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11: Get A Less Adorable Boyfriend

Stretching his arms a little, Gerard smiled down at the sight of a mass of dark curls resting on his chest, his eyes marveling at the petite girl who still slept soundly. It had only been days, perhaps four since their conversation outside of the dance studio, but Gerard didn’t regret it for a second. It had taken more work than he was used to, but having Imelda in his arms made it worth it. She was amazing, even if she didn’t quite see it for herself, and he was pleased he had managed to talk her into dating him for real, even if it did mean a little tiptoeing until she found herself surer in their new relationship, it was worth it to have a shot with her. Smiling, he gently brushed his fingertips through her dark hair before he pressed a little kiss against her temple, something which made her stir a little. “It is eight thirty” she muttered, her eyes not opening “Unless your house is on fire or one of my relatives is dead, please don’t even contemplate making me get up” she added, making Gerard chuckle.

“Lo siento, querida, but I have to get up and get dressed for training, something which means you to have to get up for work too” he mused, his fingers nimbly tracing shapes on her skin. Nothing had happen, other than kissing, the pair had barely touched one another, but Gerard just liked having her in his bed. She made him feel a lot better than his empty bed did.

Imelda let out a little whine. “But I am comfy” she complained “The bed is so comfy and you are so warm. Please don’t make me get up” she murmured.

Gerard chuckled gently and shook his head, kissing her cheek gently. “Sorry, Immy” he muttered “But if I don’t get you to work, Thalia will kick my ass. She’s freaking out that we are three weeks away from the big day and, to use her words, not one fucking thing has been planned” he noted, reluctantly climbing out of the bed.

“I regret agreeing to help her” Imelda complained, rolling onto her back.

“You’re her sister” Gerard noted “You couldn’t have said no to her if you had tried. She wanted you” he added.

“Only because I work as an event planner” she muttered “If it wasn’t for that, she could have picked Maria” she noted.

Gerard shook his head. “Look at it this way” he murmured as he leant over her “If you hadn’t agreed to be Lia’s maid of honor, you would have never met your wonderfully fantastic boyfriend and that would have been a shame for humanity” he grinned.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “It’s early, but you’re still annoying” she muttered, her hands moving to rest at the back of his neck.

“You think it is cute” Gerard grinned, pressing kisses to the side of her face and her nose.

“No, I think you are cute. Your eyes make up for about 50% of the crap you come out with” she teased.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “Have you always talked like that?” he mumbled, his hand cupping her cheek.

“Always” she announced proudly.

Gerard chuckled gently before he leant down, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. “You’re adorable” he mused as he pulled away “And you still need to get out of my bed. I am not having Thalia kill me” he noted, his hand moving to take hers. Imelda fought against him for a moment before she relented, moving to her feet. “You got up” he teased.

Imelda nodded. “Having thought about it, I would rather my sister didn’t kill you” she murmured sleepily.

Gerard chuckled and hugged her tight, glad that he had her.

“Immy, focus” Thalia whined as she slapped her palm on the table, drawing Imelda’s face up from her phone. It had been relentless, Imelda had barely said two words in between texting Gerard and Thalia was starting to get a little irked. She was happy for her sister, Gerard and Imelda were nothing short of adorable together, but she wanted Imelda a little more focused. The wedding was in three weeks and besides a venue being picked and bridesmaids and groomsmen having been selected, very little had been done, something Thalia wanted Imelda’s help with. The dark haired girl was her wedding planner as well as her maid of honor and she wanted a little more attention.

“Sorry” Imelda muttered, stowing her phone back in her bag “What we were talking about?” she added.

“Seating plans” Thalia replied “Now, I want Maria and Aiden to sit together, but his wife doesn’t like her, what do you think we should do?” she posed.

Imelda nodded. “Why don’t we sit them with our parents? You could have a smaller top table, you, me, Cesc and Gerard whilst mama and papa and Cesc’s parents sit with Aiden and Maria. It is that, or you sit Aiden and Maria apart” she explained, jotting a few more names around the chart. It was a fairly large wedding, even if it was short notice, and Imelda knew there was a lot of work to do, even if she did have their mother and Cesc’s helping out, it was still a lot.

“I want mama and papa up there with me” Thalia noted.

“Then you have to keep Aiden and Maria apart, or you could tell our brother not to bring Ashley” she noted.

Thalia rolled her eyes. “Why is Ashley being so difficult?” she complained.

“Because Maria is a witch” Imelda quipped, steeling Gerard’s word for her other older sister.

Thalia huffed. “Why are weddings so hard?” she muttered.

“They aren’t, they just take a lot of work. Lia, I am going to ensure that this day is perfect for you and Cesc, even if it is the last thing I do” Imelda explained before her phone buzzed, something which made Thalia roll her eyes playfully.

“You would probably get a lot more work done if you told him to stop” she teased.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “I have, three times, but then he just sends this” she noted, showing off picture of Gerard’s pouting face that he had sent to her “And that gets me to talk to him. How do you deal with that?” she poked.

Thalia giggled. “Get a less adorable boyfriend” she noted.

Imelda blushed, something which made Thalia coo. “You’re too cute” she gushed before her phone alarm went off, signalling that she had somewhere else to be. “Say hello to the adorable one for me” she giggled before she padded out of the room.

Imelda rolled her eyes before she turned back to her phone, returning to Gerard’s text with a little smile.
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