We Might Just Be

10: It Is Just Me

Pulling her sweater tighter around her, Imelda shook her head, her stomach knotted at the thought of walking back into the dance studio to collect her things. She felt stupid, the way she had ranted at Gerard had been embarrassing and she felt awful about doing it. He had only asked why she was scared and in response, she had yelled at him, admitting all of her worst fears in a rant that made her stomach turn just thinking about it. It was the truth, she was terrified that Gerard could just turn out to be another Antonio, but he didn’t need know and he certainly didn’t need to know that she could be the type of girlfriend that no one wanted, which had more than likely curtailed any chance of them making their relationship function.


Imelda noted the sound of her name from Gerard’s mouth, but didn’t react to it, too angry with herself to look up at him.

“Imelda, I bought your bag” Gerard noted, padding towards the wall on which she sat “I thought you would like it so that you could go home before Thalia gets out here” he added, his eyes glancing back through the window at Thalia and Cesc who were obtaining some final pointers from the instructor.

Imelda shifted a little and nodded, wordlessly requesting that he set the bag on the wall beside her.

“Immy” he murmured “I am sorry for pushing you” he added gently “I should have just left it when you told me to and now I feel terrible. You have every right to be mad at me” he rambled, sitting down beside her.

Imelda swallowed. “It isn’t your fault” she murmured, her eyes peeking up at him briefly “I should have handled it better than that. I shouldn’t have ranted at you like that, you were only asking a question” she noted, her eyes drifting back to her feet gently.

Gerard nodded his head a little stiffly before he let out a sigh, his eyes flicking over to her. “Imelda, I like you” he murmured.

“I know” she returned.

“Then you should know too that I am not Antonio. I am not some idiot that is going to throw you away the second something better comes along. I like you, Immy, I like you a hell of a lot, and I would like for us to make something of this. We could be good together, people have already mentioned how cute we are together, and I don’t want to ignore it. Imelda, why can’t we?” he posed.

Imelda swallowed. “Because…”

“There is no because” Gerard interjected with a little shake of his head “You just think that there is because you are too scared to admit you want me too” he added with a knowing look that made Imelda’s cheeks warm slightly. He was spot on and the look on his face said that he knew it too. “Imelda” he whispered, his hand reaching out to take hers “We could be great” he enthused.

“We could also be terrible” Imelda returned.

“Imelda” he whined “There is nothing to be scared of here. It is just me” he murmured.

“Antonio told me the same thing. Can you honestly look at me and tell me that if someone better came along, you wouldn’t leave me?” she pressed.

Gerard rolled his eyes before he edged a little closer, his hands gently settling on her cheeks which were a little damp from the crying she had been doing. “Imelda Torres, I want to be with you” he announced firmly “I don’t care about anything else, or anyone else or the past. Immy, you make my stomach flip in a way that no one else has ever done before. You make me laugh and ramble like a child and I really like you for it. You’re wonderful and there is no doubt in my mind about it. I am not too good for you, you are too good for me” he added, his blue eyes holding the stare of her greens.

Imelda wanted to shake her head, to tell him that it would never work and that they were best of being friends, but the look on Gerard’s face stopped her. He looked vulnerable, like he would break if she told him no and she knew she couldn’t do it to him. Even despite her fears and concerns, she did like him and didn’t want to hurt him, even if it did mean being vulnerable with him, it was something she would have to do eventually. “I am not” she fussed softly “I mean, have you looked at yourself lately?” she teased with a feeble smile.

Gerard admired it for a brief moment before he moved one of his hands, sweeping the black hair off of her face. “I think I am looking at the beautiful one in this relationship” he mused with a little cheeky grin that made her skin warm.

Imelda shook her head, a nervous laugh falling out of her mouth, a sound that made Gerard smile at her tenderly. Her laughter was adorable.

“Immy?” he murmured.

“Yes?” she replied.

“I am going to start thinking of you as my girlfriend now, you know that right?” he posed, his hand gently moving to take hers which sat awkwardly in her lap.

Imelda jumped at the touch and blinked a little. “You are?” she mused.

Gerard offered her a tender smile and nodded. “I am. That is what you are to me, Immy, and you will be for as long as I can make it happen” he explained, pulling her hand gently to his lips where he placed a little kiss against the skin. “I like you, a lot, and there is no pretending in that. Imelda, we are sort of a couple now” he noted.

“I don’t remember agreeing” she murmured, just the hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth.

“Ah, that was the plan. Sweet talk and then, bam, you are my girlfriend without me even having to ask” he grinned, his eyes shining just a little.

Imelda shook her head. “It would have been nice of you to ask, Piqué” she noted.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “Fine” he grumbled “Imelda Torres, will you be my girlfriend?” he mused.

Imelda shrugged. “I don’t know” she admitted teasingly.

“That isn’t the answer that I wanted” he muttered, edging closer to her.

“I know” she grinned.

Gerard rolled his eyes before he placed his hands on her cheeks again, pulling her into their first kiss which wasn’t for the benefit of those around them. Imelda relaxed into it instantly and smiled, noting the little flip that her stomach did when their lips met. “Be mine” he murmured gently, pulling away briefly for breath.

Imelda smiled. “I think you made need to work harder” she mused.

Gerard let out a little groan. “Imelda” he whined.

Imelda giggled before she reached her hand up, weaving it into his hair as she pulled him down for another kiss. “I’m yours” she muttered “Just be careful with me” she added.

Gerard smiled and held her close, knowing he wasn’t going to let her go without a fight.
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