We Might Just Be

15: Drunken Confessions

“I cannot believe you drank three bottles of champagne by yourself” Imelda murmured as she helped Gerard up the path towards her home, her green eyes a little narrowed on her drunk boyfriend. It had been a good night, after collecting the trophy, Gerard had taken Imelda to the party that someone had thrown in celebration and she had enjoyed herself, even despite the slight sense of awkwardness that she had felt meeting the rest of his teammates, she had had fun.

“I can’t believe you didn’t” Gerard replied, giggling to himself “You barely touched anything” he added.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “Someone had to keep an eye on you, Piqué” she murmured “You were knocking back drinks at the speed of light and someone had to be responsible for you, apparently, it had to be me” she grumbled as she placed the key into the lock, unlocking the door haphazardly as Gerard moved to rest a little more of his weight on her.

“I am not an idiot, Immy” he mused “I am fully capable of handling myself” he added, his chest stuck out boastfully.

Imelda rolled her eyes and moved away from him a little, leaving him stood haphazardly beside the door. “Walk in a straight line” she mused.

“What?” Gerard replied.

“Walk in a straight line between here and the car, then I will apologize for not drinking at the party” she noted, her arms crossed over her chest.

Gerard frowned and moved to take a step, only to stumble slightly, something which made Imelda scoff with laughter. “You look capable of handling yourself” she noted teasingly “I should have totally allowed you to make your own way home” she added, padding towards his side.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “I got it, ok? I am glad you were there to keep an eye on me and I am glad you’re here now to look after me. Gracias, nena” he murmured, his arm wrapping around her shoulders for support. Imelda giggled gently before she leant up, aiming to press a kiss against his cheek only to have him turn, allowing her to place the kiss against his lips. Gerard smiled at the contact and moved to hold her closer as he knocked the door open. Imelda followed his haphazard steps into the hall before she pulled away a little, her green eyes peeking up at him.

“Did I congratulate you?” she murmured, her hand fiddling with the front of the polo shirt he wore.

“For what?” he bumbled out dumbly.

“For the win, for your goal” she noted “You did so well and I am so proud of you” she smiled.

Gerard grinned back at her before he pulled her against him, kissing her strongly. “Show me how proud, nena” he muttered gently.

Imelda blushed gently, but nodded her head, lacing her fingers with his as she led him towards the stairs.

Gerard followed her for a few steps before he edged a little closer, lifting her up into his arms with ease. “Walking is too slow” he muttered as he carried her up the stairs. Imelda squealed a little and wrapped her arms around him tightly, terrified that he could drop her. Shakily, Gerard made his way up the stairs before he found Imelda’s bedroom, quickly kicking the door open before he set her on the end of her bed. “You look so beautiful right now” he muttered lowly as he allowed his eyes to walk over her, taking in every little detail of her.

Imelda shook her head. “You’re drunk” she noted.

“And not stupid” Gerard replied “Immy, you’re so pretty” he rambled.

Imelda shook her head gently and stood up, her arms reaching up around his neck. “You should probably stop talking now” she muttered teasingly.

Gerard smiled at her and nodded, kissing her gently as he shifted her back towards the bed, causing them both to fall over. Imelda giggled gently and shook her head, something which made Gerard smile at her. He adored her laugh, he had done since the first time he had heard it and he always loved hearing it. Imelda’s laugh, as well as almost everything else about her, gave him butterflies and that was a sense he had missed since his last relationship had faltered.

“Gerard?” Imelda noted, noticing the distant look that had appeared on his face “What are you thinking?” she posed, her hand gently resting on his cheek.

“Nothing” he noted with a small hiccup “I had just drifted” he smiled.

Imelda shook her head gently. “We should get you to sleep, senor” she mused as she gently pushed him away from her.

“But I thought we were…”

“Gerard, you need to sleep it off” Imelda interjected with a little shake of her head.

Gerard sighed, but conceded, allowing Imelda to help him back to his feet before she pulled at his shirt, causing him to take it off. Gerard watched her as she helped him before a little smile appeared on his lips, his mind thinking about how perfect it would be to wake up to her every morning. She was beautiful, funny and kind, even if she could be a little irrational, and Gerard was already sure that he wouldn’t have had her any other way. Imelda, to him, was perfect.

“Gerard, you’re staring” Imelda muttered as she undid the fastening on his jeans.

“You’re beautiful” he mused impishly.

“You’ve said that” she commented, helping him to move his jeans down his legs.

“It is still true” he noted.

Imelda rolled her eyes softly before she led him to his side of the bed, pulling the sheets back for him. Gerard climbed in and pulled the blankets back over himself before he reached up, capturing her face in the palms of his hands. “Gerard, you need to sleep” she noted.

“I know” he returned “But I wanted my goodnight kiss” he added.

Imelda smiled at him gently and leant down, kissing him softly for a second before she pulled back, her ears doused by a small breathy ‘I love you’, something which made her heart stop. Swallowing, she peeked down at Gerard who seemed to have drifted off to sleep before she took a few paces back, a little part of her hoping she had heard him wrong. It had only been weeks, three to be precise, and it seemed early, too early, for him to say that to her.
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