It's the End of the World

Chapter Five.

It was morning now, and no one had gotten any sleep after last nights attack. Rick was off somewhere, Andrea was still sat with her deceased sister and Daryl was hacking into walker skulls as T-dog and Glenn threw them into the raging fire. I was still sat on my make shift seat. I'd gotten up to use the bathroom and talk to some of the camp members, but I always made my way back to this spot. Really, I was just waiting for the time that Andrea's sister would wake up. Not really, but as a walker. Lori had tried talking to her, but it was just going in one ear and out the other. Rick walked over to me then and sent me a small, sad smile.

"She still won't move?" He asked and I shook my head before running a hand through my dishevelled hair.

"She won't even talk to us. She's been there all night. What do we do?" I asked and then Shane walked over to us, his hands in his pockets as he looked at the Blonde leaning over her sister.

"Can't just leave Amy like that. We need to deal with it the same as the others." He stated and Rick nodded as he made his way over to Andrea, I followed behind quietly just in case I was needed.

"Andrea." Rick said and Andrea turned to face him, her gun raised and pointed straight at his face.

"I know how the safety works." Was all she said and Rick nodded with wide eyes before backing off.

"All right. Okay. I'm sorry." He explained and Andrea lowered the gun and looked back at her sister once more.

"Well, that worked." I stated before taking a seat on the log once more to wait for the inevitable.

"Y'all can't be serious. Let that girl hamstring us? The dead girl's a time bomb." Daryl exclaimed quietly, the axe he was using on the walkers moments before carelessly thrown over his shoulder.

"Then what do you suggest?" I asked through clenched teeth, many people had already tried to get through to Andrea, and so far everyone had failed. He walked up and put his face close to mine.

"Take the shot. Clean, in the brain from here." He said and put his fingers to his head in the shape of a gun for added effect. "Hell, I can hit a turkey between the eyes from this distance." He said and I rolled my eyes before looking directly into his.

"No! For god's sakes, let her be." I said and Daryl just scoffed as he shook his head and abruptly walked away. I looked down at my blood stained hands before trying to wash off some of the grime on my trousers. As I was doing this I heard shouts from across camp.

"No. I got scratched during the attack." I heard and with that I was up and walking towards the clearing where Jacqui was with a camp member I believed was called Jim.

"You got bit." Jacqui accused, fear was evident in her eyes as she looked at the fresh blood on Jim's clothing. I looked up at him.

"Show us." I stated and he looked up at me then, his breathing heavy as he looked between us.

"Please, don't tell anyone." He asked but it was no use as Jacqui was already addressing the group.

"A walker got him. A walker bit Jim." Jacqui exclaimed and soon enough everyone was rushing towards us. Could the bad luck just not stop already?! The next moment, Daryl was shouting and Jim had a shovel in his hands, waving it at anyone that came near. T-dog quickly ran up behind him and held him still as Daryl lifted up his shirt to reveal an obvious set of teeth marks marring Jim's pale skin. A gasp escaped my lips as I saw the swollen flesh, I ran over to him and placed my hand on his forehead.

"He's burnin' up." I stated, the fever had already started.

Around half an hour later I was back in my tent gathering my things together to leave the camp. I'd already been here a day and used up enough of their resources. I placed my sword on my back for easy access and slung my bag over my shoulder before exiting the tent and starting to dismantle it. I collected all the pieces together and folded them up neatly before walking over to the group of people that now seemed to have come to a decision. I walked over just in time to see Daryl mumbling something before walking towards Jim who was just a few steps away from me, he started to take a swing with the axe in his hands but I jumped in front of him just in time and pushed him away.

"What the hell are you doing, boy?!" I exclaimed as I pushed him away again. He looked towards me in shock but I didn't care, I was too pissed. "You don't kill the living! If you do you're just as bad as them!" I exclaimed and Daryl scoffed as he dropped the axe and walked away. I sighed as I looked at the others. "Now that I stopped that, I'm heading out." I stated and everyone looked at me wide eyed.

"You can't go out there on your own!" Lori exclaimed and I smiled softly at her as I moved my bag so it was more comfortable on my shoulder.

"Thank you for your hospitality, but I've burdened you guys enough. You've got enough goin' on here. I'm gonna go." I explained and everyone started talking. But Rick raised his hand so everyone would shut up so he could speak.

"Girl, you go out there and you have no one to cover your back. You should come with us." He said and I shook my head sadly. I'd already used enough of their food and water.

"Rick, I'm just another mouth to feed and another body to worry about. You have enough goin' on here."

"You're a hunter, you can help getting the food. You'll be paying your way. After this, we need as many skilled people as we can and I've seen you with that blade. We could use you on our team." I looked around at everyone after he said this and everyone nodded their agreement. Well, apart from Daryl who was still sulking and hammering into walkers heads with the axe he nearly used on Jim. I nodded my head slightly with a smile and everyone smiled back, that was until we heard the gun shot. I turned around and was met by Andrea sobbing once again. And with that I knew; Amy was officially gone.

