled out a weapon. All of a sudden a little old lady ran out into firing line.

"Felipe! Felipe" She exclaimed, Felipe didn't take his gun off us as he addressed the old lady.

"Abuela, go back with the others.. Now!" He exclaimed and by now I wasn't holding up my gun properly for fear of hitting the poor woman, I believe everyone in our group was feeling the same.

"Get that old lady out of the line of fire!" Daryl exclaimed, even he now looked uncomfortable.

"Abuela, listen to your miio, okay? This is not the place for you right now." G stated but the old woman just wouldn't listen.

"Mr. Gilbert is having trouble breathing. He needs his asthma stuff. Carlitos didn't find it. He needs his medicine." She exclaimed and my eyebrows raised in confusion. Asthma? Medicine? What?

"Felipe, go take care of it, okay? And take your grandmother with you." G said but by this point I was too confused to follow the conversation so I just blanked it all out. The next thing I heard was the old lady mentioning Glenn.

"Come, come, I'll show you." She said and I instantly rushed forward with Rick as Daryl and T-dog stayed behind. I picked up the little ladies arm and tucked it under mine to help her walk. She smiled up at me warmly. We walked up some stairs and through a pretty, well-kept garden before we reached what looked to be an old nursing home, old people were everywhere, and every so often there was a younger person tending to them. We walked into a large hall and I breathed a sigh of relief as we saw Glenn stood beside an old man who was gasping for breath. I carried the old lady over to the man and Glenn but kept her arm in mine to help her balance.

"What the hell is this?" I asked Glenn and he sighed.

"An asthma attack. Couldn't get his breath all of a sudden." He said and I looked at the old man who was now puffing on the asthma spray that Felipe was holding to his mouth.

"I thought you were being eaten by dogs, man." T-dog said and then Glenn looked behind him where a couple of Chihuahuas on the floor. I instantly squealed like a little girl and let go of the woman to run over to the little dogs. I picked one up and it instantly started licking my face and I giggled slightly as I stroked it's head. I would have the fun and let the others talk business. It was obvious no one was going to get hurt here. Rick and Daryl walked over to the side with G as T-dog started talking to a few of the residents. I looked up and saw Glenn looking at me. I furrowed a brow at him and he smiled as he came over and sat beside me. I passed him a dog and he jumped lightly, not expecting my sudden movement.

"I always wanted a dog, I was never allowed one when I was a kid, and I was always out too much to have one though when I grew up." He stated and I smiled softly as I stroked the dogs ears absentmindedly.

"I had one a long time ago.. Although I'm glad he isn't still alive, I wouldn't want him being around with all this goin' on." I stated and smiled as Glenn picked the dog up to put it in front of his face.

"You're just a rat with fur, you're not a dog!" He exclaimed and I laughed as the dog barked in response. Around half an hour later we left the nursing home with Glenn and half of the guns. It was a relatively quiet walk until Glenn spoke up.

"Admit it, you only came back to Atlanta for the hat." Glenn smirked and I chuckled lightly as Rick smiled at him.

"Don't tell nobody." Rick chuckled and I smiled at the two before going off into my own little world. We walked up to where the truck was, but it was no longer there. I furrowed my brows and looked around us in confusion.

"Oh my god."

"Where the hell is the van?" I exclaimed and everyone groaned.

"We left it right there. Who would take it?" Glenn asked and Rick spoke up next.

"Merle." He said and Daryl nodded.

"He's gonna be taking some vengeance back to camp." He stated and everyone looked at Daryl in concern.

"Well what the hell are we just standing around for, let's go find him!" I exclaimed before starting to walk back in the direction of the camp. I heard footsteps following after me so I guessed everyone was following my lead. I instantly felt someone rushing up beside me and I smiled as I realised it was Glenn.

"Thank you, I didn't say that earlier. I mean, I know the guys weren't really dangerous, but they could have been and you guys still came and saved my ass." He said with a chuckle and I smiled at him softly as I adjusted the bow slung on my shoulder.

"Well, you saved my ass yesterday, it's the least I could do." I shrugged and we continued our walk in silence.

It was night time when we finally reached the stretch of dirt that lead to the camp, but as soon as we stepped onto the road, a shotgun was heard in the distance as well as multiple screams.

"Oh my god." Rick exclaimed as he stood staring at the camp that was a little ways in front of us, bodies moved around quickly and I couldn't tell who everyone was from this far away.

"Go! Go!" I exclaimed and we all started running as fast as we could. We got there just in time to see the chaos. Rick, Daryl, Glenn and T-dog were shooting bullets left right and centre and I pulled out my katana and started hacking into anything I could. I'd killed around eight walkers by the time everything died down. Carl ran over to Rick and gave him a big hug and I smiled, I was so glad he was okay. I looked to my left and saw two blonde bundles of hair together, I walked a bit closer and almost cried at the scene in front of me. Amy was laid, a large chunk of skin missing from her neck. I turned away from the scene before I threw up, bringing up what little food was left in my stomach. I sat down on one of the logs that surrounded the fire pit when I felt well enough again. Well, this was a disaster.