We had a funeral for all those lost, and there was a lot of tears and heartbreak. When we eventually finished, Morales and his family had decided to venture out on their own and we were finally on our way towards our next destination. I knew we were going to the C.D.C, but to be honest I had no idea where or what it was. I was just going along with what everyone else said. Dale was getting himself ready with Glenn in his RV while Jacqui sat by Jim's side to look after him, Rick was in another car with Lori, Carol, Carl and Sophia. Shane was in his own car with Andrea and Daryl was checking his motorcycle on the back of his truck. I pulled the pack of cigarettes I carried in my bag out and placed one in my mouth. Daryl finished what he was doing and walked up beside me, I held out the packet to him and he grabbed one with a nod before lighting his and my own with a match he had in his pocket.

"Who you drivin' with?" He asked as he leaned against the RV next to me. I shrugged softly before taking a long drag of the cigarette in my hand.

"Whoever wants me, I guess." I said with a small smirk and he shook his head as he took one last drag and flicked the end on the ground. He nudged his head towards his truck and I took that as a hint that I could ride with him. I finished off my cigarette before throwing it down next to his and following behind him. I opened the passenger door and pulled my katana and bow off my body before throwing them in the foot well and climbing in after them. Daryl joined me not long after and placed his crossbow in front of my feet. I didn't have much room by this point, but I didn't mind as I folded my legs underneath me so my feet were on the seat.

"You get anythin' on my seats, I'll have you cleanin' it up with a toothbrush." Daryl murmured and I rolled my eyes softly as I pulled off my shoes and placed them on the floor with everything else.

"Happy?" I asked and he only grumbled as he started the truck and pulled out onto the road behind all the other vehicles. I rolled down my window and placed my head back against the head rest as I relished in the feeling of the cool wind on my face. It had been so long since I'd been in a car with the windows down that the feeling of the wind on my face was somewhat orgasmic. I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't notice Daryl talking to me. "Sorry, what?" I asked.

"Ya do that a lot?" He asked and I just laughed lightly as I attempted to hang my head out of the window.

"It's been so long since I've been in a car, I'm just enjoyin' the feelin' while I can." I explained before turning to him and smiling. "I do space out, but only when I can, If I did it with the undead around I'd have died long ago. It nice to be able to get lost in my own head for a minute." I shrugged. I could have sworn I saw a small smile on his lips, but I didn't have time to dwell on it too much since the RV in front started making sputtering noises.

"The hell?" Daryl asked before stopping the truck abruptly and climbing out. I quickly pulled my boots back on before following after him, Dale was stood in front of the RV while it was smoking profusely.

"I told you we'd never get far on that hose. I said I needed the one from the cube van." Dale said as everyone crowded around the front of the RV.

"Can you jury-rig it?" Rick asked and Dale sighed as he shook his head.

"That's all its been so far. It's more duct tape than hose. And I'm out of duct tape." I walked forward towards the RV and pointed to the hood. Dale shrugged his shoulders and nodded indicating that he didn't mind. I popped the hood and coughed as smoke rose up from the bonnet.

"I saw something up ahead. A gas station if we're lucky." I said and Shane nodded as he looked at Rick.

"Hey, Rick, you want to hold down the fort? I'll drive ahead, see what I can bring back." Shane stated and Rick nodded. T-dog then said he'd go with Shane and with that they were on their way. I started fiddling around with shit in the bonnet as everyone else went to check on Jim.

"The hell did you learn that sorta stuff?" I heard someone say from beside me and I instinctively jumped, turned around and landed a punch at the persons face. I covered my mouth in shock as I saw Daryl holding his face in pain.

"Oh god! I'm so sorry! You scared me!" I exclaimed but he just sighed before running a hand down his face and then inspecting the area for blood in the reflection of the window.

"Shit, lady." He said. "What the hell?" He exclaimed and I winced slightly at his tone. He sighed softly before touching the tender spot around his eye.

"Well you shouldn't sneak up on people! You could have been anyone or anything!" I exclaimed, to be honest I felt really fucking bad, but his shouting wasn't going to do anything but make me build up my inner wall and shout at him back.

"Whatever. Anyway, like I said, how'd ya learn that stuff?" He asked gruffly and I rolled my eyes before looking back at the fucked up engine.

"I learned a little from my daddy. Not too much but enough to get by. Although I have no idea if I'll be able to change it, it's been a while since I last did it." I explained and he nodded. Thankfully he wasn't bleeding, but his eye now sported a nice red mark and I'm pretty sure he'd be wearing a nice bruise for a while. But, he didn't seem to mind too much after his initial reaction so I wasn't going to dwell on the matter right now. Plus, he shouldn't have snuck up on me.

"Well, Glenn's been helpin' Dale out with this piece of junk so he should know a thing or two." He said and I nodded before closing the lid. I shot Daryl a small smile before moving from the front of the RV to make my way around to Daryl's truck. I opened the passenger door and grabbed my things before making my way back to where everyone else was.

"While their out, I'm gonna go try and find us some food. I'm better off doin' that than sitting here twiddlin' my thumbs." I explained to Carol who was stood in front of the RV, a solemn expression on her face. "How is he?" I asked sadly and she sighed as she ran a hand through her short hair.

"He wants us to leave him here." She stated and I sighed softly, my gaze going to the ground. "You agree?" She asked incredulously and I shrugged.

"I think it's what he wants. And I think what we should do is honour a dyin' mans wish. He can't go on much longer, the drive will only be makin' him worse." I stated and Carol looked at me before nodding.

"I guess your right." She said sadly and I nodded my head before turning around and making my way into the thick patch of trees. I walked slowly, trying to make my footsteps as light as possible. I heard a slight noise to my right and turned instantly, my senses on high alert for anything roaming in the surrounding trees and bushes. I pulled my bow from my shoulder and grabbed an arrow from my quiver. I placed the nock of my arrow on the string and placed the arrow on the arrow rest. I looked down the sight and following the small movement in the trees. When the small furry animal came into view I pulled back the string and let go, the arrow flew through the air and I smiled as I heard the thud of it hitting the target. I followed the sound and smiled happily as I saw the squirrel that was attached to my arrow lying on the ground.

"Nice shot." I heard from behind me and I spun around to see Daryl standing there, his crossbow raised slightly from when he was scouting for animals, but he soon placed it by his side. I shrugged my shoulders softly as I tied a piece of string around the small animal to attach it to my belt loop.

"I haven't done it in a while. I'm surprised I'm still any good." I stated and Daryl turned slightly, his head held high as he listened to something in the distance. He crouched and put a finger to his lips, indicating for me to be silent. I lowered my body and followed after him as he started making his way deeper into the woods. Daryl stalked one way and I heard movement in the opposite direction, so I decided to follow that instead of him who could easily take out the animals on his own. I saw a flash of fur and instantly got my bow ready, a shot was aimed and taken within around fifteen seconds and I ran towards the area I heard the arrow hit.

When I went looking for Daryl again I had four squirrels attached to my belt. I followed his trail to a small clearing where I saw Daryl aiming his crossbow at something in the distance. I watched him as he took a deep breath before letting the arrow fly through the air and pierce a small animal to the tree trunk. I walked forward slightly as he went to grab the animal. He came back and I saw three squirrels and two rabbits attached to him with a piece of string but his was hung over his shoulder.

"That should be okay for now." I stated and with that said we started making our way back towards the group. I hadn't noticed we'd wondered so far out, so eventually the silence became too much and I couldn't take the quiet anymore. "You hunt a lot for the group?" I asked and he grunted as he pulled the piece of string holding the animals further on his shoulder to make it more comfortable.

"No one else can do it." He stated simply before falling into silence once again. "Ya.. Ya did good back there." He said after a few minutes of silence, pointing back at the thick woodland. I smiled softly as I looked down at the ground where I was walking.

"Thanks, you din't do too bad yourself." I said with a small smirk and Daryl scoffed at me lightly. "What's your last name anyways?" I asked.

"None of your damn business, woman." He said and I put my hands up in surrender.

"Just when you think your gettin' along." I mumbled as we walked out onto the road again. By this point, Jim was leaning against a tree near the RV as Dale and Glenn tried to patch up the radiator. I walked over to Rick and Shane and glanced down at the dying man in front of me. I got down on my knees next to him and grabbed hold of his hand.

"Jus' close your eyes, sweetie. Don't fight it anymore. I'll see you on the other side." I stated with a smile before climbing back to my feet. I know I haven't known these people very long, but I still felt I needed to make him feel better in his last moments. He sent me a pained smile before I walked away, tears welling up in my eyes as I heard everyone else saying their goodbyes. I walked towards Daryl's truck and unhooked the dead animals from my belt before throwing them on some material that was in the back with his motorcycle. I climbed into the passenger seat and placed all my weapons back on the floor before pulling my feet up underneath me. Moments later everyone was back in their vehicles and we were once again ready to set off. I placed my head against the cool window as Daryl climbed back into the drivers seat.

"Ya okay?" He asked and I sighed as I kept looking at the car in front of us.

"Please, stop pretendin' you care and jus' drive." I stated and Daryl scoffed as he put the keys in the ignition and quickly started up the car. I looked out the window at Jim to see his eyes closed and his breathing far too shallow to be normal. I finally let the tears fall from my eyes as we drove away, leaving him to die alone.